A bucket-list destination: The most unique things to do in Sicily

Clamber into the culture, gorge on the gastronomy, and do the most daring things. Tick off your bucket list with these unique things to do in Sicily.
A bucket-list destination: The most unique things to do in Sicily
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On this, the largest of the Mediterranean's magical islands, life is slow, at least on the surface. The stasis of summer days is one of bliss. But for those who are willing, the relaxedness of Sicilian summers can be punctuated by thrilling adventures. Given the island's history, unique and majestic terrain, mouthwatering cuisine, and more, there is no shortage of things to do. When you are not walking around gawping in admiration at the wondrous architecture and rich historical sites, you can undertake some of the most unique and, sometimes, exhilarating experiences. Or, simply recline into some of the island's beautiful beaches. 

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With Le Collectionist, you are free to discover the most unique things to do in Sicily - the beautiful island that teeters on the toe of Italy's boot. Luxury Sicily holidays offer endless adventures and discoveries; unforgettable memories to be made with your nearest and dearest.

Best things to do in Sicily, Italy: Our unique bucket list 

  • Ski the slopes of Mount Etna
  • Day trips aboard a sailboat
  • Follow in the footsteps of The Godfather
  • Ride the Mount Etna wine train
  • Discover the gastronomy of Sicily 

What to see in Sicily, Italy:

  • Tour the UNESCO World Heritage SIte at Agrigento 
  • Perch on the beaches of Zingaro Nature Reserve
  • Take the cablecar to Taormina
  • Discover the baroque towns 
  • Visit the Aoelian Islands or the Bay of Taormina

Day trips aboard a sailboat: From the Aeolian Islands to Taormina

The first stop of any sailing trip to Sicily is the waters of the Aeolian Islands. With our Sicilian seafarer, you can board his splendid sailboat and skim across the sea to soak up the amazing views. The volcanic archipelago, consisting of seven major islands, juts out of the cobalt blue sea with a steeliness that only history can forge. The views from the sea are spectacular, as the sheer cliffs conceal secret coves and plunge beyond the surface of the Tyrrhenian Sea.


Another great day out by sea is to the Bay of Taormina, where quaint villages perch on the cascading hillsides. Or sail the shimmering surface of the Ionian Sea around Syracuse before disembarking for a delectable meal on the island of Ortigia. Be sure to take your mask and snorkel with you to plunge into the protected waters of Plemmirio.

The most unique walking tours in Sicily


One of our most unique experiences on the fantastical island of Sicily is a tour that follows the footsteps of one of cinema's most revered, and feared, families: the Corleone family in The Godfather. Arrange with your dedicated holiday tailor to follow our guide through the hallowed streets of Corleone, marvelling at the movie's filming locations. Saunter the hilly streets of Savoca - a pretty town that served as the backdrop to some of the most iconic scenes in The Godfather.

Take the cable car, a capsule of sweeping vistas, up to the historic centre of Taormina, which is home to an ancient Greco-Roman theatre. Sicily's baroque towns are otherworldly, and the best way to experience them is with a walking tour. The largest and most famous of Sicily's UNESCO-listed towns is Catania, which boasts a depth of beautiful baroque architecture. Looming large over the city, often shrouded in a delicate haze, is Mount Etna. It is easy to lose track of time on these excellent walking tours.

Discover the gastronomy of Sicily with street food and cooking classes

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Palermo, the home of the cannoli, is a destination where fine foods see and raise the magnificent architecture. But these are not the fine foods that you will find exclusively in sophisticated restaurants; they are not the reserve of the wealthy and the well-to-do. Palermo, and Sicily in general, hold dear a number of delicious dishes that can easily be enjoyed whilst meandering the ancient streets of the city. Markets and streetfood stalls abound. Pluck at a pani câ meusa - soft bread rolls filled with sauteed meat - or appreciate the ambrosial flavours of arancini.

What's better than the fleeting delight of devouring these flavours is to take them home with you. All across the island, there are some brilliant places to learn the ways of Sicilian cuisine. A cooking class will furnish you with some recipes that you can carry with you; surprises for loved ones on your return that will outshine any purchasable souvenirs. Speak to your holiday tailor to arrange for these lessons to be hosted in the comfort of your own home.

Find secret and sandy beaches in Sicily, Italy

Make a day of exploring the hidden coves, beaches, grottoes, and rocky inlets of Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve. The coast path drifts through the rocks and maquis, offering views of the turquoise sea below. The beaches are often quiet, as holidaymakers are deterred by having to traverse the trail. Cala Capreria is nestled against a green-crested wall of red and grey stone. The beach is a ball-pit of soft-edged pebbles that hugs the crystalline waters.

Along the trails, you will stumble across an array of historical sites, which, if the beaches don't already do it for you, will make the trip wholly worthwhile. 10,000-year-old artefacts and remains were found in the cavernous Grotta dell'Uzzo. Another tropical paradise can be found on the island's east coast: Spiaggia naturista di Marianelli is a veritable paradise, with fine sand that slips beneath its azure, rippling blanket. 

See the amazing historical sites of Sicily

Sicily is littered with relics and ruins from bygone eras; vast preservations of the past that can only fill one with awe. The rich history and culture of this Italian region give it a sophisticated allure to holidaymakers beyond the simple pleasures of its natural beauty and cuisine. Among some of the best impressive pockets of antiquity are the UNESCO-listed sites at Agrigento. Some of the best-preserved buildings of ancient Greece are found at the Valley of the Temples.

The Palermo Cathedral is another mighty display of architecture on the island. The cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that presides over the heart of the Sicilian capital, Palermo. One of the older and more fascinating sites is Necropolis of Pantalica, which is a series of cemeteries that have been carved into limestone walls. The cemeteries, which are said to consist of up to 5,000 tombs, date back to between the 13th to the 7th centuries BC. 

See mount Etna in thrilling new ways


Mount Etna is Europe's tallest active volcano outside the Caucasus. This lofty peak on Sicily's north-eastern side is excellent to explore by foot. But why not opt for something a little more unique? Let yourself be ferried to and from some excellent wineries that lie at the foot of Mount Etna. This is one of the most unique things to do in Sicily and an experience that will leave you with a deep admiration for the Sicilian way of life. With your guide, you will learn about the wines and grapes of the region in this breathtakingly beautiful setting.

However, one of our favourite ways of traversing the slopes of Etna is on skis. Arrange for a private guide to take you down the snowy flanks of the volcano for a freeride lesson like no other. Simply speak to your holiday tailor to make this seemingly fictional activity a reality on your luxury Italy holidays

With Le Collectionist, we offer a range of unique activities that can easily be organised for your trips to our luxury holiday destinations. Simply get in touch and we will help to bring your holiday dreams to life. 

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