Corsica: Top things to do for a holiday of non-stop adventure

Corsica's top things to do come in many different forms. For a holiday filled with adventure, read this guide.
Corsica: Top things to do for a holiday of non-stop adventure
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Thrill-seekers are drawn to the shores of Corsica, drawn to its wild and varied terrain, where the sun pours from the blue sky and the sea breeze caresses clammy brows. The climate calls for you to spend your days outside, where the beaches and the mountains hold a promise to please! Corsica holidays are about immersing in the natural world: racing down the majestic hillsides; plunging into the impossibly blue water; skimming over the twinkling sea. 

With Le Collectionist, finding Corsica's top things to do for a holiday of adventure comes with ease. We intend to bring the thrills to you on the Isle of Beauty - one of our favourite luxury holiday destinations. Fortunately, this is a piece of cake in a place where the natural landscape boasts such a bountiful array of exhilarating activities. With this guide, you can discover the top things to do when you visit Corsica for an electrifying holiday.  

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The best things to do in Corsica to satiate your sense of adventure

Discover the hiking trails of Corsica 

One of the most famous hiking trails in Europe snakes its way down the inimitably beautiful spine of Corsica. Beginning at the northwestern nape of the island, the trails rise and fall with the cadence of the cascading and cresting mountains. Tranquil, tree-lined paths give way to vertical ascents, before descending and softening once more alongside the nearby gentle babbling of the stream. This is the GR20, the full length of which can take two weeks or more, which is not for the faint of heart.

More gentle hikes, which wend between quaint perched villages and quiet coves, can be found on other parts of the island. Hiking remains one of the best ways to see the island and allows visitors to delve fully into the island's natural wonders. Make your way to Cap Corse - the pointing finger of Corsica - for a more laid-back afternoon of walking along the headland's paths to coastal towns.


Rock climbing for all levels in Gorges de la Restonica

A deep, scenic valley is scored into the heart of the landscape around Corte, in the north-central part of Corsica. Here, there is a wealth of rock climbing for all levels of adeptness. Corsica has become a popular destination for those in search of the thrills of bouldering and rock climbing. Lofty granite rock faces, scarred by time elapsed, beckon the most daring to scale them, to conquer them. Once you have summited the formidable rock faces, descend to the valley floor, where you can sink into a cooling rock pool to rest tired limbs. Speak to your dedicated Le Collectionist holiday tailor to arrange for a guide with equipment to take you down this picturesque gorge for an afternoon of climbing and abseiling. 


A boat trip like no other: rafting the white waters of Gorges du Tavignano

Go with the flow of the river as it torrents down the valleys that lie between the vast, rocky mountains that peer down from their haughty heights. This gorge lies in the middle of Corsica near Corte; the river runs through the serene, yet daunting wilderness of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica. This activity is better suited to more experienced kayakers. Year in, year out, Corsica draws a throng of people with a penchant for creeking.

The granite shelves that terrace parts of the river create the perfect drops for paddlers to plunge from, while the surrounding scenery is breathtaking. Arrange for a day on the river with a guide, and feel the rush as the pine-laden air races past you and the white-foam water whisks you down the valley. This a must of Corsica's things to do if you want to have an adventure like no other.


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Dive to meet the colourful fish of the Lavezzi Islands

Poised off the south coast of Corsica, you will find a spattering of small granitic islands. Here, surrounding the Lavezzi Islands, the water is crystal clear - a looking glass into the world that exists beneath, beyond land's edge. Some of the best diving in Corsica happens around these quiet shores. Set off from the picture-perfect port of Bonifacio, as the sun begins to rise on yet another blissful day on the Isle of Beauty.

Your skipper will leave the cliffs of Bonifacio in their wake, before anchoring in a peaceful spot for you to begin your dive. The shelter afforded by the surrounding islands renders the visibility excellent, allowing the marbling light to dance on the seafloor, illuminating the vibrant fish that live there. Small nooks and crannies teem with fish in this near-weightless world of utter serenity. 


Discover the best places to go in Corsica for mountain biking

One of the most exhilarating on our list of top things to do in Corsica is mountain biking the undulating trails that web their way across the island. Take your pick of Corsica's 132 mountain-biking trails and spend the day racing across the hillsides. This is a fun and unique way to see Corsica, and nature lovers will love to be nestled amongst the mountains and pine forests. 


Kitesurfing and wakeboarding across the turquoise waters of Corsica

Picture the shimmering sea shooting beneath you as you glide across a picturesque bay on skis or a board; the sun is setting and the mirror-like surface catches the reflection of the sky's blaze. The bay of Santa Giulia is a water-sports haven, with plenty of activities such as skiing, wakeboarding, SUPing, and kayaking taking place, while Bonifacio is best for wind- and kitesurfing. Discover more of the watersports on offer with our guide to Santa Giulia, Corsica.


Snorkelling in the stunning Scandola Nature Reserve

On Corsica's west coast, great red-hued rocks jut from the sea, eventually becoming part of the island itself. Beneath the lapping water, these rocks create an underwater wilderness where the sealife thrives. Pack your snorkel, flippers, and mask and set sail from Calvi or Ajaccio on a private boat trip. Snorkel amongst the submerged boulders and rocks of the marine reserve, scouring the seafloor for the colourful fish of the region. Some of the top things to do in Corsica exist beneath its superbly beautiful surface. 

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With Le Collectionist, you can find the perfect holiday home from where you can explore Corsica's thrills on your luxury holidays in France. Peruse our collection of luxury Corsica villa rentals to begin your next adventure on the Isle of Beauty.

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