The beach house Cap Ferret left in the 70s

Tall trees, lulling waves, salty breeze... Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this charming seventies beach house Cap Ferret hides in the Archachon Bay.
The beach house Cap Ferret left in the 70s
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On this small piece of land, it feels like we're on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. This is Cap Ferret: the refuge of chic adventurers and bohemian dreamers in search of wilderness. Dive headfirst into the life of Robinson by discovering our Villa du Cap. This revamped Cap Ferret house is a blend between a designer house and a traditional hut. With a magnificent view of the Basin, this quirky beach house Cap Ferret keeps secret is perfect for a frontline holiday. 

A seventies beach house 

Step inside Villa du Cap and plunge into the irresistible charm of the wooden houses of Cap-Ferret. Discover an airy, bright interior that exudes the Zen atmosphere of a refined fisherman's hut.

The atmosphere is slightly nostalgic. With this beach house Cap Ferret brings us back to the 70s through its exquisite style and peaceful ambience. The decor resembles that of an explorer's hut and the interior of a yacht. Large bay windows flood the living room with light and suddenly we're surfing in the 70's in this beach house in Cap-Ferret.


The rooms are inspired by the cabins on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Antique objects, classroom desks, vintage wallpaper and explorer's suitcases evoke the treasures of our childhood homes and take us back to those endless summers.

A seafront beach house Cap Ferret keeps secret  

Beyond the large bay windows, discover a sandy garden surrounded by pine trees. Start your mornings with a dip in the refreshing water, just a few steps away.

Indeed, the house is literally on the beach, with the Bay at the end of the garden. It stretches as far as the eye can see, with view of the oyster beds stakes and the small boats anchored in the calm water. 



Laze in the sun on the small terrace facing the Bay or by the poolside. Or take the boat directly from the garden to reach your pinasse at anchor nearby. Explore the mysterious islands and secret beaches of the Bay.

Pick up the diving equipment in the house and explore the blue waters of the Bay, or choose a paddle board for a ride on the water. Upon returning home, host a family barbecue by the pool. While the grown-ups sip delicious cocktails, the kids splash around in the water or play hide and seek between the tall trees. 

Set off on an adventure from Villa du Cap 

Set off on adventures from Villa du Cap, one more amazing than the next. Embark on a traditional pinasse for a wine tasting at sea with our oenologist, or join an oyster farmer and learn all the secrets of this ancestral profession.

If, on the other hand, you are more adventurous, take a romantic ride on the beach. Around you, hear only the sound of the crashing waves and marvel at the golden light of the setting sun.


You could fly aboard a pre-war Stearman over the sand patterns of the Dune du Pilat. Later, return to Villa du Cap for an aperitif. Gather your family and friends and share stories over excellent bottles of wine and freshly selected oysters from the Bay.


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