Villa Omnia: the story behind one of the most beautiful homes in Cap Ferret

Discover Villa Omnia, a luxury home in wood typical of Cap Ferret, and meet David and Béatrice, owners of this bucolic cabin in the middle of nature.
Villa Omnia: the story behind one of the most beautiful homes in Cap Ferret
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Discover the story behind Villa Omnia, a typical wooden home perfect for your next luxury holidays in Cap Ferret.

David Blanc was just a young man when he was first invited to Cap Ferret by a friend. His first memory of awe at the wild beauty of Cap Ferret is sitting at the brink of dawn facing the calm waters of the Arcachon Bay. He decided then and there that one day, he would have his own house in the area.

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David and Beatrice Blanc describe their coupling as a unique "marriage of wine and finance." With David having worked his whole life in finance and Beatrice coming from one of the oldest Bordeaux wine families in France, it was a beautiful blend. Each partner's vision complemented the other, lending itself to a harmonious home.

Despite their differences, the couple shares a love for the special hideaway that is Cap Ferret. Although they currently reside in the United Kingdom, they've always considered Cap Ferret to be like a second home. To them, the area's beauty lies in its rugged, pastural nature carefully preserved by those who call Cap Ferret home. To illustrate this, the couple shared a fun tidbit that the first road to this peninsula was only built in the 1950s, and that to this day, there is still not a single traffic light in the city.


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Beatrice's family has long standing ties with the region. They own a beautiful 10th century prairie house, that legend would have it used to be owned by kings. It has even housed the famous Charlemagne! A true Cap Ferret native, her love for the area might as well be part of her genetic makeup. But after meeting David, the couple wanted a house of their own to write their own history in Cap Ferret.

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Villa Omnia is a brand new house that was finished in the end of 2018. The exterior is astonishing, with rich red bricks from Arcachon nodding to the 18th century history of the bay's classical homes. The rest of the home is mostly in pine wood, like a typical Cap Ferret cabana.


The Blancs spent a long time deciding where they wanted to build Villa Omnia before finding the perfect location: a quiet and secret corner hidden in Cap Ferret's pine forest, just steps away from the ocean beaches and the bay. In only 600 metres on foot, you can dip your toes in the sand!

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When speaking about Villa Omnia, David Blanc fondly says "the house looks like it could be in London!" While they were both born and raised in France, the couple made a second home of the United Kingdom. And its this London home to which Villa Omnia pays homage. With a mix of sleek and contemporary materials and finishes, the colourful hues suggest a mix of delicate and rich tones that are almost royal.

Beatrice describes the house as a collaboration between her and Joanne de Lepinay, their dear friend and interior designer. Beatrice speaks fondly of her great help and contributions towards the design they envisioned.

If you had left it to me, I would've never decided. So with that, I let Joanne choose each room's colour and trusted her completely.

- Beatrice Blanc



The couple's favourite room is the triple reception room, a stunning space that opens onto the library and dining room. With a breathtaking black marble and bronze fireplace from 1815 at the centre, it exudes a convivial atmosphere perfect for Cap Ferret holidays together with family and friends.

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Omnia means epicentre. I knew that it was the perfect name: Villa Omnia is a dream, and it represents everything to us.

- David Blanc

Villa Omnia has no sea view, and it is nowhere near the centre of town or a Cap Ferret beach, but that's exactly what the Blancs wanted: to be sheltered from the world's hustle and bustle in the heart of a quiet forest. That said, Villa Omnia isn't abandoned once the last glimpse of summer is gone; the couple and their children come back throughout the year to enjoy winter in Cap Ferret.



Every Friday, David would commute from his office in the centre of London to Villa Omnia by aeroplane. After only 3 hours door-to-door, David immediately heads up to the 3rd floor terrace of Villa Omnia for a bit of magic. His favourite memory, he describes it as his "wow" moment in the house.

I cannot see the sea, but I can hear it and I can smell it from the top of the pine trees. 

- David Blanc

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Cabane de Marie in Cap Ferret

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How can I rent Villa Omnia in Cap Ferret?

There's nothing easier than renting Villa Omnia, one of the most beautiful homes in Cap Ferret! Simply visit the Le Collectionist website and book this luxury home in Cap Ferret for the dates you would like.

Our team of experts will be happy to contact you regarding your next holiday in Cap Ferret. From there, you'll just have to sit back and enjoy yourself while our luxury concierge service takes care of everything!

What is there to do around Villa Omnia?

The perfect family home in Cap Ferret, Villa Omnia is ideally located between the lush pine forests and the Lège Cap Ferret village centre. Once you have settled into this luxurious architect-designed villa, you'll have a myriad of activities to choose from.

To get around the area, travel in total Cap Ferret style: hop in a Jeep or ride your bike!

  • Take a boat trip around the Arcachon Bay and lay your towels down on the Banc d'Arguin
  • Climb to the top of the Dune du Pilat and admire the view of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Explore the village of Lège Cap Ferret, perusing its market, shops and restaurants
  • Try your hand at surfing on the ocean beaches
  • Savour some oysters in a charming fisherman's hut in the village of Le Canon 

For even more things to do in Cap Ferret, trust our luxury concierge service.

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