Things to do in Ibiza in July: A month by the water

When asking yourself what the best thing to do in Ibiza in July is, the answer is simple: you have to enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the Ibizan coast.
Things to do in Ibiza in July: A month by the water
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Ibiza is the dream destination par excellence for holidays by the sea. Between beautiful sandy beaches, trendy beach clubs, extraordinary getaways and exceptional sunsets, it is a true paradise lost in the Balearic Islands. And in July, when the temperatures rise, there's nothing better than discovering the white island by sea.
For all you need to know about the White Island, discover Le Collectionist's guide to Ibiza.

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Don't wonder what the things to do in Ibiza in July are, the answer is simple: you have to enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the Ibizan coast. Choose from our collection of luxury villas in Ibiza and discover this magical island. Here are our tips for things to do in Ibiza in July:

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The best way to visit Ibiza in July is to take to the sea. Departing from the port of Eivissa, we board a large catamaran to skim the extraordinary coasts of the white island. In the morning, we follow the coast in search of the most beautiful coves and we choose our spot for lunch under the sun. We take a short tour of the mysterious Es Vedra, off the beautiful Cala d'Hort, and dive into the crystal clear water, armed with flippers and a snorkel to discover the underwater life of the Mediterranean.

In the afternoon, we move away from the coast and sail towards Formentera, the bohemian sister of Ibiza, and its preserved lands. When the sun begins to descend, you lie down on the catamaran's trampolines, and let yourself be carried to the port, watching the sea and the sky take on a majestic orange and pink tint.


Ibiza is the party temple of the Balearic Islands. So, if you're wondering what the things to do in Ibiza in July are, partying by the water seems essential.

Just reach the large beaches of the island to realize the festive atmosphere that reigns here. All afternoon, the beach clubs welcome the world's greatest DJs for sets under the sun. Clinking of ice cubes in cocktail glasses, refreshing swims, laughter, idleness, water sports and wild dancing, discover here the best beach clubs in Ibiza where to party.


To discover the white island as it should be, we advise you to rent a car. Get off the beaten track and take the winding roads that run along the coast, weaving their way between the rocks and the sea.

Each bend, each path, each beach is a unique moment. And we discover extraordinary paintings made of azure blue, green and turquoise, alone with the wild nature and the immensity of the Mediterranean Sea.


It is during the "golden hour" that the island of Ibiza reveals all its splendour. The sunset over the sea is a sight not to be missed. Sit on the beach, and let the magic happen.

One of our favorite spots to attend is Cala Comte beach. We sit in the armchairs of the Sunset Ashram, we order a very cold cocktail, before contemplating this marvelous spectacle. In this restaurant with a bohemian and friendly atmosphere, you can enjoy a 360° panorama on the beach of Cala Comte.

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It was in the 1960s that Ibiza became the ultimate haunt of bohemians from all over the world. Since then, in the towns and villages of the white island, many hippie markets are held every year, where you can find all kinds of handicrafts and original pieces to bring back from our holidays.

If the best known is undoubtedly that of Las Dallias, it can be crowded in July. We therefore advise you to choose the one on Cala Llenya beach, to hunt for vintage items with your feet in the sand.

Relax on the most beautiful beaches of the White Island

From north to south of the island, there are beautiful sandy beaches with turquoise and crystal clear waters. Wild, confidential, posh, there is something for everyone. Fill your beach bag with sunglasses, towels and sunscreen (your essentials for the month of July) and set off to discover the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza:

  • Calo d'en Serra
  • Platja Xarraca
  • Aigues Blanques
  • Pou des Lleo
  • Cala Benirras
  • Cala Conta
  • Cala Pada
  • Cala Salada 
  • Cala d'Hort

Dive under the surface, the other world of Ibiza

For lovers of snorkelling, the white island is a true paradise. Whichever beach you choose, you'll always have somewhere to venture under the sea and explore Ibiza's resplendent underwater life. Secret wrecks, caves or coves off the beaten track, we have selected the best places to go diving in July in Ibiza:

  • L'Epave du Don Pedro
  • Dado Pequeno 
  • Les canyons du rocher d'Es vedra
  • Le phare immergé 
  • La Cueva de la Luz
  • Cala Xarraca 

Visit Dalt Vila, the waterfront capital, in Ibiza

Eivissa, the capital of the white island, hides within it a fortified upper town with narrow and endlessly romantic streets. Past the gates of the old city fortifications, you get lost in the maze of alleys, between the white houses with colorful shutters and the stairs punctuated with flowers of a thousand colors.

At the very top of the citadel, we take a moment to contemplate the sea stretching out in the distance. Afterwards, you have to visit its Gothic cathedral, its convent but also take a tour of the many restaurants that make Dalt Vila the benchmark for new cuisine in Ibiza.


With Le Collectionist, renting a luxury villa in Ibiza has never been easier. Choose your waterfront hideout and discover the multitude of things to do in Ibiza during your stay.

Our private concierge is on hand to provide you with the best of things to do in Ibiza in July.

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