Tiki Beach, Saint Tropez: a rising star of Pampelonne

Wander down from your villa to the buzzing Pampelonne Beach below, before ambling to your favourite destination for the day: Tiki Beach.
Tiki Beach, Saint Tropez: a rising star of Pampelonne
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Few places embody a libertine lifestyle like this stretch of club-cluttered white sand in the south of France: decades on decades of the famous, wealthy and obscure indulging in some of the world's best beach clubs. The words St Tropez echo of glamour, clubs, natural wonder, and busy summers.

This stretch of coastline has been a place of plush escape since long before the days when Brigitte Bardot and the cast of And God Created Woman wandered these golden shores. Artists and writers, fishermen and farmers have been brushing shoulders in the Cote d'Azur since the 19th century. But in 1955, during the making of Roger Vadim's film, the now-famed beach club scene took root. The stalwart that is Club 55 opened its doors to serve the cast and crew refreshments during filming. Now, the main and most famous beach, Pampelonne Beach, is a luxury restaurant and beach bar haven.

For all you need to know about Saint Tropez, explore Le Collectionist's guide.

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The atmosphere of the Cote d'Azur in high season is a cosmopolitan hum, as visitors, the world over, flock to one of the premier luxury holiday destinations. One of these fine institutions that also draws a crowd is Tiki Beach, which is one of the bars that make up Kon Tiki Republik on Pampelonne Beach.

Pride of place on Pampelonne

Kon Tiki Republik is a sprawling resort that stands proudly and prominently right in the middle of the beautiful beach. Kon Tiki is a stone's throw away from the celebrated clubs on Plage de Tahiti, Club 55 and Nikki Beach, where the summer festivities truly are best enjoyed. This resort, which closely resembles a village, one with everything you need easily within reach, stretches inland with the shady palms towards the cultivated fields that lie aback from the beach.

While Pampelonne Beach is St Tropez's most famous stretch of silky sand, it is actually not a Saint Tropez beach at all. Pampelonne is in neighbouring Ramatuelle, which, traffic dependent, is only about a ten-minute drive from the town of St Tropez.



tiki beach: All you need, by the sand and sea

The resort offers a fun-filled place to visit during a day at the beach on your St Tropez holidays. It is right in the heart of St Tropez's effortlessly accessible beach club and restaurant scene. Kon Tiki itself boasts a number of restaurants and bars, including a Thai restaurant, an Italian restaurant and the beachside Tiki Club, as well as Tiki Beach. You can easily access these establishments from the stretch of beach that lies between the resort and the Mediterranean. There really is something for everyone in this behemoth of an institution on Pampelonne. 

After a long day of lounging on the beach, saunter across from your comfortable spread on a sun lounger at Tiki Beach for a change of air at the Tiki Club, where a vibrant ambience for a picturesque sundowner setting awaits. As the sun disappears beneath the horizon, you can experience the party atmosphere, as the young and young-hearted drift towards Tiki Beach and Tiki Club. Or, have a long lunch at Tiki Oasis, enjoying the delectable dishes of tapas, salads, and burgers - perfect beach-day dining. 


A sumptuous MEAL

Tiki Beach offers a delicious menu of Mediterranean dishes and an extensive drinks list. Enjoy the evening light from the comfort of the beach with a cocktail hanging from your hand before padding towards your table where a wonderfully simple dinner awaits. We recommend the signature Mexican Taxi cocktail. For dinner, begin with the half-cooked scallops ceviche with lemon before savouring the Tuna Tataki with sesame seeds and wok-fried vegetables. 


Tiki Beach is a delightful place to while away sunny days on the soft sand, however all luxury holidays are made better when you have an idyll of your own to return to each evening. With Le Collectionist, finding the perfect luxury villa rental in St Tropez is incredibly easy.

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Villa Diamant is situated just out of town and within walking distance of Pampelonne Beach. This stylish villa, with its large outdoor swimming pool and excellent sea views, is perfect for those who want to be in and around the buzzing life of Pampelonne Beach. Villa Diamant is close to Tiki Beach and the world-famous clubs of Tahiti Beach. Spend the morning slowly stirring by padding around the villa pool or playing ping pong, readying yourself for a fun afternoon of bobbing along with the vibes of Tiki Beach.

Le Collectionist has a number of amazing St Tropez villa rentals for you to enjoy your luxury France holidays in the French Riviera in style.

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