Sandy solitude: perfect villas for private beach holidays

Sometimes pure freedom is found when no one else is watching. These villas with private beaches will make you feel liberated on your luxury holidays.
Sandy solitude: perfect villas for private beach holidays

There is a certain dreaminess to the idea of a private beach. So often a beach holiday involves a scramble to get the best spot each day, but even once you have secured that prided piece of sandy real estate people will still march past you flicking sand on your recently adjusted towel.

But with your own private beach, you can meander down at your own leisure, sit where you please, and not have to worry about the crossfire of bat and ball or crying children running away from parents who wish to introduce them to the sea.

A private beach is a place where you can actually hear the lapping water, the crashing waves, and the calls of birds. It is a place where pensive types and frolickers can both find pleasure. It can be both a peaceful place and a sporty space, where a game of rounders doesn't have to be confined to a less populated piece of sand. Privacy goes without saying! Whip off your bikini or trunks and catch some rays in the buff, or go for a liberating skinny dip without having to wait for the cover of darkness!


The rules are your own on a private beach, but not to be interpreted in a Lord of the Flies kind of way! Take an antisocially and unreasonably big picnic blanket, because, why not? Wear a speedo, who cares? 

These luxury holiday homes will afford you that freedom on your luxury escapes with their wonderful private beaches. For your next luxury beach holidays, book one of Le Collectionist's villas that has access to a private beach, where intimacy with your surroundings and with your loved ones is possible.

Villa Ivica, Dubrovnik

While Dubrovnik isn't known for long, arching white and golden sandy beaches, it does have a particularly picturesque coastal setting, with beaches often sculpted into and moulded by the cliffs that line much of Croatia's dramatic coastline. Villa Ivica is perched atop some of these said cliffs. With the sea almost directly below, the infinity swimming pool feels like the precipice of a waterfall that trickles straight into the Adriatic Sea. 


This plush villa proudly juts out from the mountainside with sharply distinguishing contours. Its amenities are luxuriating: a sauna in the lower level looks out over the sea and there is also a gym room and an indoor jacuzzi.

Beneath all of this is the private beach, which is carved into the rocks, more like a terrace or a dock - a portal into the inviting blue water. It is the perfect place to plunge into the refreshing waters after being warmed by the sun's glare on one of the sun loungers that look out to sea. The villa is situated just outside Dubrovnik. View the attractive city by boat on your luxury holidays.

Villa Nadia, Corsica

Just north of Ajaccio overlooking the Gulf of Sagone lies Villa Nadia, tucked into a small cove that benefits from stunning sea views across the turquoise waters of the bay. Palm trees that sway in the sea breeze flank the pool.

Just below there is a terrace with a path leading off it that escorts you straight down to a beautifully secluded beach, where the enticing Mediterranean ripples towards the golden sand. It seems like the water, too, wants to be on this beach. Orange-hued rocks that stick out of the sand are asking to be climbed and sat on for a sundowner in which you are surrounded by coastal beauty.


The villa, like the beach, is a place of privacy: the bursting garden encompasses the villa, giving guests the impression of peaceful solitude alongside a remote beach. It is a holiday destination just for you. On the deck and the terrace below you will find cushiony chairs and a canopy bed from where you can go for a cooling dip in the sea or the pool, both just a few steps away.

This villa on the west coast is a great place to catch the sunset, so refill your drinks from the outside bar and enjoy the sun sinking behind the horizon from the terrace or from a relaxed game of pool around the billiards table.

Villa Colomba, Corsica

Another villa boasts a private beach on the Isle of Beauty, where beaches abound and splendour is aplenty. Corsica is one of our favourite destinations for luxury France holidays. Villa Colomba, also on the western side of Corsica's endlessly delightful coastline, looks across the bay towards Propriano.

It is close to the hum of the town's life, yet profits from the quietude of not having any neighbours; a tranquil location to spend your luxury Corsica holidays. Corsica is known for its diverse and varying terrain, offering endless opportunities for exploring the island's natural world. At some point, however, even the most intrepid spirits just want to recline by the pool or the private beach to relax through the heat of the day.

The villa is an architectural intrigue: it has a rooftop garden, which seems to add another layer to the terraced greenery that cascades from the house towards the sea. Further down, through the wild woodland at the bottom of the villa's sprawling garden, is a tucked-away beach. It is like being on a desert island when you are standing on this beach looking across the bay at the civilisation that you have temporarily departed from.

Inside, the villa is elegant; bright and airy, it is a great place of refuge from the heat of the day and a trendy, but relaxed space to drink and dine in the evenings if temperatures drop.

Villa Baïos, Mykonos

Villa Baïos, with its strikingly white walls, quintessentially Greek in appearance, but with a simultaneous nod to modernity and tradition, is a lavish holiday home in which to spend your luxury Greek holidays. In the morning, open the windows and the shutters and let the sea breeze wash over you and the sun warm your skin.

Venture down to the private pool, which is poised on its very own private beach, and choose which body of water will start your day off right. This villa, though coastal, also has a bucolic allure that dances on the easterly breeze in tones of olive grove and soil.

This villa is every bit as comfortable as it is beautiful: it flaunts outdoor baths, a billiard room, ample outdoor space for basking in the sun, fitness equipment, and five spacious bedrooms with as many bathrooms. The villa has no neighbours, adding to the privacy on your luxury holidays in Mykonos. From each room, the azure sea will unfailingly attract your attention.

While these luxury holiday destinations are undoubtedly amazing, a private beach only adds to the joy that you and your loved ones will experience. Explore Le Collectionist for other simply incredible beach house rentals to find the right backdrop in which to make unforgettable memories. 

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