Where to Visit in Italy in Winter: Sunny Destinations

Check out our guide on where to visit in Italy in winter to discover destinations that will fill you with nostalgia for summer.
Where to Visit in Italy in Winter: Sunny Destinations
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As winter sets in, we're ready to find a sunnier climate. The beauty, warmth and friendliness that we seek are embodied nowhere more than in Italy. With a Mediterranean climate and an extraordinary way of living, Italy is one of our favourite luxury holiday destinations to visit during winter.

So, where to go when you visit Italy in winter? Some will swear by the northern Italy: the grandiose landscapes of the lake region, the picturesque beauty of the Tyrol or the enchanting atmosphere of Venice during the Carnival. But if it's the sun you're looking for, you'll have to head south of La Botte. Let's go!


where to go in italy in winter?

Christmas markets, local specialities, snow-covered slopes and deserted monuments: every region has something unique to offer in winter. If you want to avoid the cold, head to the southern Italy, where the thermometer rarely drops below ten degrees.

The cool air is perfect for long walks through the countryside that the summer heat can make unpleasant. If you dare, you can venture along the Path of the Gods, on the Amalfi Coast, or climb Mount Etna in Sicily! If you're in the mood to relax, opt for the beaches of Sardinia or the sunny landscapes of Puglia. The options are endless, and the hardest part will be deciding where to go in Italy this winter!

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Winter on the amalfi coast

If La Dolce Vita had an address, it would undoubtedly be in one of the villages on the Amalfi Coast. Flooded with tourists in the summer, this area is much more peaceful during the winter months. From Sorrento to Salerno, the sun warms the colourful facades of the houses and the temperatures hover around fifteen degrees.

Take the opportunity to discover the villages of the Amalfi Coast, at your own pace, far from the crowds. Stripped of its tourists, the Marina of Positano takes on a different look, simpler, more authentic and even more charming. Further east, the village of Ravello seems totally cut off from the world, and you are alone in enjoying the panoramic view of the sea from the "infinity terrace" at Villa Cimbrone. The Path of the Gods, sometimes impracticable due to the heat and the crowd during the high season, offers a fabulous hike in the heart of the Mediterranean. After your journey, all you have to do is settle down on the terrace and sip a sweet limoncello for a taste of summer!


the heart of italy in sicily

Between the past ruins of the Roman Empire, picturesque villages and local cuisine, Sicily is a true concentrate of Italian culture. To discover it in all its authenticity, it is better to go there out of season, making it the perfect destination if you are wondering where to go in Italy in winter! The temperatures, fluctuating between fifteen and eighteen degrees, are ideal for visiting the treasures of the island, provided you are an early riser because the sun sets early in the Mediterranean. Still, you will have plenty of time to taste the local specialities in one of the many restaurants or in the privacy of your luxury villa rental in Sicily.

History lovers will be thrilled to explore the island. Rent a car and travel the deserted roads of Sicily, from Syracuse to Palermo, passing through Agrigento and its Valley of the Temples. The journey will transport you from the Baroque era to antiquity as you come across some natural wonders, including the illustrious Mount Etna. Be careful though: a micro-climate seems to reign over the highest active volcano in Europe, and winter is felt here more than elsewhere. You can even ski on its snowy slopes from December to February! For a little adventure, head for the town of Milazzo, north of Etna. This port, between two bays and dominated by an old fortified castle, faces the Aeolian Islands. Embark with a local skipper who will guide you to Lipari or Volcano, two magnificent volcanic islands that will be revealed for your eyes only!


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winter on the beach in sardinia

Like its French neighbour, Corsica, Sardinia is adored by tourists in summer and neglected in the off season. However, with temperatures close to twenty degrees, this small Mediterranean island is a dream destination to escape the dreary winter. At this time of year, the island takes on an almost mystical aura. To the north, the ancient ruins of Nuraghe la Prisgiona and the Giants' Tomb of Coddu'Ecchju are revealed by the morning light. Wander alone between the old stones and soak up the vibrant atmosphere of the place. Approaching the coast, you can see the silhouettes of the Maddanela archipelago with a few clouds floating over the islets reminding you that it is winter. Everything else: the turquoise water, the golden rocks and the sailboats anchoring near the shores will make you feel like it's still summer. Contact your Tailor and organise a boat trip and a picnic on the sand to convince you that in Sardinia, summer is eternal!


solitude in puglia

The last recommendation on our list of where to visit in Italy in winter is Puglia. Located at the extreme south of the peninsula, between the Ionian and Adriatic seas, this region enjoys all the benefits of Mediterranean winters. Some even take advantage of the warm water to treat themselves to a swim between hikes and cultural visits. Winter is the ideal time to discover Puglia, without the tourist crowds and the arid heat of the high season. If it starts to rain, you can take refuge in the warmth of a traditional Trullo in Puglia, with a classic dish of orecchiette with broccoli and burrata!

Take advantage of the calm to lose yourself in the streets of Alberobello, Lecce or Matera, renowned for being one of the oldest cities in the world. To discover the sunny landscapes of Puglia, go to the National Park of Alta Murgia. After the rainy season, its 420 square kilometres of lush hills reveal a deep green canvas. The freshness of the air makes it easier to hike to the canyon of Gravina in Puglia or to the karst chasm of Pulo. On your way, you will come across funny little dwellings, dug directly into the stone, straight out of a Tolkien tale!

Now you know where to go in Italy in winter! Explore our catalogue of luxury villa rentals in Italy and take off for a luxury Italy holiday full of la Dolce Vita with Le Collectionist.


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