Luxury Holidays in Italy: Sicily Guide

Less than three hours from Paris by plane, create unforgettable memories during your luxury holiday in Sicily. Follow our guide!
Luxury Holidays in Italy: Sicily Guide
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Sicily is an island between sea and mountains, with an exceptional environment, both for its unique cultural heritage and for the richness of its flora and fauna. The diversity of its landscapes and the friendliness of its inhabitants make Sicily the ideal destination to get away from it all.

Less than three hours from Paris by plane, come and create unforgettable memories during your stay in Sicily, for your luxury holiday on the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Follow our luxury travel guide from day to day. Benvenuto!


Massimo Theatre & Botanical Garden

The capital of Sicily, a veritable open-air museum, has a priceless cultural heritage. Make the most of the monuments and shows to discover the city's cultural wealth, particularly in the historic centre and the old town. The Massimo Theatre is the most important in Italy with its 1600 seats. The city's Botanical Garden is a haven of peace where lush nature rubs shoulders with buildings of neo-classical architecture.

The Norman Palace

The Palazzo dei Normanni is a must if you are passing through Palermo. Set in Independence Square, this monument is an imposing architectural gem. Its interior decoration is majestic and highlights all the know-how of the different civilisations that have succeeded one another and the power of history. Don't forget to visit the Palatine Chapel in the heart of the palace during your visit to Palermo.


The Neapolis Archaeological Park

Continue your journey through history with the ancient city of Syracuse, famous for its remains such as the Roman amphitheatre located in the Neapolis Archaeological Park. In the historic centre, the freshwater fountain of Arethusa intrigues. Its history is one of the best known on the island. It is said to have originated from the nymph of the same name who was transformed into a fountain by Artemis, fleeing from the advances of the god Alpheus.

The market of Ortigia

Back in time at the Ortigia market in Syracuse. Music and the shouts of the merchants mingle to attract visitors. There are many specialities on the stalls: fish, spices, fruit and vegetables... Smell these delicious smells and let yourself be tempted by the local gastronomy full of flavours.



The city centre and Corso Umberto

The town of Taormina is full of charm and colourful with its typical buildings and ubiquitous flowers. Don't be surprised, ceramic vases in the shape of a Moorish face are numerous on the balconies. Take a stroll through the city centre and along Corso Umberto. They embody the personality of the city and its traditions. The city is nicknamed the "Sicilian Saint Tropez" thanks to its landscapes between sea and mountains, its colours and its joie de vivre.


Behind the city rises Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe. Climb to the top of the fire mountain by the paths and enjoy the view of the city and the sea. Or climb to the top and fly over the various craters of this UNESCO World Heritage site by helicopter. This is an original way to admire the fabulous lunar landscapes of the region during your visit to Taormina.



The beach of Cefalù

Worthy of a postcard, the town of Cefalù is a very popular seaside resort in Sicily. Its beach is often stormed, especially in summer. Come early in the morning to avoid the crowds and enjoy the idyllic scenery, tread the fine sand and feel the invigorating waves gliding beneath your feet. The sea faces the city's imposing medieval buildings.

The Castle of Cefalù

In another vein, explore the city's castle. It has to be earned. You have to climb up the ramparts to reach the ruins that overlook the city at more than 270m above sea level. It is also a very touristy site, so make sure you visit in the morning to avoid getting caught up in the crowds of visiting tourists.



Villa Belliska

Villa Belliska embodies all the beauty of this island, both wild and sophisticated. In the heart of the Sicilian countryside, the ultra-modern villa contrasts with the surrounding nature, an original refuge for your luxury holiday in Sicily.


Villa Aranciata

Villa Aranciata is also an invitation to relax with its omnipresent nature. After a day of cultural exploration in the heart of Sicily, you can enjoy absolute peace and quiet in this 120-hectare organic orange grove. This villa is an exotic paradise, where Moorish inspiration and 50s furniture are combined.


Sicily is one of the best luxury holiday destinations for trips with family, friends or couples. Full of history and tradition, this island is a real change of scenery with its lush vegetation, crystal-clear waters and picturesque cities. Whether you are a fervent advocate of relaxation or a seasoned historian, a trip to Sicily will surprise you.

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