Spring Issue: In Sync with Nature

For us at Le Collectionist, getting back in sync with nature starts with going back to what's really important: to the land, to our roots, to basics.
Spring Issue: In Sync with Nature

In this spring issue, we have synchronized our mood with the season and decided to reconnect with nature.

"For us at Le Collectionist, getting back in sync with nature starts with going back to what's really important: to the land, to our roots, to basics."

While the outside world blossoms and the temperature gets warmer, let us take you through the destinations and people that went back to the land and of which the amazing energy will make you feel the kiss of the sun on your cheek.

The energy of the land in Ibiza

Ibiza is one of those places whose energy calls to us, and has done the same for many others. Johannes Goller is one of those kindred spirits we've had the privilege to sit down with, to discuss how he found his refuge on the White Island, and how he's developing the magical vineyard of Ojo de Ibiza.

"Ideally people who can come to enjoy the turquoise waters and salty air of the island can also enjoy tasting the particularities of the land which the wine comes from."

Villa A Nepita

the luxury of the simple life in mallorca

We sat down with Oliver Bucher, a passionate world-traveler who found in Mallorca his year-round summer island, to talk about his inner and familial journey of going back to the land and to a slower and simpler life in Villa Only Summer.

"In my opinion, this is the future, to enjoy the luxury and spoils of our nature."

Villa A Nepita


On a constant hunt for ways to connect with the land around her, Roberta Manfredi has built her own ecosystem atop a hill in the Province of Grosseto, Italy. Step into her world with us to discover Villa Roberta.

"My lifestyle is led by the need to reconnect to the land: in paying attention to everything that I consume but also in producing much less waste."

Villa A Nepita

Stripped down luxury in Corsica

One of our favourite ways to regroup and resync with the land is to welcome the spring season by planning a meal with the talented chef Jean-Antoine Ottavi, who arranges extraordinary picnics in the most picturesque and untouched of places.

“My philosophy is: one-third location, one-third what you eat, and one-third sharing with others.”

Villa A Nepita


Paolo Vico's stunning home is not only a working farm that produces thousands of bottles of wine, as well as fruits and vegetables, but also a love letter to his country. Walk through his revived version of ancient Italy to discover the region's terroir and history through his passion project that is Castello Romano

"Tuscany is the most representative region of Italy... with pristine rolling hills, no signs of industrialisation or concrete."

Villa A Nepita


We don't know about you, but the first sights of spring always make our heart sing. We've handpicked the three best destinations in France for you to perfectly experience the change of colours, so come with us to see the most beautiful landscapes in bloom.

"In France, spring is the moment when the regions show their most beautiful faces."

Villa A Nepita

Among THE elements in the Algarve in PORTUGAL

Holidays in the Algarve are marked by sunny days spent on wild beaches surrounded by the towering rugged cliffs that never allow you to forget their grandeur. Experience nature's full glory through our list of houses that are close to the best beaches in the Algarve.

"The Algarve's landscape is marked by limestone cliffs and clear waters that allow you to really feel the pull of the ocean."

Villa A Nepita


Our new collection of stunning holiday homes put you at the forefront of nature as they shows off our most beautiful views. Sit back and enjoy these natural works of art from the comfort of your own home.

The Collection

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Spring Issue: In Sync with Nature

For us at Le Collectionist, getting back in sync with nature starts with going back to what's really important: to the land, to our roots, to basics.

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