The Summer Issue

Discover the indelible joys of food with us! Let us guide you through a spectrum of colours and flavours to enjoy while on holiday.
The Summer Issue

A holiday is a sensory journey: we travel to see new things; to feel and smell and hear; to listen to the stories of other people; to feel and celebrate the joys of diversity. But to taste is to experience an aspect that doesn't exist on the surface. It isn't a passive experience that just happens to you when you walk the streets and traverse the landscapes of a destination. It is much more than the way aromas flood your nose, or stumbled-upon sites fill you with awe.

Trying the cuisine of a new destination is an active exploration of the unknown. To eat is to search. To taste is to immerse. That's why we have compiled a list of our favourite Michelin star restaurants, luxury restaurants, and food experiences for your next luxury holiday.

Ella Aflalo: A chef on the rise

Ella and her cuisine have traveled to the most beautiful destinations by first learning the ropes through the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon, then venturing on to learn under 3-star chef Arnaud Donckele in St Tropez, Latin America to find inspiration, and finally settling in the South of France. 

Through all these experiences, her cuisine has come to resemble her: sparkling, imaginative, feminine, generous, and refined. This young 28-year-old chef is notably known for her appearance on Top Chef, and is now part of a new generation of cooks that works with us to offer you an exceptional culinary experience in the South of France

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Aurélien Mallia: A south west local

Born in Bordeaux to a family of multi-generational restaurateurs, Aurélien Mallia has cooking in his blood. Aurélien is first and foremost a traveler, as evidenced in his international experiences in France, Canada, and even Martinique in the Caribbean.

Although he has crossed the globe, he is still madly in love with his native region and which is why he makes it a point to work with local, fresh and seasonal products that take centre stage on his plates. So while on holiday in the South west of France, treat yourself to gourmet delicacies by making an appointment with our private chef Aurélien Mallia, a passionate native of the region who will make you discover the treasures of the land.

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Amazing italian food experiences

Italian cuisine is famous all over the world; praised for its fresh and sumptuous ingredients. Though to us at Le Collectionist, Italian dining is so much more than just pasta and pizza. Follow us across various regions of Italy to discover their local dishes and fine quality products.

Discover the culinary experiences that will delight your palate during your luxury holidays in Italy with your loved ones; from truffle hunting in the Tuscan roads, cultivating limoncello in Sicily, learning the ropes of a classic dish from a Puglia native, and dining at the table of the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy, we've gathered the best of the best ways to discover Italy through your palate.

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Food is the binding force in the varied identity of the regions of France. With starred restaurants dotted all over the country, each region and city has a quirk or culinary specialty, which adds to the identity of that area, if not defines it to the outsider. 

It comes to no surprise to us, and many others, that France is home to over 600 Michelin stars with 30 restaurants receiving the highest accolade: three Michelin stars. Discover the best of the best restaurants of the country with us as we guide you through all of France's 30 three Michelin Star restaurants to visit while on holiday!

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Restaurants Ibiza borrows from film

The special love for Ibiza, along with a longing for warmth and tranquility have brought together artists and creatives alike time and time again. The spirit of freedom and creativity that they crafted in the 30s is everywhere: in cosy cafes, traditional taverns and best restaurants Ibiza has collected over the years, each with its own artistic atmosphere.

Follow us on a journey through the island, where along with its restaurants Ibiza shows us its mythical side and charming ambience, as if from an old movie. Here, you find film-like havens hidden in coves, in old fincas or behind the typical facades.

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discover our other tips for culinary holidays

While these are our highlights, we have much more to share with you! Satiate your desires through our page of our favourite luxury restaurants. Discover our spots to dine at the table while on holiday, no matter where we are.

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The Summer Issue

Discover the indelible joys of food with us! Let us guide you through a spectrum of colours and flavours to enjoy while on holiday.

The best restaurants Ibiza borrows from film

Follow us on a journey through the island, where along with its restaurants Ibiza shows us its mythical side and charming ambience, as if from an old movie.


3-Michelin-star restaurants: France's 30 best restaurants

Discover the thirty restaurants in France that have achieved the highest level of recognition in the world of food: three Michelin stars.