How Birgit created Villa de la Palme

Perched in the heights of Saint-Tropez, the very confidential Villa de la Palme and its mid-century charm caught Birgit 's attention.
How Birgit created Villa de la Palme

Perched in the heights of Saint-Tropez, the very confidential Villa de la Palme dominates the turquoise sea, mountains, and yachts anchored below. This exceptional property facing the Mediterranean captivated Birgit, an avid fan of the South of France. After a few hiccups and roadblocks, her perseverance allowed her to drop her bags at this home and, with the help of her influential trio of friends, she created a cosy, feminine, and elegant refuge perfectly in her image: that of a talented and determined woman.



Originally from Belgium, Birgit settled in Switzerland to take on a demanding post within a large company. During her well-deserved holidays, she fell in love with the gentle way of life on the French Riviera, finding herself perfectly at home. Seeking the perfect riviera property, she and her husband discovered Villa de la Palme and were immediately smitten, seduced by the mediterranean garden, the 180 degree view, and the Belle Epoque architecture.

Over the years, Birgit never lost sight of this stunning location with a breathtaking panoramic view over Saint-Tropez. Their bond was so deep that despite several false starts, the couple held steadily onto their dream of owning this family home until it finally became reality.


Family and friends are at the heart of Birgit’s very busy life, and when she finally gets a moment to herself, she always wants to be close to the inspiring people she loves. It’s this spirit of communion that Villa de la Palme incarnates. Birgit’s sister, an architect renowned in Belgium, and her best friend, also an architect, were actively involved in the spectacular building’s renovation, always under the lady of the house’s instruction so that the decoration reflect her own style.


As a proven cheerleader of the strong women who surround her, she trusted the unimpeachable taste of the Bernadette designers, especially when choosing the vibrant colours that enliven the villa. This retro and colourful ambiance is particularly reflected in the graphic pieces and artwork that dress the living spaces. Selected as much for their aestheticism as originality, these largely Belgian paintings were chosen by the heart. Her little collection, built up spontaneously with the help of family and friends, are a pure reflection of the decoration’s intimate characteristic.

Villa de la Palme’s unique atmosphere is the fruit of a feminine collaboration, which highlights Birgit’s brilliant personality and places her home under the sign of sisterhood.



With the help of three muses, Birgit and her husband transformed Villa de la Palme into a true gem of architecture and design. The owner did not want her recent renovations to seep their reality into the home, and despite the COVID crisis, she chose lively decorations where flowery vintage armoires, an Eero Saarinen tulip table, a lounge chair by the Eames brothers, and the brass chandelier from Italy flourish in harmony.



Here, the rooms were renovated with respect to the villa’s mid-century spirit, with bold colours and combinations of materials where wood, glass, plastic, vinyl, and metal meet.


As if plunged in the festive 1950s-era Saint-Tropez, Villa de la Palme, with its mismatched furniture and bohemian style, evokes the French Riviera’s gentle lifestyle: the fabrics are decorated with geometric symbols, wrought iron and rattan reign supreme, and vivid colourful touches cohabit with the immaculate white in total harmony.

Within these walls, you can almost imagine meeting Brigitte Bardot, spending the summer on the Canoubiers beach, or running into Alain Delon and Romy Schneider seated at Sénéquier, a quaint café on the Tropezian port.



Like a call for lazy summer days pictured in the Jacques Deray film, Villa de la Palme’s gracefully curved swimming pool seems to melt into the Mediterranean’s crystalline waters. The home’s exterior was completely redesigned to immerse guests in the holiday atmosphere, where fresh grass tickles your feet and you can hear the waves lapping over the cicadas’ song.

Behind its classic Mediterranean garden airs — complete with acacias, agaves, and rockroses — Birgit’s garden hides several nooks and crannies for reading out in the open air, tanning poolside, or playing under the olive trees. Get your hair wet and lounge in the shade of a lemon tree in a home full of southern charm.



Birgit shares with us a fond memory of a girls’ weekend at the villa including three generations: her and her sisters, their daughters, and their granddaughters. That night, after supper, laughter and music flooded the garden while they danced until the night’s end, their moment of shared happiness suspended in time as if by magic.



It's these little instances of love and joy that make Villa de la Palme so precious to Birgit. Her favourite spot? The outdoor kitchen, setting for so many of these shared moments, is particularly dear to her. She enjoys spending evenings there admiring the staggering view of the Tropezian coast.


Pearl of the Côte d’Azur, Villa de la Palme is a testament to Birgit’s vitality and creativity, carried by the talented women who accompany her. Her mid-century design, the panoramic view of the Saint-Tropez bay, and its atmosphere that is at once chic and relaxed plunge you into this port's soul of celebration, fantasy, and carefree living. Much more than a simple holiday destination, Villa de la Palme is a true haven where everyone feels at home and the French Riviera’s je ne sais quoi remains intact.

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