Our favourite Cap Ferret surf spots

With its 25 kilometers of fine sandy beach, Cap Ferret is a real paradise for surfers. Discover our favorite surfing spots in Cap Ferret and go for a ride on the waves.
Our favourite Cap Ferret surf spots
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Just a few kilometers south of Bordeaux, the Cap Ferret peninsula stretches and sinks into the basin. On one side, it is the peaceful silence of the Arcachon basin, barely disturbed by birdsong and the ballet of the chalans. On the other, it is the kingdom of the waves. So put on your wetsuit and discover our favorite places to surf in Cap Ferret.

Cap Ferret is one of those destinations that you fall in love with irremediably, where you have to come back, where you like to be, year after year, with family or friends. First of all, we come there in July or August with the children. Then we let ourselves be tempted by an escapade on the peninsula during the off-season, to take advantage of the Indian summer and the little frequented beaches. Soon, we are part of the regulars, the initiates, for whom the daily life and surfing in Cap Ferret have no more secrets.

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THE Must-see: Truc vert

Feel the warm, soft sand of the dunes become cooler as you approach the sparkling sea. In the water, many of them are already facing the tumult of the swell.

Before you set off, start by taking a surfing course. Review the basics of this discipline with a professional, a teacher from a surf school in the area, the Cap Ferret Surf School. After a few tips, you are ready to take on the waves alone.

After a session of pure pleasure, it's time to go back to the Villa des Vallons, a few steps away from the beach of Truc Vert. Let yourself go to the warrior's rest, by the pool or under the covered terrace of this intimate hut.



Board the little train that connects the Bélisaire pier and the Horizon beach on the ocean side. Younger children will be able to build ephemeral castles in the wet sand while teenagers will enjoy a bodyboarding class. As for the adults, they will only have to choose between a surfing session and a well-deserved aperitif with their feet in the sand.

On the way back, we settle down on the wooded terrace of a real institution of the peninsula, the Pinasse café, to enjoy the last rays of sunshine around a well deserved meal by the sea



The iconic status of this surf spot in Cap Ferret is well deserved. You have to walk long minutes in the fine sand of the dunes to reach the ocean, but the majesty and beauty of the panorama is equal to the effort. Halfway, we overlook the pine forest. The landscape, grandiose, can be discovered in 360°. On one side, the waves unleash themselves tirelessly on the shore. On the other, the Cap Ferret lighthouse stands proudly in the middle of the pine trees of the Lande. Take the time to enjoy the show before going down to the beach and putting on your wetsuit.

It is a spot reserved for the advanced. Here, the swells are taunting, and you are bound to get your muscles deliciously sore. Fortunately, it only takes a few minutes to reach Villa Palombe. Just in time for an aperitif! Gather on the terrace, by the salt water pool, or by the fireplace, to toast with a glass of Lillet, the local aperitif.



More than a sport, surfing in Cap Ferret is a communion with nature: the Atlantic Ocean, grandiose, fine sand, pine forests ... And there is no more beautiful place to admire the landscape than the spot of the Pointe. Located at the end of the peninsula, where the land flows into the sea and the calm waters of the basin join the tumultuous waves of the ocean, this beach faces the Dune du Pilat.

Our only advice for surfing this beach: keep your eyes wide open at all times, despite the salt water. We prefer to go there at the end of the day, to watch the soft light of the golden hour caressing the Dune.


And between two surfing sessions, relax in one of our villa rentals in Cap Ferret.

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