The most beautiful log homes and interiors

These beautiful log homes are perfect for meeting with family or friends in a warm and convivial atmosphere. Discover the most beautiful wooden houses in the world, curated by Le Collectionist.
The most beautiful log homes and interiors
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Are you looking for a warm and conviviality atmosphere? Do not hesitate to look at beautiful log houses and their stunning interiors`: chalets, beach huts, typical seaside villas ... They are undoubtedly among the most beautiful houses in our catalog.

In France or beyond the borders, discover the most beautiful homes in the world. 


Villa Clémentine, Cap Ferret

Villa Clémentine is a modern architectural gem, hidden in the heart of the pine forest. The pines create graphic shadows on the facade, giving it a look that is both contemporary and typical of Ferret. Inside, the clean white walls are warmed by touches of wood, from the parquet floors to the exposed beams on the ceilings. You can enjoy the calm of nature and the shade of the trees, during long afternoons by the heated swimming pool. 

The essentials: Heated swimming pool, wooded garden 
Total capacity: 10 persons

Villa Clementine

Cabanes des Dunes, Cap Ferret

Cabanes des Dunes is the equivalent of a happy pill. With yellow, turquoise, purple, and red everywhere, the vibrant colours of these little wooden homes immediately put you in the holiday mood. When the weather is good, it takes on the appearance of an enchanted oyster village. While the exterior is stunning in itself, the interior isn't any less special with its wooden walls that are textured in some places, and coloured in others. If you are looking for a fun place to stay during your family holiday, this is most likely the perfect choice for you. 

The essentials: Beach within walking distance, outhouse
Total capacity: 8 persons

Villa Clementine

Villa Bérénice, Hossegor

This Californian-style house designed by an architect is the ideal spot for surf and water sports enthusiasts. Located just a few minutes walk from the beach, Villa Bérénice offers a cozy environment for your luxury holiday. This stunning log home blends into the southwestern landscape, while the decoration with otherworldly influences gives us desires for elsewhere ...

The essentials: Heated swimming pool, solarium, beach within walking distance
Total capacity: 10 persons

Villa Clementine

Chalet Ornella, Saint-Nicolas-la-Chapelle

When we think of the most beautiful log homes in the world, this huge 650 square meter farm comes directly to mind. The original building has been turned into Chalet Ornella, a sumptuous, spacious and airy chalet. You feel tiny within its impressive spaces: the bay windows that open onto the majestic mountain; the monumental staircases that you climb climb to arrive at the first floor; or the cathedral ceiling, and all in wood. In terms of facilities, Chalet Ornella is designed in the same grandeur, with a hammam, indoor swimming pool, cinema room, and helipad.

The essentials: Swimming pool, hammam, helipad, cinema room, fireplace
Total capacity: 20 persons

Chalet Ornella

Ferme Fougere, Saint-Gervais-les-Bains

This 1825 farmhouse has been magnificently transformed into a luxurious chalet. Though in its rebirth, Ferme Fougere has kept only its name and wood from its past. Everything else has been completely renovated to offer you a warm space for your getaways with family or friends in the mountains. Take a dip in the scorching water of the outdoor jacuzzi, a glass of champagne in your hand, and soak in the awe-inspiring nature that surrounds you, or sit by the fireplace for a cozy reading session.

The essentials: Sauna, jacuzzi, ski room, fireplace
Total capacity: 16 persons

Chalet Ornella


Casa da Paliçada, Comporta, Portugal

Casa da Paliçada blends seamlessly into the wild landscape of Comporta. Wood is everywhere here: on the facades, the terrace, the garden furniture and in small touches inside, in every room of the house. As a home faithful to the bohemian philosophy of Comporta, its the perfect haven of peace to recharge your batteries during your holidays in Portugal. 

The essentials: Outdoor swimming pool, in the heart of nature
Total capacity: 8 persons

Casa da Paliçada

Villa Ixfalia, Saint-Barthélémy

Villa Ixfalia is a beautiful exotic wooden house on the island of Saint-Barthélémy, in the heart of the Caribbean. Here, you have a breathtaking view of the sea as you're comfortably seated on the sofa in the living room. Above you, a constellation of chandeliers covers the ceiling and diffuses an romantic light in the evening. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful wooden log homes in the world. 

The essentials: heated swimming pool, gym
Total capacity: 8 persons

Villa Ixfalia

Renting the world's most beautiful wooden houses with Le Collectionist has never been easier. Discover our other extraordinary home tours and choose your next destination. 

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