Our selection of the best villas with a private beach: St Tropez

Embark on the French Riviera and discover our selection of villas with private beach in Saint-Tropez, luxury among luxuries.
Our selection of the best villas with a private beach: St Tropez
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Lazing in the sun and living face to face with the sea... Isn't that the exact definition of a vacation? Quickly, put on your swimsuit and dive with us into the immense blue of the Mediterranean. Here is a selection of our luxury villas with a private beach on the St Tropez peninsula.

For all you need to know about Saint Tropez, explore Le Collectionist's guide.

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Our villas with a private beach in the domaine des parcs in st tropez

We are less than ten minutes away from the Place des Lices, in constant buzz between the market and the pétanque tournaments in the shade of the plane trees. However, an Olympic calm reigns in the private domain of the Parks of St Tropez. Follow the palm-fringed alleys and sink into this 200-hectare piece of green peninsula to find the refuge of your dreams. Here, all the villas have their own private beach.  

In the Bay of Canoubiers

You might mistake yourself for Romy Schneider or Alain Delon here, lying on the terrace, right on the patio, one toe dipped in the crystal water of the pool under the shade of the pine trees. With its raw materials and its private beach in the Bay of Canoubiers, the villa Hestia is a real movie set. Get ready to play the movie of your vacation, from swimming in the Mediterranean Sea to diving in the infinity pool. 



This completely renovated Provencal residence is one of our favourite addresses in St Tropez. Villa Hestia has gained in modernity, but it has kept its original charm, by adorning itself with raw materials such as terracotta tiles, burgundy stone or waxed concrete. It is the ideal backdrop for your vacations with family or friends in St Tropez with private access to one of the most beautiful beaches of the peninsula. 

Above the creeks

Play the adventurers of modern times, and head for the Villa Charles. Located at the end of the Domaine des Parcs, on the tip of the peninsula, it marks the entrance to the Gulf of St Tropez. Stand on its elegant terrace, with one hand over your eyes to shelter you from the scorching Côte d'Azur sun, and watch for the comings and goings of yachts in the bay.


A little gem with a contemporary style, Villa Charlesis reserved for those who don't want to compromise. Watch a cult movie under the sheets, while admiring the sunset over the sea in the background. Extend their dive into the infinite pool with a swim in the sea, on the villa's private beach. Enjoy the panoramic view of the Gulf of St Tropez, populated by boats, while feeling like you're alone in the world in the creeks, hidden below the villa.


Since "And God created woman" and the blond hair of Brigitte Bardot, the beach of Pampelonne has become world famous. And for good reason: with its lively Saint Tropez beach clubs, rows of immaculate parasols and translucent water, there is no more mythical beach on the entire French Riviera. We settle in from 10 am, when the beach is still deserted, and we stay there until late at night.

Close to the mythical clubs

With its direct access to the beach of Pampelonne and its Art Deco universe, the Villa Hanoïis one of our mascots. We love every nook and cranny of it, from the marshmallow pink deckchairs to the mirrored swimming pool and the refined decoration punctuated with pop details. Not forgetting the breathtaking view of the sea, of course. It's like California or Ocean Drive, but it's the Bay of Pampelonne that stretches out before our eyes in wonder. 


This is the final touch, the glass of champagne that comes to accompany this sweetness that is the Villa Hanoi. From the terrace, a private road takes you directly to the sand of Pampelonne. Allow yourself be guided by the sound of the ice cubes and the music escaping from Nikki Beach club, one of the most iconic addresses in St Tropez.

In the shade of the coastal trees

Elegant stone swimming pool, ivy facade and antique decoration: Villa Gustave has everything you need for the ideal vacation home. Comfortably sat on a deckchair, in the shade of a cypress tree or in full sun on one of the old wrought-iron balconies, you would like you had escaped. It is like a parenthesis, a moment suspended at nap time. 


Villa Gustaveis serenity incarnate. Yet, all you have to do is get on your bike and ride for a few minutes through the wooded park to get back to the beach of St Tropez. Night birds in search of a nest where to live your oily mornings or just curious, don't look any further: you have found it!


Move away from the hustle and bustle of Club 55 and continue south along the Coastal Trail. The path that leads from Pampelonne to the bay of Cavalaire is punctuated with discreet creeks, access to which is reserved for those who live there. Connoisseurs, initiates who come here in search of the tranquillity they will not find anywhere else. You too, put down your suitcases and enjoy privileged access to the most beautiful private beaches of the peninsula.

In the hidden cove of Bonne Terrasse

Less populated and more authentic than its neighbour, the beach of Pampelonne, the cove of Bonne Terrasse is nevertheless a must. Here, there are no rows of deckchairs and parasols. You simply put your towel on the warm sand, between two colourful fishing boats. If you come early enough, in the morning, you will find yourself there alone, as if it was our private beach in St Tropez.



From the beach of Bonne Terrasse, simply take a small private road to the nearby Villa Liana. This residence where the cicada song reigns is typical of the French Riviera. Breathtaking views of the sea and the garden planted with palm trees, terracotta-coloured facades and shutters. This is the villa for those nostalgic for the French Riviera of yesteryear.


At the end of the costal path

On one side, the sun-drenched vineyards; on the other, the bay of Cavalaire which opens up, letting the Mediterranean stretch as far as the eye can see. Villa Heraclée is nestled away from the hustle and bustle, at the very end of the coastal path that links Gigaro to the beach of Les Canebiers. Put down your suitcases there, so that you will never leave again. 



Here, the days pass slowly and the routine is delicious. Late mornings in the sumptuous four-poster beds, games of tennis on the private court, late lunches in the shade of the climbing plants and tanning sessions by the pool. Nothing could be more perfect. Except perhaps privileged access to a private beach, luxury among luxuries on your StTropez holiday. 


For your holidays in St Tropez, opt for one our our villas with a private beach or book and make some unforgettable memories. Explore our luxury villa rentals on the St Tropez peninsula today.

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