A Normandy travel guide essential to discovering the region

With so much history and culture, Normandy is a place for the curious, the nature lovers, and the occasional gourmands; where adventure and intrigue dominate. With this luxury travel guide, make the best of your time in Normandy.
A Normandy travel guide essential to discovering the region
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Arriving in Normandy you are greeted with picturesque scenes of dramatic coastal cliffs and verdant rolling hills. But there is far more than meets the eye in this historically rich and cultured region. Culinary delights hide in unseemly corners; architectural brilliance appears around each bend in the road; and staggering views inspire awe all year round.

There is plenty to discover and learn in this fascinating region on your Normandy holidays. Whether you wish to immerse in some of the impressive, and often saddening, historical feats of French and world history, or simply explore the stunning countryside, you will never be caught short of something to do in Normandy.

Luxury France holidays to Normandy ought to be taken at one's own pace, which is why we think the best way to experience, and make the most of, this large region is to travel by car. If an itinerant lifestyle isn't your method of getting to know an area, then some of the amazing chateaus that the area boasts might proffer a more homely experience of the locality.

With this luxury travel guide, we explore the wonderful destinations and sites, the world of gustatory delights, and the plush places to rest your head in Normandy - one of our favourite luxury holiday destinations.

Experience villas in Normandy

Our luxury villas in Normandy immerse the visitor in Normandy identity and architecture. Watch awnings battered by the sea wind from a sheltered terrace, enjoy breathing the clean country air in a French garden, or leave the hustle and bustle of the Côte Fleurie to dive blissfully into a heated swimming pool... These little pleasures are all part of the experience at Normandy villa rentals.

A Belle Epoque mansion in Deauville, an elegant half-timbered house in Trouville, a Louis XIII castle in the heart of Calvados... Our villas in Normandy combine historical charm with contemporary interior design. Children’s games, DVD collections, a library and a pool are the perfect entertainment for a family weekend.

As part of a group, experience life in a castle in the heart of a wooded park. Enter through a Renaissance façade to find a grand home from home that is all about classical elegance. You will find modern conveniences, jacuzzis and saunas hiding among centuries-old walls.

Explore Normandy

The steep cliffs of the Alabaster coast, the sandy beaches of Deauville and Trouville, picturesque ports... Normandy boasts multiple and changing landscapes along its coast.



In the hinterland the white, yellow and blue of the coast give way to the pastures’ thousands of shades of green. The Normandy countryside is dotted with castles and manor houses waiting for you to spot them on country walks.

Normandy is also about the arts: Giverny village life as made famous by Monet, the glamour of Deauville immortalised by Claude Lelouch in "A Man and a Woman" and the joyful feel of Trouville, forever the meeting place of Élisa Schlésinger and Gustave Flaubert.

When to visit Normandy 

The history and the natural splendour of Normandy do not have a low season: they don't pack up their stories and charming views once the touristic high season dwindles.

While people may frequent the region in fewer numbers outside of the summer months, there is still great allure through all the seasonal changes of the year.  

While the beaches are best enjoyed in the summer, they remain vast open spaces perfect for long peaceful walks in the colder months.



In the autumn, the landscape, which is littered with ancient forests and bursting hedgerows, bursts into a bright blaze of amber and fiery orange. There is no specific time to visit Normandy for its never-retreating beauty.

The Collections

Dive into the aromas of Calvados

Decipher this brandy masterpiece alongside the cellar master of a mythical producer in the region.

Discover Deauville in a sulky

Carve up the sand of Deauville pulled by a horse, with a sublime landscape in the background.


Become a Norman seaman

Take the reins of a sailboat alongside a sailor to discover the Normandy landscape from the sea.

Taste the Norman saffron

Meet the visionary craftsmen who created the saffron culture in the Pays de Falaise.

Sail away on the sand

Learn how to drive your sand-yacht in the wind, then it's time for some familial competition.


Stride with a horseriding prodigy

Meet a great talent of French horseback riding in his centenary stables hidden in the countryside.

Nature's Bounty

Walking the countryside

Normandy can be a nature-lover's paradise. Luxury holidays to Normandy, particularly in the spring and autumn, promise explosions of colour that serve as the perfect backdrop for long strolls.

In the spring, the flowers and in bloom and the wondrous woodlands are teeming with life. By autumn, the leaves begin their migratory flit back to the earth, where they carpet forest floors and set alight the canopy.

From Château Sigrid, these seasonal changes are nothing short of a miracle of mother nature. You can spend hours meandering the spectacular grounds of this grand manor that is situated just outside Trouville-sur-Mer.


In the summer, the beaches are alive with the sounds of joyous frolicking in shallow waters and the gentle pitter-patter of bat and ball on sunny days.


The beaches of Trouville and Deauville are spacious and bright, with attractive towns hum with the febrile atmosphere that only holidays can induce.

At one end of Étretat beach, the chalk cliffs have given way to the inexorability of the tides: a mighty arch carved into the white face of the sheer tidal precipice known as Falaise d'Aval.

The daunting drops and dramatic views are crested with unlikely meadows of soft green grass, where coastal paths have been scoured by walkers.


The garden of Villa Belle Epoque trickles straight down to the long beach Deauville, where the summer days can be lapped up with pure merriment.


Normandy has a deep and varied culinary tradition. The region is renowned for producing widely enjoyed cheeses such as camembert and livarot.

In the drinks aisle, Normandy ciders abound with crisp sweetness and Calvados favours those with a preference for something a little stronger.


Norman cuisine is rich and creamy, incorporating generous dollops of Norman butter and crème fraîche. A must-try winter warmer is the Bayeux pork, which is frequently used in stews or charcuterie.

Many local restaurants, such as the two Michelin-starred Gill in Rouen, doff their cap to the region's flavours and natural produce by expertly crafting dishes that embody Normandy.


For some delicious seafood, head to Deauville beach to Le Bistrot des Planches.

With Le Collectionist, your trip to Normandy is made simple, so you can enjoy your time and forge lasting memories with your loved ones. Explore our selection of Normandy villas to find the perfect launching pad for your adventures in this incredible French region.

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