The best restaurants Ibiza borrows from film

Follow us on a journey through the island, where along with its restaurants Ibiza shows us its mythical side and charming ambience, as if from an old movie.
The best restaurants Ibiza borrows from film
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The love for the island, along with a longing for warmth and tranquility have brought many intellectuals, artists, creatives and people who just wanted to escape to Ibiza. The spirit of freedom and creativity that they created in the 1930's can still be seen today. It's everywhere: in the cosy cafes, traditional taverns and best restaurants Ibiza has collected over the years, each with its own artistic atmosphere.

Follow us on a journey through the island, where along with its restaurants Ibiza shows us its mythical side and charming ambience, as if from an old movie. Here, you find film-like havens hidden in coves, in old fincas or behind the typical facades.

We could easily imagine Tom Ripley or James Bond visiting these culinary hideaways with memorable identities. All of them have their own personality, local Ibiza cuisine, exotic or tinged with multiple influences. Let's dive into the restaurants Ibiza took straight out of a movie set. 

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The best restaurants Ibiza reinvents cuisine in

These Ibiza restaurants have their own, particular culinary identity. On the plate, New York and Italian influences blend with the bohemian style of Ibiza, and its raw, nature-inspired cuisine, all abundant in the delicious products straight off the island.

The "Purple Noon" restaurant

Restaurant Ibiza Bottega Il Bucco
©Bottega Il Bucco

Bottega Il Buco - With Bottega Il Buco, Lennard and Avalle have opened in Ibiza the little sister of the restaurant "Il Buco" originally created in Manhattan. Their Ibiza restaurant has quickly acquired a clientele of artists and actors. The ambience here is reminiscent of a tavern in Taormina, in the 1960's. It takes us into the "Purple Noon" universe, a film by René Clément.

Surrounded by this decor of a wine bar and a Roman restaurant, filled with vintage objects and artisanal terra-cotta from Lennard's personal collection, one could almost imagine being Tom Ripley. The owners are recreating the Italian cuisine with a Spanish touch: simple but prepared with carefully selected ingredients.

Ibiza au naturel like in “The Jungle Book”

Restaurant Ibiza Wild Beets
©Wild Beets

WILD BEETS - The philosophy of Wild Beets reminds us of that of Baloo in "The Jungle Book": "the bare necessities of life" - in this trendy restaurant Ibiza keeps it simple and wild with a desire for awareness but above all, pleasure.

The place is bright and spacious, and the style is geared towards ecology: it seems that we are in a restaurant in the artsy neighborhood of Los Angeles. Here there are no rules, boundaries, or preconceptions. WILD BEETS is raw, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and plant-based.

The culinary creations exude freshness. In the future, one could easily imagine doctors prescribing their patients a dose of this Ibiza restaurant instead of medicine. 

The best restaurants Ibiza is lulled by the waves in

In Ibiza, a multitude of small corners of paradise offer astonishing views and breathtaking sunsets over the sea. Here are two of our favorites, which immerse us in true film atmospheres.

A dive into “The Big Blue"

Restaurant Ibiza Roto

ROTO - In the centre of the Ibiza marina, the Roto is a real escape from the hectic Ibiza nightlife. The place seems to be floating above the water. Generations and generations have sat on the rocky point where ROTO is now located, to watch the most romantic of sunsets. Eyes set on the horizon, feet in the water like Jacques Mayol in the "Big Blue", we admire a pink, yellow and pale blue sunset.

This astonishing palette is the backdrop to the most beautiful evenings. The decor is punctuated by the echo of small boats while the gentle breeze caresses your face. It's almost as if you were watching Enzo, the other hero of the film, sailing away on his yacht through the turquoise water. Through this new restaurant Ibiza shares its passion for the sea

A fancy dinner like in “The Man with the Golden Gun”

Restaurant Ibiza Cala Bonita
©Cala Bonita

Cala Bonita - Particularly popular amongst the locals and regulars of the island, the decor of Cala Bonita is worthy of a "James Bond" movie. Here you have a choice: the water's edge for a lunch with the evil Scaramanga and the opportunity of a dip? Or the candlelit cellar for a dinner with a James Bond-girl?

The soft music in the background and the well-spaced tables are ideal for putting on the outfit of the most stylish spy in the history of cinema. Moreover, the culinary creations place this spot amongst the best restaurants Ibiza has to offer.

Dance on “The Beach”

Cafe Del Mar Ibiza
©Cafe Del Mar

Cafe Del Mar - The beach, the sunset, the music, the rustic decor... Everything here evokes a mythical and heavenly island like the one in the movie "The Beach", where a free community would live in harmony with nature. Who knows, you may come across Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio) gazing at the sea with the faint Moby soundtrack playing in the distance.

This historic and pioneering restaurant of Ibiza at Sant Antoni de Portmany was already the place to be in the 90's. Moreover, in 1993 its name became the title of a song. People come here for its lounge music ambience, for its sunsets, for its typical island cuisine to be shared with friends or family. The place feels like a rite of passage. And you can also dance with your feet in the water. Indeed, today the restaurant still hasn't lost its hippie feel.

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The best restaurants Ibiza welcomes locals in

Off the tourist trail, the best restaurants Ibiza loves and treasures dearly hide their culinary masterpieces and movie vibes behind anonymous storefronts and in secret courtyards. Surrounded by locals and regulars alike, here you can enjoy authentic Ibizan cuisine. The flavours and ambiences of these hidden nooks invite you to gather in Ibiza for a night to remember.

At the table of the “Godfather”

Comidas Bar San Juan Ibiza
©Comidas Bar San Juan

Comidas Bar San Juan - A few steps from the port of the old town of Ibiza stands the family business Comidas Bar San Juan. It is a tapas bar that is anything but pretentious and is particularly popular with locals. It has many similarities with the world of Francis Ford Coppola's "Godfather".

The experience is truly authentic: Comidas Bar San Juan is located in an old house in Ibiza. Its cuisine is fiercely Spanish and traditional, and the atmosphere of the place gives the island its full title of a gastronomic destination. Certainly, it's the perfect spot to get away from the busy side of Ibiza and feel like Don Carleone having a meal.

On the deserted beach of “Cast Away”

Restaurant Ibiza Cala Escondida
©Cala Escondida

Cala Escondida - Set on the edge of a small, wild beach, Cala Escondida is located in a hut that could be Tom Hanks' in "Cast Away".

The place seems cut off from the rest of the world... In fact, it wouldn't be surprising to find yourself with only the ball names Wilson as your sole companion, while enjoying a superb cocktail. Here you are in the restaurant of an untamed Ibiza with a breathtaking view of the sea, as transparent as that of a desert island. 

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