These are the best summer holiday destinations in Italy

Each and every one of our best summer holiday destinations in Italy will offer you a unique and unforgettable insight into the wonders of Italy.
These are the best summer holiday destinations in Italy
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Idyllic seascapes, vertiginous cliffs, colourful towns, unrestrained sophistication, silky beaches, and rich history: these are the things, among many others, that await you in the best summer holiday destinations in Italy. We believe that time spent away from Italy is time spent yearning for the many wondrous things that the "beautiful country" has to offer. So, why wait? 

With this guide, in which we will look at the best summer holiday destinations in Italy for you to explore, you can satiate your Italian dreams, whether on the shores of the northern lakes or exploring the islands and the idyllic coast. The list of places to go in Italy is endless, so we, here at Le Collectionist, have narrowed it down for your benefit; to help you sort the gold from the silver so your luxury Italy holidays can be a time of blissful discovery.

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Our Best summer holiday destinations in Italy

Discover the Italian lakes around Lake Como



In Lombardy, one of Italy's northernmost regions straddling the border with Switzerland, you will find one of Italy's most sophisticated and luxurious summer holiday destinations. In the foothills of the Alps, great, glassy lakes lie lazily beneath cascading hillsides; inlets cradle towns, quaint and peaceful in their daily comings and goings, that are rich with history and boast stunning architecture. Perched on the hillsides above Lake Como, and teetering on its edges, you will find grand villas.

From here you can explore the Italian Lakes, or hike the beautiful mountain trails to lap up the sweeping vistas. Take the funicular from Como up to Brunate, admire the 15-century Duomo of Como, or take to the water to see the historical residences from the still surface of the lake. There are plenty of enchanting gardens on these sprawling estates, which are lovely to wander around. 

The hanging towns of the Amalfi Coast


As if from another universe, where the dictates of gravity are completely ignored, the Amalfi Coast blurs the lines between reality and utopia. There is something paradoxical about the Amalfi Coast: its tortuous roads plummet into the ocean on one side and back into steep cliffs on the other, its towns cascade down the hillsides; the heights that fringe this stretch of coastline are scary, yet, somehow, there is a softness, a gentle charm that blunts the fear. Perhaps it's the colour of the towns and the warmth that weaves its way into everyday life. Maybe its sheer beauty is just a panacea for the fear. 

Follow the winding Strada Statale 163 between picture-perfect towns, from Positano to Ravello. Sample the cuisine en route. In Positano, try the freshest fish at Da Adolfo - a restaurant that can be reached by boat from the town. Once you reach Ravello, you will be ravenous for the tomato and basil rigatoni served in Cumpa' Cosimo, a traditional Italian trattoria. Discover more in our luxury guide to the Amalfi Coast.

Fall in love with Florence


Florence is a cultural hub in one of the most cultural countries in the world. That tells you all you need to know about the depth of wonder that awaits you in the Tuscan capital. Indeed, its beauty has become the stuff of legend. Stendhal syndrome alleges that, when faced with great beauty, people may experience fainting, confusion, or even hallucinations. This syndrome has been dubbed "Florence syndrome" in the face of (mostly American) tourists fainting at the sight of the city and its beautiful works of art.

Get lost in the narrow streets in the early evening with a gelato clasped in your hand until you stumble across the Cathedral of Santa Maria, its terracotta roof ablaze in the evening light. Delve into the depths of the city's history in one of the many museums, such as the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum, or gaze in awe at the many masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery. Foodies should try their best to get a table in the three-starred Enoteca Pinchiorri for a gastronomic journey like no other. Florence easily makes our list of the best summer holiday destinations in Italy, but it's a great place to visit at any time of the year.

On the Costa Smeralda, Sardinia


Let the pine-laden zephyr wash over you as you recline on the white sands of the Costa Smeralda - the inimitably picturesque northeastern coastline of Sardinia, which is the second-largest Mediterranean island. There is no holiday quite like a beach holiday, which is why Costa Smeralda is one of the best summer holiday destinations in Italy. Find paradisaical beaches set against rugged landscapes and lively hubs on which to while away your summer holidays.

Amble through the charmingly authentic town of Port Cervo, where glitz and glamour, which discretely drifts along the quaint streets, appear in the form of boutique shops and restaurants. Or, discover the island's past in the historical city of Olbia. Learn more with our guide to North Sardinia.

Between the ADRIATIC and Ionian Seas in Puglia


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The heel of Italy's boot, Puglia is home to vast swathes of hypnotic beaches, as well as all of the other treasures that holidaymakers to Italy have come to know and love. Steeped in history, from conqueror to architectural genius, the towns of Puglia promise landmarks aplenty, particularly in Lecce, or "Florence of the south". The Lecce Cathedral is particularly stunning in the evenings. Take a trip back in time to Castle del Monte, a 13th-century castle that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In coastal towns such as Polignano a Mare you will find beaches that sit, stage-like, in the midst of a town that is poised on the surrounding cliffs, as though the buildings are the audience perched on their seats in the high heavens of the theatre's gallery. Swim in the crystal-clear waters before dining in a restaurant that has been carved into the coastal cliffs with views over the still sea.

Sandy beaches and fishing villages in Sicily


Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean with all the features that make it one of the best summer holiday destinations in Italy. It is a treasure trove for those with a curiosity for the past, with ancient temples littering the landscape, telling the tales of empires fallen. Sicily's scenery is breathtaking: on the island's eastern edge, you will find Mount Etna timelessly enduring; on the southern and western sides, soft white beaches are the border between the island and the turquoise waters. 

Take to the seas aboard a sailboat to explore the Aeolian Islands, or saunter the streets of Palermo in search of the best cannoli. With our guide to the most unique things to do in Sicily, you can see the island in an unforgettable way.

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With Le Collectionist, you can see the best summer holiday destinations in Italy from the comfort of one of our luxury villa rentals in Italy. As with all of our luxury holiday destinations, your holidays to Italy will be completely personal and endlessly lavish. 

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