Frozen moments at Chalet Mapple

As if out of a fairy tale, the magnificent Chalet Mapple sits at the heart of Méribel. We met with the owner, Alice Tourbier.
Frozen moments at Chalet Mapple
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The timeless silhouette of a chalet perched in the mountaintops undeniably captures winter’s essence. What was formerly a pastoral shelter has become a true home in the heart of the Alps’ illuminated villages, gathering families and friends. Seemingly out of a Christmas fairytale, the magnificent Chalet Mapple is seated in the Méribel station, at the heart of the prestigious 3 Vallées ski domain. Its owner, Alice Tourbier, is proud to bring us inside this architectural gem where each detail has been meticulously thought out to offer unforgettable holidays between snow-covered fir trees and mountaintops.


An accomplished hospitality professional, Alice manages many renowned hotels throughout France with her husband. Of these establishments—each coloured by wine, gastronomy, and the French art de vivre—Chalet Mapple holds a special place in its owner’s heart. A Grenoble native, Alice grew up surrounded by mountains and learned to ski at a young age. Over the years, the Alps’ unique atmosphere became an integral part of her life and personality, pervading her childhood memories and cementing her passion for winter sports. So when she took a detour in the Allues eight years ago and stumbled onto this perfect family home, which at the time was nothing more than a small fixer-upper of a farmhouse, Alice naturally planted her roots in Méribel.


With the help of architect Jean-Michel Villot, also a child of the Alps, Alice completely renovated Chalet Mapple, transforming it into an elegant retreat where you’ll want to spend the winter huddled around the fireplace. The pair’s vision? To create a refined and woodsy haven decorated with pure mountain spirit, almost as an invitation to enjoy a warm mug of hot chocolate after a day out on the mythical Combe du Vallon run.

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After falling in love with the typically Savoyard facade of curved pickets and stone walls, Alice and her husband further fell for Chalet Mapple’s exceptional location, just a few steps from Méribel’s historic centre. Craving fondue and mulled wine? Don your most comfortable après-ski wear and minutes later, find yourself surrounded by shops and the most wonderful adventures the station has to offer. From horseback riding to paragliding, you can do anything on Méribel snowy trails.

While renovating, Alice and her architect took care to respect the area’s soul and its incomparable style: alpine wood for the exposed beams and ashlar walls pay tribute to this home’s pastoral past, preserving one third of the original building. In the same way, the initial layout and facade, characterised by a spruce mantle and slate roof, were retained.



The owners’ personal touch? They added an extension so they could accommodate their whole family and everyone could visit at their own pace. Airy volumes and large bay windows now make Chalet Mapple the ideal refuge for all family members to chat and unwind in front of a staggering view of the snow-covered peaks of the 3 Vallées.


A perfect complement to its generous architecture, Chalet Mapple’s interior design is the fruit of a collaboration between Alice, her mother, and the JMV agency. From the high altitude landscapes that adorn the walls, to the copper pots and pans, to the tartans and the parquet clock in the dining room, each vintage piece will transport you to the heart of the Alps in a cocooning atmosphere, both rustic and elegant. 


Under the home’s magnificent roof, Alice has accumulated a multitude of small, carefully selected treasures, at once original and authentic, gushing with true winter charm. In colder months, the alfalfa stone fireplace and stunning chandelier of woven reindeer antlers bathe Chalet Mapple in a soft and cosy light that warms the night. Above the imposing monastic dining table, antique iron buckets have been repurposed as lighting fixtures, and in the bedrooms, a collection of bells nod to the home's pastoral past.

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Our favourite part of the home? The kitchen reveals itself as a precious and lively space where modern comforts and retro aesthetics meet. Equipped with a custom-made travertine sink and a large mirror, which allows guests to contemplate La Chaudanne’s slopes, it is the chalet’s heart and soul. Another centrepiece is the old workshop stove, whose superb rustic spirit has been subtly modernised to match contemporary cooking standards. Use it for wood-fired reblochon, tomme de Savoie, and mont d'or — a true taste of the mountain. 

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This soothing atmosphere is also found when retiring after a long day of skiing. The beds’ wooden head- and base-boards, crafted by local artisans, were conceived to fit Chalet Mapple’s large volumes perfectly and match the floor-to-ceiling panelling. As an experienced hotelier, Alice knows just how pleasant a moment of relaxation after skiing can be, leading her to add a shower and bathtub in each bathroom. No need to wait on anyone else to enjoy a nice warm bath!

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Chalet Mapple is the ideal spot to enjoy time with your loved ones and take a moment to breathe in the fresh mountain air. Alice and her husband love to indulge in the home-chef’s delicious recipes, and after five years with him are still discovering new flavours of the region. From crozets to raclette, the Alps are bursting with exceptional products to embellish your meals. If, for you, holidays imply carefree living, you can count on the butler to satisfy your wishes: ski lessons, massages, discovering local restaurants… He’ll take care of everything! Just grab your skis, ready and waiting for you in the ski-room by the historic Georges Mauduit boutique, walk the few steps that lead you to the slopes, and make your mark on the powdery snow from Val Thorens to Courchevel.


In the heart of the summits, when the sun’s last rays grace the snowy peaks, what could be better than visiting your private spa for some well-deserved relaxation? Chalet Mapple hides a magnificent space dedicated to calming respite where young and old can warm up while gazing at a breathtaking view over the 3 Vallées slopes. Swim a few laps in the heated pool, complete with a counter-current swimming system. The water fountain, reminiscent of a small alpine waterfall, will transport you to a calm and almost meditative universe. Set the snow aside for a moment and settle into the hammam before enjoying a massage with essential oils. 

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And still, the after-ski pleasure doesn’t end there. Get ready for a night on the famous terrace of La Folie Douce to sip on wine while admiring the panoramic view. End the night at Alice and her husband’s favourite restaurant, Télébar, for a Savoyard meal just a stone’s throw from your chalet.

Chalet Mapple’s exceptional architecture and the serenity it exudes invite you to rediscover simplicity. Here, give way to calm and priceless moments: snow-covered mornings, afternoons spent skiing with family, and evenings huddled around the fire, lulled by the soft warmth of the hearth and the Alps' tranquillity.

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