Like a local: The best places to visit in Italy in August

With our guide to the best places to visit in Italy in August, you can discover these destinations, events, and villas like a real local.
Like a local: The best places to visit in Italy in August
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A destination is nothing without its people and the cultures and traditions that they give life to. In Italy, this is as true as anywhere else. With the passion and joy that the locals exude, any Italian holiday destination isn't just beautiful, it becomes animated. Alive. With the August summer sun on your back and inimitable Italian landscapes as your backdrop, you can dive into these events alongside the locals who have given these places life.

With these places to visit in Italy in August, and the best things to do and attend during this time, your trip will be indelibly remembered with a unique feeling of joy. Here, at Le Collectionist, aspire to find you the perfect luxury holiday home. So, we have recommended somewhere for you to stay in each of these Italian idylls. 

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These are out favourite places to go in Italy in August:

  • Tuscany and Umbria
  • Lake Como

In the countryside Between Florence and Rome

Between the wondrous cities of Florence and Rome lies a bucolic beauty that rings with birdsong and cicadas during the late summer months. Hilltop towns steeped in history, sweeping, rolling fields of olive and vine, and small, bustling cities, towns and villages make up the expanse between these two capitals. The provinces of Umbria and Tuscany boast a wealth of wonderful things to do in August, making them a must on our list of places to visit in Italy in August.


The famed Palio di Siena: A horse race like no other

Biannually, the Palio di Siena sees ten horses and their riders tear across Piazza del Campo in pursuit of bringing pride to their ward. The riders don their ward's colours, mount their horses bareback and charge along the short circuit, sometimes crashing off their horses on tight turns.

With Le Collectionist, we can arrange for you to watch this spectacle from a local's balcony on the main square. With the best seat in the house and a drink in hand, you will witness the sheer power of these horses and their brave riders. This event alone makes Tuscany one of the best places to visit in Italy in August. Make the most of your trip by spending some time in Florence. 


Where to stay

A stone's throw from the centre of Siena, Villa Agostoli is a vine-clad haven tucked away from the buzz of the city centre. As the ancient olive trees will attest, nature prevails in this peaceful corner of Siena, where the views from the pergola stretch over the treetops as far as the fertile valley extends.

Villa Omnia

Villa Omnia

The Pardon Festival of Assisi: Immerse in this beautiful small town

Assisi is a quaint hilltop town in Umbria and is the birthplace of St. Francis - a patron saint of Italy. Later, he became associated with patronage of the natural world. When visiting Assisi, with its rolling hills and fertile soil, it's easy to see why. The fruits of the land are given to the Feast of the Pardon; it is a time for those who attend and receive pardon to indulge on nature's bounty. The Pardon Festival has been celebrated at the beginning of August, the 1st and 2nd, for over seven centuries, and is held dear by locals and visitors alike. Despite the numbers, it is an often intimate and spiritual event, where music and food and jollity abound. 


Where to stay

Although the façade of Villa Dito is modern and angular, its dun-coloured stone walls and wood panelling mean it slots seamlessly into the charming surroundings. The undulating green hills, crested by clumps of woodland, engulf this farmhouse-like villa in serenity. Inside, the black surfaces and burnt-orange furniture give this villa a stylish finish. 

Villa OmniaVilla Omnia

On the water and beneath the peaks in Lake Como 

The region of Lombardy is home to the great lakes of Italy, where decades of opulence have come to seek quietude in a paradisiacal setting. In August, the sun falls warmly on the mountainsides and the alpine water is delightful to swim in. Whether you wish to hike the mountain trails, marvel at grand estates and blossoming gardens, or opt for something more high-octane, the following events will help you to feel at home on these quiet shores and make Lake Como one of the best places to visit in Italy in August. 


Enjoy the festival of wine in Sondrio

A short drive from Lake Como, the old town of Sondrio, around Castel Masegra, becomes the picture-perfect setting for a celebration of wine. Warm light is cast down onto the streets, as people dress up to enjoy the music, market stalls, and various tastings of the Valtellina varieties that are on offer. This is a great way to learn more about the region, not only from those who cultivate it, but also those who live in it, and those who return time and again to satiate their love for it. 

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Where to stay

Villa Felicita is a grand, colourful villa that epitomises the lavishness of these shores. The blooming, flourishing garden floods the house with piquant aromas. The mountains seem to peer over the surrounding treetops to admire the pink façade of this beautiful villa. 

Villa Omnia

Villa Omnia

Music on the lake: Como City of Music Festival 

Throughout the month of July through to the middle of August, Como comes to life with a variety of musical and artistic performances. Spruce up and jiggle to some jazz in the sprawling gardens of Villa Olmo Park, or let percussionists from around the world come to you with their beats. Every Friday from July to August, Villa Carlotta opens its doors for audiences to be mesmerised by concerts of classical music. Lake Como is one of the best places to visit in Italy in August for those who love all types of music.


Where to stay

Villa Cesarea, teetering on the water's edge, appears to be floating on the lake's flat surface. This palatial villa will lavish you from all angles, without losing that sense of homeliness; that feeling of ease that makes the best holiday homes so special. Spend the day in the pool lapping up the views of the mountains, or cool down and read beneath the ornate vaulted ceiling in the living space.

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With Le Collectionist, you can visit Italy from one of our luxury villa rentals in Italy. As one of our favourite luxury holiday destinations, we've made sure we have some of the best homes for the perfect luxury holiday in Italy

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