Interview: Creating the perfect Cap Ferret house

Villa Omnia is the result of a marriage between two people who fell in love with Cap Ferret. Discover the magic and how David & Beatrice Blanc made their dream come true through the magnificent house that is Villa Omnia.
Interview: Creating the perfect Cap Ferret house
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David Blanc was a young man when he was invited to Cap Ferret by a friend. Sitting at the brink of dawn facing the calm waters of the Arcachon Bay, was his first memory of awe at the beauty of Cap Ferret. He decided then that one day, he would have his own house in the area.





David & Beatrice Blanc describe their coupling as a unique 'marriage of wine and finance'. With David having worked all his life in finance, and Beatrice coming from one of the oldest Bordeaux wine families in France, it was a beautiful blend.

What they shared though, was a love for the region, and especially for the special hideaway that is Cap Ferret. Although they currently reside in the United Kingdom, Cap Ferret has always been home to them as well. The couple shared a fun tidbit that the first road to Cap Ferret was built in the 1950s. And up to today there is still not a single traffic light in the city. It has retained its rugged, pastural nature thanks to the residents and people who have made Cap Ferret their home.


Beatrice's family has one of the oldest, if not the oldest house that is still inhabited, in Cap Ferret. It's a beautiful 10th century prairie house, that used to be owned by kings. It has even housed the famous Charlemagne. Given this, Beatrice's family has long standing ties with the region. So her history and enamour with Cap Ferret is clear. But the couple wanted a house of their own, to make Cap Ferret theirs, in their own way.





Villa Omnia is a completely brand new house that was finished in the end of 2018. The exterior is astonishing, with rich red bricks that come from Arcachon. It is meant to give reference to the 18th century history of the bay's classical houses. The rest of the house is mostly in Pine wood, like a typical Cap Ferret cabana.


The Blancs spent a long time deciding where they wanted to build a house in Cap Ferret, and they found the perfect space in the land where Villa Omnia stands today. It is in a protected area of Cap Ferret, and is as close as possible to the beach; only 600 metres on foot til you can dip your toes in the sand. They wanted it to be very private, quiet, and close to the Atlantic Ocean but also to the bay.


When speaking about the house, David Blanc fondly says "the house looks like it could be in London!" and we couldn't agree more. While they were both born and raised in France, the home hints to the couple's second home: the United Kingdom. With a mix of sleek and contemporary materials and finishes, the colour hues suggest a mix of delicate and rich tones that are almost royal.

Beatrice describes the house as a collaboration between her and their dear friend who is an interior designer: Joanne de Lepinay. Beatrice fondly speaks of her and her great help to the culmination of the design they envisioned.

If you had left it to me, I would never decide. So with that, I let Joanne choose the colours of each room and I trusted her completely.

- Beatrice Blanc



Villa Omnia was built for sharing, and almost like a retreat hidden in the forest

- David Blanc

The couple's favourite room in the house is the triple reception room. It is a stunning space that opens to the library as well as the dining room. With a breathtaking black marble and bronze fireplace from the year 1815 at the centre, it exudes the house's atmosphere of experiencing their Cap Ferret holidays together with family and friends.


villa omnia cap ferret terrasse


Omnia means epicentre. I knew then that it was perfect: Villa Omnia was a dream, and it was everything.

- David Blanc

Villa Omnia has no sea view, and it is definitely not located in the centre or right by a Cap Ferret beach, but that's what the Blancs wanted; to be in the forest and in the quiet, away from the hustle and bustle.

Villa Omnia is a house in Cap Ferret that isn't abandoned once the last glimpse of summer is gone; it is a house that the couple and their children actually live in.




Every Friday, David would commute from his office in the centre of London, to Villa Omnia. The ease of the commute is unparalleled, only taking 3 hours door-to-door.

A magic moment that he describes is that of the feeling when he is standing on the 3rd floor terrace of Villa Omnia, after just arriving from London. He describes it as his 'wow' moment in the house.

He fondly tells us "sometimes I see the moon, sometimes the sun, or just the sky. I love to listen to the song of the Atlantic Ocean, and have a huge smile on my face, as I say 'thank you".

I cannot see the sea, but I can hear it and I can smell it from the top of the pine trees. 

- David Blanc



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