What to visit in St Tropez: our 7 essentials

Our experts will show you what to visit in Saint-Tropez, from must-see museums to eccentric spots, and even bucolic walks.
What to visit in St Tropez: our 7 essentials
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In Saint-Tropez, there is the sky, sun and sea… But the old fishing village is not limited to its picturesque landscape. Beyond its luxury establishments, Saint-Tropez is home to a large number of museums and unique places to visit, with sublime landscapes to discover and get lost in.

Our local experts have compiled a list of what to visit in Saint-Tropez, from the Maritime Museum nestled in the heart of the Citadel, to the remote vineyards of the hinterland. Follow our lead! 

For all you need to know about Saint Tropez, explore Le Collectionist's guide.

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As soon as you arrive in Saint-Tropez, you'll feel drawn to its unique character, with a mixture of Provençal charm and Ibizan vibes. Take your time getting acquainted with the city by strolling through the alleys of the old town, sipping cocktails in the beach clubs of Pampelonne or admiring the yachts from the top of the lighthouse. Once you've immersed yourself in the atmosphere, make sure to check our our list of must-see spots and museums of the city. Here is our selection:


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When the sun is at its peak, we prefer to take refuge in the museums of Saint-Tropez. There are several beautiful museums to visit in Saint-Tropez, from the history of the Mediterranean to that of the Seventh Art, including paintings by masters and insects from around the world. On a family holiday? Take advantage, as all of the city's museums are free for children under the age of twelve.

The Citadel of Saint Tropez and the Maritime History Museum

This is the essential stop during your stay in Saint-Tropez. The Citadel sits in the heart of the village, overlooking the rooftops and the Gulf. Make sure to make the climb to the top, from where you will have a 360° view of the Mediterranean. The museum hidden within the Citadel is dedicated is dedicated to the beautiful sea and the sailors who have traveled it. We retrace centuries of maritime history by learning about the heroes of the city: the fishermen who fed the village, to adventurous sailors, and skilled captains. It is a journey through sea and time that will take you to the Indian coast.


Musée du Cinéma et de la Gendarmerie

Going down towards the port, a stone's throw from the Place des Lices, is a place made mythical by the films of Jean Girault: the gendarmerie. This typically Provençal building with pastel shutters hosted the Saint-Tropez police from 1979 to 2003. Since then, the former police station has been transformed into a museum which traces the astonishing marriage of the police and the cinema. The visit begins with a short introduction to the seventh art, before plunging into the story of Saint-Tropez as told by filmmakers. After which, you will have only one desire: to return to your luxury villa in Saint-Tropez to watch Les Gendarmes or Et Dieu Créa la Femme ...

Le Musée d'Art de L'Annonciade

A few minutes walk away, find another must-visit: Le Musée d'Art de L'Annonciade. It owes its name, not to the artists or to the works exhibited there, but to the old chapel of Notre-Dame de L'Annonciade, in which it is located. Here, you will find collections dating from 1890 to 1950, both surprising and somehow similar to each other, because all the paintings in the museum have one thing in common: the emphasis on colours.


La Maison des Papillons

Dany Lartigue, a whimsical inhabitant of Saint-Tropez, has created a real cabinet of curiosities in this extraordinary house. You will find thousands of specimens of butterflies from all over the world, preserved for eternity in their glass frames. The artist's works as well as objects from his studio, which he donated to the city of Saint-Tropez upon his death, are also exhibited there.


Those who prefer to stay in the fresh air and enjoy the heat of Provence will also find beautiful walking paths in Saint-Tropez and its surroundings. Here's where to walk in Saint-Tropez, according our experts at Le Collectionist.

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The gardens of Château de la Moutte

Located on the other side of the peninsula, near the eponymous beach, Château de la Moutte is a grand residence once occupied by the French statesman Émile Ollivier. Its architecture is reminiscent of Tuscan palaces, but most come mainly for its botanical garden. We walk under the shade of the palm trees, including the Phoenix that can reach up to 20 meters in height. You will also find plants typical of the region: magnolias, bougainvilleas or cypresses. Please note, however, that the visit to the gardens is only reserved for a privileged few, as it only opens its doors on European Heritage Days or during the Nuits du Château de la Moutte.

The coastal path

If you have to hike once in the area, this is it. The coastal path runs along the sea for several tens of kilometers, from the Baie des Canotiers in Ramatuelle to the landing beach in the Baie de Cavalaire. We go from beaches to wild coves, stopping from time to time to bathe in the azure blue water. Along the way, you'll come across the three Caps of Saint-Tropez: Camarat, Tamarat and Lardier. You can have a picnic in the heart of the maquis or stop off at one of the many beach restaurants that you will come across on your way.


Visiting a vineyard in St Tropez

The last visit on our list is for lovers of the good life! The Tropézien hinterland is recognized for its vineyards, which in particular give rise to wines known as the “Côtes de Provence”. Rent a vintage car and set off along the hilly roads lined with vineyards and olive groves and arrive at the door of a wine estate. This is where you can discover the secrets of wine making and attend a tasting of exceptional rosés. Some of our favorite vineyards are Château Saint-Maur and its classified growths in Cogolin, or Château des Marres and its local wines in Ramatuelle.


Find all of our things to do in Saint Tropez and browse our collection of luxury villas for rent. One thing is certain, your holidays in Saint-Tropez will never have as much flavour as with Le Collectionist.

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