Dive into local events: discover the best places to visit in Italy in August

Visit Italy in August: make the most of your trip to Italy with our expert guide including exciting events and stunning villas!
Dive into local events: discover the best places to visit in Italy in August
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A destination is nothing without its people and the cultures and traditions that they give life to. This is as true in Italy as anywhere else. With the passion and joy that the locals exude, any Italian holiday destination isn't just beautiful, it becomes animated and alive.

With the August summer sun on your back and inimitable Italian landscapes as your backdrop, you can dive into these events alongside the locals who have given these places life. Find our roundup of the best areas to visit, events to attend, and places to stay in Italy in August.

These are our favourite places to go in Italy in August:

Why visit Italy in August?

In August, you’ll get to visit a different kind of Italy. Most Italians take their holidays in August, so when you visit Italy, you’ll notice the whole country is humming with the dolce vita. In cities, this may mean that many authentic restaurants are closed since owners take their holidays. However, the coast buzzes with new life.

The weather in Italy in August is known for being particularly warm, and often humid. You can count on the sun to be out and shining brightly every day, pushing many out to the coast where the sea breeze and refreshing turquoise waters beckon. Though the coast can be quite crowded, the atmosphere of complete summer surrender makes it well worth visiting Italy in August

Tempted by summer holidays on the Italian coast? See our guide to the best coastal towns in Italy.

The best of Italy in August: events in Sicily

The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily boasts miles upon miles of golden coastline, making it a very popular destination in Italy in August. In addition to the perfect summer landscape dotted with beach umbrellas, you’ll find many events take place in August to add to the unparalleled atmosphere.

For the region's best highlights, see our luxury guide to holidays in Sicily. If you want to plan a holiday more off the beaten path, consult our article on unique things to do in Sicily instead!

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Palio dei Normanni: a mediaeval fair in Piazza Armerina

In mid-August, the quiet town of Piazza Armerina in Sicily takes a step back in time. With its Roman mosaics and mediaeval cathedral, it’s the perfect backdrop for Palio dei Normanni, a historical reenactment that sees knights, lords, and ladies flock the cobbled streets.

Honouring the Holy Wars, this festival comprises three days of parades, celebrations, and challenges, culminating in the Quintana: a jousting event where different districts in the city face off in horseback challenges.


Events in Sicily in August: the Festival of San Salvatore

In early August, the seaside town of Cefalù in northern Sicily honours their patron saint San Salvatore with processions, waterfront fireworks, and heaps of delicious food! Start at the Duomo di Cefalù, a Norman-era cathedral and UNESCO world heritage site, and follow the festival path.

Weaving among the open streets and mediaeval buildings, stop in at a food stall to taste the traditional Pasta a Taianu dish before making your way down to the waterfront. There, watch locals compete in the ntinna a mari, trying to grab a flag off of a slick pole hanging over the water. The festival ends with a bang as scintillating fireworks reflect over the water on the final day.


Where to stay in Italy in August: villas in Sicily

Villa Nuova

On the eastern coast of Sicily, Villa Nuova boasts a seek and modern design where geometric shapes, consistent colours, and animal patterns meet in seamless fusion. You can just as easily spend your days here soaking in the pool as you can heading out to the nearby Santa Maria del Focallo beach.

What to know

  • Villa Nuova, Sicily, Italy
  • Saltwater pool, barbecue, air conditioning
  • Essential level conciergerie service
  • 10 guests
  • From €6,505 per week

Villa Nuova in Sicily, Italy

Villa Avolesi

The stone walls and angular design at Villa Avolesi perfectly blend modern and traditional architecture on the Sicilian coast. On a property surrounded by hundred-year-old olive trees, you can bask in utter relaxation or head out to the beach just a stone’s throw from your villa.

What to know

  • Villa Avolesi, Sicily, Italy
  • Swimming pool, barbecue, air conditioning
  • Essential level conciergerie service
  • 8 guests
  • From €6,500 per week

Villa Avolesi in Sicily, Italy

Events in Tuscany: in the countryside of Italy in August

The province of Tuscany boasts a wealth of wonderful things to do in August, making it a must on our list of places to visit in Italy in August. Hilltop towns steeped in history, sweeping, rolling fields of olive and vine, and small, bustling cities, towns and villages make up the expanse between Florence and Rome.

See what events in Tuscany are taking place below or consult our article on family-friendly things to do in Tuscany for even more idea of how to fill your summer in Italy in August.

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The famed Palio di Siena: A horse race event in Italy like no other

Biannually, the Palio di Siena sees ten horses and their riders tear across Piazza del Campo in pursuit of bringing pride to their ward. The riders don their ward's colours, mount their horses bareback and charge along the short circuit, sometimes crashing off their horses on tight turns.

With Le Collectionist, arrange to watch this spectacle from a local's balcony on the main square. With the best seat in the house and a drink in hand, you will witness the sheer power of these horses and their brave riders. This event alone makes Tuscany one of the best places to visit in Italy in August.


August harvest: dive into the world of agritourism in Tuscany

There’s no better time for agritourism in Tuscany than August, when the vineyards’ and olive groves’ fruitful harvests are transformed into the most delectable wines and oils. Take this opportunity to discover the lush fields and sample the best flavours of Italy in August during wine and vineyard tours.

Wondering where to start? See our recommendations for the best vineyards in Tuscany.


Where to stay in August: villa rentals in Tuscany

Villa Girolamo

A peaceful retreat perched in the hills of Pisa, Villa Girolamo is the perfect stay in Italy in August. Gaze out at the verdant and lush fields below from your pool, or head out to explore the neighbouring centre of Volterra. Here, you’ll breathe a holiday air of utter tranquillity

What to know

  • Villa Girolamo, Tuscany, Italy
  • Swimming pool, game room, barbecue, air conditioning
  • Tailor level conciergerie service
  • 14 guests
  • From €18,000 per week

Villa Girolamo in Tuscany, Italy

Villa Vinci

The stone walls and olive trees of Villa Vinci set the scene for an idyllic Italian escape secluded in nature. Enjoy panoramic views of the countryside and access to a lush golf course just a stone's throw from the vibrant cities of Florence and Pisa.

What to know

  • Villa Vinci, Tuscany, Italy
  • Saltwater pool, barbecue, air conditioning, panoramic nature view
  • Tailor level conciergerie service
  • 12 guests
  • From €11,500 per week

visit-italy-in-august-tuscany-villa-vinci-minVilla Vinci in Tuscany, Italy

Summer colours in Italy: August on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is known for its colourful fishing villages piled in the seaside cliffs. Under the blazing August sun, the rustic villages and small beaches pulse with new life as locals flock to the shore. Discover the region with help from our luxury guide to the Amalfi Coast.

Between the event below and our itinerary for an Amalfi Coast visit, your holidays in Italy in August will be nothing short of dreamy as you set the sound of the waves, seagulls, and laughter lull you into bliss.

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Honouring mozzarella cheese at Fiordilatte Fiordifesta: flavours of August in Amalfi

Italy is known for its delicious foods: cheese, pasta, cured meats, olive oil, bread… The list goes on! At Fiordilatte Fiordifesta, sample all of these Italian delicacies and more. Visit Agerola, perched in the mountains above the coast, in August to celebrate the region’s cheese-making know-how and traditions. Between tastings and demonstrations, this is a don’t miss event in August for any food lover !


Where to stay: visiting the Amalfi Coast in August

Villa Fiorella

On the beautiful island of Capri just off of the Amalfi Coast, Villa Fiorella's whitewashed walls house the perfect stay for your summer holidays. The traditional architecture is complemented by the modern interior design, and located right at the centre of Capri, everything you need for idyllic holidays is right at your fingertips. 

What to know

  • Villa Fiorella, Amalfi Coast, Italy
  • Swimming pool, barbecue and grill, air conditioning, sea view, prepared breakfast
  • Tailor level conciergerie service
  • 8 guests
  • From €25,005 per week

Villa Fiorella on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Villa Cerasina

Just a short walk from the first beaches, Villa Cerasina is perfect for families who want easy access to the coast and the city centre. Enjoy the hydromassage pool with a panoramic view and the interior characterised by patterned tiles and pops of colour amid immaculately white walls.

What to know

  • Villa Cerasina, Amalfi Coast, Italy
  • Hydromassage pool, barbecue, air conditioning
  • Tailor level conciergerie service
  • 8 guests
  • From €10,005 per week

visit-italy-in-august-amalfi-coast-villa-cerasina-minVilla Cerasina on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Through the fields of Puglia in August

The southernmost point of the country, often referred to as the heel of the Italian boot, Puglia is an endlessly beautiful region for your August holidays. So far south, the weather at this time can be a lot to handle, but if you’re willing to brave the heat, you’ll be handsomely rewarded. Some of the region’s best events take place in August.

So lather on your sunscreen, don your sunglasses and hat, and set out to this beautiful coastal region to discover one of the best summer holiday destinations in Italy.

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Valle d’Itria Festival in Puglia: music sounding out across Italy in August

Running from July to early August, the music festival in Valle d’Itria is a must for fans of classical or opera music. First hosted nearly 50 years ago, the festival has become a true cornerstone of the Apulian summer, sending enchanting symphonies soaring through the night to lull any attendee.

Some of the region’s best venues come together to host these musical shows, most notably the Piazza Ducale in Martina Franca, but also the Chistro di Palazzo San Martino, the Teatro Paolo Grassi, and churches and masserias scattered across the area. From charming baroque towns to the verdant valley, this festival unites sights and sounds for an unforgettable August in Italy.


Dance the August night away at the Notte della Taranta Festival in Puglia

Put on your dancing shoes and head to the streets of Salento and its surrounding villages, where for a whole month, nights are dedicated to the traditional Tarantella dance and the folk music that animates it. Streets are lined with stalls selling food, drinks, and crafts, and of course hundreds of dancers!

The main event of the festival takes place in Melpignano, where over 100,000 visitors flock to dance the night away as the choreomania comes to a close. Professional dancers and musicians take the stage in the middle of a crowded field to play the festival to an end. This event in August is certainly not to be missed if you’re after a lively holiday in Italy.


Where to stay in Puglia: villa rentals for August in Italy

Diamora Monora

Diamora Monora embodies the traditional trullo charm so unique to Puglia, with its whitewashed facade and conic roofs. The stone walls and elegant design added to the many amenities, including an infinity pool, paddle court, and prime location beside the divine Spiagge di Savelletri beach make it the perfect stay for your holidays in Italy in August.

What to know

  • Dimora Monora, Puglia, Italy
  • Infinity pool, meditation and fitness rooms, paddle court, barbecue, air conditioning, prepared breakfast
  • Club level conciergerie service
  • 12 guests
  • From €15,750 per week

Diamora Monora in Puglia, Italy

Villa Ulivi

In the picturesque countryside, Villa Ulivi brings a palace atmosphere to Puglia through its spacious interiors and immaculate design dotted with African art. With a view of the sea from every room and secluded setting, you can enjoy some calm and quiet respite when visiting Italy in August.

What to know

  • Villa Ulivi, Puglia, Italy
  • Saltwater pool, bocce court, air conditioning, sea and nature view
  • Club level conciergerie service
  • 10 guests
  • From €13,505 per week

Villa Ulivi in Puglia, Italy

Embrace the Vibrant Spirit of Italy in August: Local Events in the Scenic Lake Como

The region of Lombardy is home to the great lakes of Italy, where decades of opulence have come to seek quietude in a paradisiacal setting.

Whether you wish to hike the mountain trails, marvel at grand estates and blossoming gardens, or see some of the best things to visit in Lake Como, the following events will help you to feel at home on these quiet shores and make Lake Como one of the best places to visit in Italy in August

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Enjoy the festival of wine in Sondrio while visiting Lake Como in August

A short drive from Lake Como, the old town of Sondrio, around Castel Masegra, becomes the picture-perfect setting for a celebration of wine. Warm light is cast down onto the streets, as people dress up to enjoy the music, market stalls, and various tastings of the Valtellina varieties that are on offer.

This is a great way to learn more about the region, not only from those who cultivate it, but also those who live in it, and those who return time and again to satiate their love for it. 


Musical delights on Lake Como in August: exploring the Como City of Music Festival

From the month of July through to the middle of August, Como comes to life with a variety of musical and artistic performances. Spruce up and jiggle to some jazz in the sprawling gardens of Villa Olmo Park, or let percussionists from around the world come to you with their beats.

Every Friday from July to August, Villa Carlotta opens its doors for audiences to be mesmerised by classical music concerts. Lake Como is one of the best places to visit in Italy in August for those who love all types of music.


Where to stay in Lake Como in August

Villa Altrove

On the water's edge with walking access to a private beach, Villa Altrove is perfect for cooling off given the warm weather in Italy in August. With a traditional villa exterior and sparse yet modern interior, this luxury stay is perfect for visiting Lake Como in August.

What to know

  • Villa Altrove, Lake Como, Italy
  • Swimming pool, fitness and movie rooms, private beach, panoramic lake view
  • Tailor level conciergerie
  • 12 guests
  • From €40,005 per week

Villa Altrove in Lake Como, Italy

Chalet Gatsby

Blending alpine charm and lakeside views, Chalet Gatsby has all the makings of a perfect stay in Lake Como in August. Enjoy a cosy home where wood and stone meet in warmth and harmony, with an infinity pool overlooking the hills and a sauna to boot!

What to know

  • Chalet Gatsby, Lake Como, Italy
  • Infinity pool, sauna, barbecue, air conditioning, panoramic mountain view
  • Tailor level conciergerie service
  • 10 guests
  • From €6,705 per week

Chalet Gatsby in Lake Como, Italy


What are the best summer holiday destinations in Italy?

Italy is a popular summer holiday destination for a reason, between its luxuriant countryside, dazzling coastlines, and storied cities.

Consult our article on the best summer holiday destinations in Italy to experience the country's most beautiful regions under the summer sun.

Where to go in Tuscany, Italy with family?

Tuscany is an endlessly beautiful region, from the lush fields of grapevines and olive trees to the mediaeval cities perched in the hilltops. It's sure to have something for everyone.

For our suggestions, see our roundup of the top 10 family-friendly things to do in Tuscany.

What are the best things to do in Lake Como?

Surrounding the scintillating lake, cities dotted with stately villas and flourishing gardens give this area its renown.

Discover what to do in Lake Como to find all the region's must-see sights and hidden gems

What is the best time to visit Italy apart from August?

As discussed above, August is certainly a stunning time to visit Italy. However, it's hard to pick a bad time to visit the country.

From sunny summer days, to fiery autumn landscapes, to winters in the mountains, and spring months in full bloom, discover the best time to visit Italy.


At Le Collectionist, we've made sure we have some of the best homes for the perfect luxury holiday in Italy. Simply choose one from our collection and let our luxury concierge service take care of the rest.

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