Everlasting Cap Ferret summers at Villa Dune

The talented interior decorator Frédérique Fournier tells us the story of Villa Dune in Cap Ferret, her slice of paradise with a bohemian and refined spirit.
Everlasting Cap Ferret summers at Villa Dune
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Cap Ferret is an intimate destination where refinement and the most popular addresses are passed down from generation to generation; a natural pearl nestled between the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the waters of the Archachon Bay. This little corner of paradise cultivates a bohemian and sophisticated spirit truly off the beaten path, permeating with a unique elegance.

“Cap Ferret cultivates a bohemian and sophisticated spirit truly off the beaten bath, permeating with a unique elegance."

After having spent all the summers of her youth in Cap Ferret, on her grandparents' land, to the quiet rhythm of the tides, playing tennis and running in the fresh-cut grass with her cousins, Frédérique Fournier, as an interior designer, wanted to pass on this spirit to her two children and personify it within Villa Dune. She tells us the story of this place that made a mark in her life and continues to allow her dream under the shade of the pines.



Having arrived in 1960 in Cap Ferret, which was still only a charming little fishing village where everyone knew each other, Frédérique's grandparents became homeowners. They eventually passed on a piece of this precious place to their son, who in turn bestowed it upon his children.



For Frédérique, it was obvious that she had to pay tribute to her family heritage and to all the good times spent on the tip of the Presqu'île. With her siblings, she was dedicated to preserving their exceptional heritage and enhancing it with a very refined interior, which carries the aura of sunny days, friends, board games and lemonade. 

As a talented interior designer from Bordeaux, Frédérique studied in Paris. Deeply rooted in the world of wine, thanks to the family estate, Château Canon, she knows the importance of awakening the five senses in her creations. With light floral scents, soft fabrics and sparkling visuals, she makes everything in her creations an experience.



As she is particularly well-known for her art of harmonising interiors with the original architecture of a home, she notably took part in the renovation of La Grande Maison for Joël Robuchon. Being someone undeniably passionate about her profession, she knew how to etch her touch of modern freedom in the houses entrusted to her.

For generations, Villa Dune has been a peaceful haven, a refuge imbued with simplicity."

Nestled in a cocoon of comfort and warmth, Villa Dune looks much like the typical cabins of Cap Ferret, with their posts and wooden cladding. Its Douglas fir facade and gray-aged pine blend perfectly into the surrounding centuries-old forests.

The numerous terraces and passageways open the interior to the exterior, bathing the rooms in soft light with an iodised breeze coming from the Basin allowing it to be in total harmony with the grandiose panorama of the Presqu'Île. The large bay windows call you to explore, offer a breathtaking view of the pinasses (fishing boats typical of the region) sailing to the rhythm of the tides.




Under the radiant sun, laurels and hydrangeas mingle in multiple shades of white that create an expansive, refined and well-kept garden all around the three floors of the house. A few private steps through the greenery leads you to a wooden-slatted terrace that invites you to swim in the crystal clear water that borders the Dune du Pilat. For generations, Villa Dune has been a peaceful haven, a refuge imbued with simplicity and elegance accompanied by the water and the laughter of children.  

With the Arcachon Bay just at the foot of the house, I have a real life-sized swimming pool just for me!"

Unlike her professional projects, where she soaks up the imagination of her clients, Frédérique has chosen to decorate her family home for herself and in her likeness. She's very proud of the modern furniture, bursting with personality, that inhabits Villa Dune. She wanted to infuse the atmosphere of the utter freedom and carefreeness of her childhood.

Furniture such as Charles Ghost stools by Philippe Stark, glass vases, a Venetian style mirror, nautical pennants and a giant mikado bring a dynamic and chic touch to the home. The bathrooms are all in slate and marble, the vibrantly coloured rooms, straw hats, and ethnic fabrics found all over, make it the perfect setting to immersing yourself in this joyful atmosphere that invites you to let go. 



This zealous modernity is balanced by a few second-hand finds: a pair of old rattan armchairs, basketry elements and natural materials. The refined and avant-garde refuge fashioned by Frédérique resembles her; made up of multiple little treasures that she fell in love with during her professional adventures. A haven of serenity and rest but never of dullness, Villa Dune is the fortress she dreamed of for her family.

In the morning, it's time for a walk on the beach facing the Dune du Pilat"

According to our hostess, the perfect day at Villa Dune begins the night before, as she falls asleep with the windows wide open during the cool nights and listens to the lapping of the waters of the Arcachon Bay. In the morning, the sun seeps into the room and the birds sing, and it's time for a walk on the beach facing the Dune du Pilat.

Frédérique tells us that she adores having lunch on the terrace among all the white flowers in the garden, where her laurels and hydrangeas bloom. Then, she goes to the market to find the best specialties and produce at Cocotte and Lucine for the meals to come. 



In the afternoon, under a light wind that blows perfectly to keep you from getting too hot, it's time to embark on a boat trip, a flagship activity for all 'Ferretcapiens'. Once on board, we leave to discover the oyster beds, go paddle boarding, and swim with friends in the Banc d'Arguin nature reserve. Then, spread out a colourful towel on La Vigne beach to work on your tan and have an ice cream in the little port. For Frédérique and her family, evenings in this slice of paradise always end at home with laughter around a delicious meal under the pines and the soft comforting light of the lanterns. 

When Frédérique discovered Cap Ferret as a little girl, all the families down to the small port were friends. The gardens were not fenced, the children went from one house to another, tennis tournaments between neighbours punctuated afternoons and games of hide-and-seek ended at sunset… At Villa Dune, guardian of an intimate and authentic Cap Ferret, those sweet summers never ended

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Frédérique Fournier's favorite addresses 

  • A delicious seafood platter at Chez Hortense

  • Le Sail Fish, to party with the family until the end of the night 

  • At the market, fresh fruit and vegetables from Cocotte and fresh fish from Lucine

  • A good meal with marine flavours Chez Couleur Ferret

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