Our itinerary for your dreamy Amalfi Coast visit in Italy

Using this itinerary as a guide, you can stretch out your Amalfi Coast visit in Italy for as long as possible, unearthing the region's multifarious joys.
Our itinerary for your dreamy Amalfi Coast visit in Italy
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One can live a lifetime on the Amalfi Coast and still feel there is more to be discovered between the folds of the coastal cliffs and hidden in the shadows of the lemon trees. This is one of the most idyllic destinations in Italy, and any itinerary should be dragged out for as long as possible. Using this 4-day itinerary for your Amalfi Coast visit in Italy as a loose guide, you can begin to understand the astonishing depth of beauty, culture, flavour, and activity on this short stretch of coastline. However, going at your own pace and spending more time in each destination will allow you to ease into life on the Amalfi Coast.


The best places to visit in Amalfi Coast, Italy

  • Capri and the Blue Grotto
  • Positano
  • Sentiero Degli Dei
  • Duomo di Amalfi
  • Villa Rufolo 

Day one of your Amalfi Coast visit in Italy

Punta Campanella, where the Sorrentine Peninsula reaches out towards the glistening Tyrrhenian Sea, is a natural park crisscrossed with stunning hiking trails and coastal paths. This is the starting point for your Amalfi Coast visit in Italy.

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Take a boat tour to the Island of Capri and the Blue Grotto

Head to Sorrento, from where you can arrange with your dedicated Le Collectionist holiday tailor for a boat to skim you across the sea to the Island of Capri. Here, a wealth of treasures awaits you. On the northern side of the island lies an ethereal, almost supernatural delight: the Grotta Azzurra, or Blue Grotto. This coastal cave allows natural light to seep into it from an underwater tunnel; the result is an impossibly blue glow that illuminates the cavern, the light iridescent with the ripples of the sea. Plunge into the cave with your snorkel and goggles to lose yourself in this magical underwater world. 

If you want more time on the island, you can turn your day trip into an overnight trip by staying in Villa Salvatore. This will give you time to discover the roman ruins at Villa Jovis or lap up the views from Monte Solaro. Or to unwind in the evening after your day trip, speak to your dedicated holiday tailor to arrange a tasting of limoncello in Ana's Sorrento garden, where you can learn about the famed liqueur.


Where to stay

Make your way back to Villa Sole, which sits high on the coastal cliffs near Colli di Fontanelle. In the early morning, saunter out for a gentle dip in the infinity pool, as you watch the specks of the early fishing boats returning with their morning haul. If you have the time, stay here for longer than one night to relax fully and enjoy the splendorous views from the spacious outdoor area. Or, stay here to explore more of the network of paths on Punta Campanella. 

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Day two of your Amalfi Coast visit in Italy

From Villa Sole, follow the winding road to the magical town of Positano. En route, stop at the various viewpoints or even for a dip at one of the amazing beaches that sit centre-stage beneath these stunning amphitheatres of craggy mountains, such as Spiaggia di Tordigliano. 

Spend a night or two in the town of Positano

Positano is shawled across the hills of the Amalfi Coast in a patchwork of bright colours; the town flows freely like water with the contours of the landscape. There are few places as visually lavishing as Positano on your luxury Italy holidays. It’s difficult to find a bad restaurant in Positano, but head to Da Vincenzo for some exquisite Mediterranean and Italian dishes. Spend the day swimming in the crystalline waters and reclining on the beach beneath one of the colourful parasols, which seem to mimic the buildings of the town in colour and in number. 

Where to stay

Overlooking one of the town's characteristic black beaches, clinging to the hillside, you will find Villa Neptune. Come here in the evening for a feast on the terrace, as the town below begins to glow with the warm light of streetlights and candlelit dinners on the terraces. This luxuriating villa feels more like a celestial observation point than a holiday home; detached and distant from the hum of human life below. The high-vaulted ceilings keep the house cool during the summer swelter, and the leafy terraces were designed for daydreaming and dozing on with your holiday read never far away.

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Day three of your Amalfi Coast visit in Italy

After a restful stay in Positano, where indulgence was only natural, today is a day of action; time to ascend those beautiful hills that tower over the crystalline sea. 

Walk the 'Path of the Gods'

Further along the tortuous road, slightly aback from the sea, you will find Nocelle, where the said 'Path of the Gods', or Sentiero degli Dei, begins. Follow it up and along the ridges, keeping the precipitous edge at a safe distance. The views from this path are ineffable; an overwhelming sense of awe is only natural, hence its epithet as the Path of the Gods. The walk is only around 9km, but, to maximise the enjoyment of being surrounded by such untainted natural beauty, take your time. 

Where to stay

Villa Faraglio peers out over the matt surface of the sea; cobalt blue stretching to the horizon, the occasional shard of a white sail breaking its flatness. This villas is a lively coming together of styles, colours, and textures. At the end of a long day of soaking up the region's inimitable natural beauty on your walk, rest weary limbs in the weightlessness of the jacuzzi or swimming pool.

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Day four of your Amalfi Coast visit in Italy

On your way to Ravello, stop in at Amalfi to marvel at the mighty Duomo di Amalfi, or the Cathedral of St Andrew, which has been subject to numerous renovations since the 9th century. Its vast 11th-century bronze doors are something to behold; over time, their colour has faded into a deep emerald tinged with turquoise.

Visit the historic Villa Rufolo

Once you get to Ravello, make your way to the centre of the town to meander around the lush gardens of Villa Rufolo, from where the sweeping sea views are simply breathtaking. This is one of the most picturesque settings along the coast, as manicured gardens bursting with life give way sharply to vertiginous drops and the bougainvillea clings to buildings as if for dear life. In October, this vista serves as the backdrop for the Ravello Festival - a music festival with performances from talented artists. 


Having wandered around the town, it's time for a culinary masterclass. Through your holiday tailor, you can organise a cooking lesson with Mamma Agata - a local chef who instils upon all her tutees a love of Italian and Meditteranean cuisine. This is a great way to round off an unforgettable trip in one of our favourite luxury holiday destinations

Where to stay 

Villa Ascagne's plush embrace will lull you into a blissful daze at the end of your holiday. It offers a final taste of everything that is wonderful about the Amalfi Coast: views over the blue sea; endless terraces from where to witness the sun's quotidian march; an outdoor bar to sip on icy limoncello. The villas also flaunts a sauna and a steam room.

To begin your trip, contact us or browse our collection of luxury villa rentals in Italy.  

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