Our itinerary for travelling around Corsica for 2 weeks

Travel around Corsica's wild beauty, posh cities and paradisiacal beaches, and embark with us for a thrilling road trip.
Our itinerary for travelling around Corsica for 2 weeks
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Corsica is a dream destination to discover all year round. Embark with Le Collectionist for a road trip in Corsica and explore the most beautiful paintings of the Isle of beauty. Between the sea and mountains, history and culture, follow us on our journey and discover how to visit Corsica in 2 weeks. 


There are those who love relaxation, who choose a destination and do so until the end. After a few visits, they choose to take full advantage of their villa and the surrounding beaches. And then there are the others, the backpackers, the curious, the enthusiasts, those who do not want to miss anything, see everything, visit everything ... For them, we have the ideal program: an itinerary to follow to spend an exciting vacation of discovery and memorable moments. Find out how to visit Corsica in 15 days and where to put your backpack during your road trip. 


Our favorites: the unmissable of Corsica

  • Watch the sunset from the Sanguinare Islands
  • Taste the local cuisine in the old town of Bonifacio
  • Diving in the heart of the Lavezzi Islands
  • Spend a luxury evening in Porto Vecchio
  • Take a hike in the Aiguilles de Bavella
  • Kayaking in the Scandola reserve
  • Attend a concert in Calvi
  • Explore the shops of Ile Rousse

Where to stay to follow our itinerary in Corsica?

Le Collectionist is constantly on the lookout for the most beautiful homes to welcome you during your stays. From North Corsica to the beaches of Porto-Vecchio in the south, between contemporary houses and renovated ancestral residences, discover all our luxury Corsica villa rentals

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Visit Corsica by car: How to see the island

To explore the paintings of Corsica, we strongly advise you to turn to your tailor to rent a car. Having a car will allow you to travel freely between the points of interest. Follow our itinerary so that you don't miss a thing during your tour of Corsica by car. 


In southern Corsica, all eyes are on the sea. On the pine-lined beaches, the sand is fine, the water hot and crystal-clear. It is the refined and chic Corsica, luxurious but authentic. Discover our itinerary to visit southern Corsica and explore our catalog to find your luxury villa in southern Corsica. 

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  • Day 1: Visit Ajaccio and Îles sanguinaires

For this first day, we take advantage of the morning to visit the pretty town of Ajaccio. We stroll in the footsteps of Napoleon Bonaparte in Piazza de Gaulle or pass the doors of his childhood home, before browsing the large rooms of the Fesch art museum.


Later, we let the wind run through our hair from the top of the ramparts of the citadel from where we have a magnificent view of the sea. Then get back in your car, to go a few tens of minutes away, on a rocky path that leads to the Genoese tower of Parata. From there, you will witness a unique spectacle: the sunset over the Îles Sanguinaires. 


End the day with a gourmet dinner in Napoleon's hometown, before returning to your luxury villa in Ajaccio.

  • Day 2: The old town of Sartène and the region 

The second day, we wake up with the sun and we walk along the sea, on the road that leads from Ajaccio to Sartène. We take this opportunity to taste the riches of the region's terroir during a visit to the vineyards.

In the afternoon, we stroll in this old town with carved stones nestled on the mountainside. The visit is not very long, which will allow you to spend a good part of the afternoon lying on the sand of the beautiful beach of Roccapina, under the watchful eye of its stone lion. 

  • Day 3: Bonifacio and the staircase of "Roy d'Aragon" 

Without a doubt, the favoruite of visitors to Corsica, Bonifacio is a spectacular city, perched on high white cliffs above the sea. Between its magnificent citadel, its breathtaking hiking trails and its exceptional gastronomic scene, it is one of our favorite destinations in southern Corsica. 


Along the limestone cliffs of Bonifacio, shaped for millennia by the wind and the sea, hides a treasure dug by human hands. The staircase of Roy d'Aragon offers a spectacular view of the sea. Children can even obtain an award for the courage shown along the 187 steps that separate the city from the well of Saint Barthélémy.  

  • Day 4: A boat trip to the Lavezzi Islands 

Take an extra day in Bonifacio to discover the Lavezzi Islands. The expedition begins with a walk along the cliffs, then reaches the largest island of the archipelago. We discover amazing remains in the middle of a rich and colorful nature.


Afterwards, we put on fins and snorkel to meet the marine fauna. During lunch, we play with the children between amazing rocks whose shapes will amuse young and old. Relaxing on the beautiful beaches or exploring the countryside, this is a place not to be missed for visiting southern Corsica. 

  • Day 5: Porto-Vecchio and the beautiful beaches of Corsica

For this fifth day, we start to think about what we could bring back from our stay in southern Corsica. In Porto-Vecchio, there is no shortage of souvenir shops and trendy clothing. Between two shopping trips, we a enjoy a coffee on a terrace, before setting off for the most beautiful beaches in Corsica.


Choose your destination: between Palombaggia beach, its upscale restaurants, red rocks and turquoise water; the beautiful beach of Santa Giulia is a real playground for families with its nautical charm and shallow water; or Rondinara beach, with its unique shell shape and wild cows... the choice is yours. 

To discover our favorite beaches in Corsica, browse our Snapshots of photos of Corsica beaches. Also explore our luxury villas in Porto Vecchio and find your perfect haunt. 

  • Day 6: Bavella Peaks and Alta Rocca 

It is time to discover an abundant and "sharp" nature. In the Alta Rocca, walking and hiking take precedence. Venture down the Bavella  Peaks for invigorating days of walking and exciting discoveries or veture to the aterfalls of the canyons of Purcaraccia and Poliscellu, its natural pools and exceptional flora, and you will not be disappointed with the trip. 

  • Day 7: Porto and the Calanques de Piana 

For your last day in the south of Corsica, take the direction of the Gulf of Porto. From the rich Scandola Nature Reserve to the mythical Calanques de Piana, there's an abundance to see here. The Gulf of Porto and its treasures leaves no one not stunned. 


As a nature reserve, the coasts are rich in magical scenery, and a boat trip is perfect for exploring the Calanques de Piana. 


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  • Day 1: Corte

We are now leaving the south to explore the most picturesque part of the Isle of Beauty, North Corsica. When you think of Corsica, you immediately think of sandy beaches and turquoise waters. But here, the lakes also abound. First stop: the Lac de l'Oriente, for a hike among the wild flowers.

Then visit the town of Corte, a former perched capital; the historic heart of Corsica is bathed in an authentic, striking atmosphere, marked by the strong character of its inhabitants. Finally, head to Château de Vincentello, whose walls offer a breathtaking view of the region, the mountains and the city. 

  • Day 2: Calvi and Vallée du Fango

On the one side, there are the proud mountains; on the other, verdant forests and winding rivers. We walk the hiking trails of the wild Delta du Fango. Along the way, you might come across the golden eagle, which has taken up residence in this superb Mediterranean vegetation. Then cross the Genoese bridge over the Ota, go deep into nature for endless walks in the great outdoors. You can also rent a kayak to go down the waterways. 

Not far from there, nestled on a rocky promontory, the fabulous Genoese citadel of Calvi is seated above the world in 360°. In the alleys of the old town, we stop to taste the gastronomy and see the local crafts. Set a bit away from the city center, we stroll along the Marina and the beautiful beach which hugs the bay. Then, we take the Route des Pèlerins, towards Notre Dame de la Serra for another panorama that the residents will tell you is the most beautiful in all of Corsica, . 


  • Day 3: Île rousse

For this fourth day, we have breakfast on the terrace at Île Rousse on Place Paoli, observing the pétanque players well in the shade under the hundred-year-old plane trees. In the streets, we admire the Florentine architecture, then we go to the seafront or the market. In the afternoon, we set off to explore the gardens of Corsica, as the hinterland of Ile Rousse is rich in breathtaking landscapes. Lovers of idleness will prefer to head to the magnificent beaches of Ostriconi or Losari. 

After your adventures, rediscover the freshness of a luxury villa on Île Rousse and let a private chef take care of your meal, to be enjoyed facing the sea.

  • Day 4: Desert des Agriates

With its 35km of beaches and abundant and lovely flora, it is impossible to miss Desert des Agriates. Formerly an agricultural region, this lush expanse now a true paradise for nature lovers. We spend part of the morning on the incredible beach of Saleccia or on neighboring Lotu. We then take the car back to survey the tracks crossing the picturesque countryside. This desert can also be admired from the water, to see the most beautiful coves in the region.  

  • Day 5 and 6: Saint Florent and Cap Corse

As a must-see of the island of beauty, Cap Corse has endless things to offer you. It is the best example of the duality of the Isle of Beauty, between the beach and mountains. This region is home to the most authentic and picturesque landscapes of Corsica. The peninsula is dotted with strings of villages, Genoese towers, pretty beaches and abundant nature. One day wouldn't be enough, so take two to discover it in its entirety.


Before leaving for Cap Corse, we wander around the port city of Saint Florent. With its citadel crowning the bay, Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral, and its beautiful houses, this is another of our favorites North Corsica. We tour the shops and stop for lunch on the terrace of a restaurant and we also take the opportunity to stop at the AOC Patrimonio vineyards, the most famous in Corsica.

  • Day 7: Bastia

For this last day, we spend a morning in the old port of Bastia. Sitting on the terrace of a café, you can enjoy the rays of the sun and salt that fills the air. We stroll through the heart of the Romieu gardens to reach the gates of its beautiful citadel. You will then arrive at the Place du Donjon, where the Musée d'Histoire and the Palais des Gouverneurs are located. Then, stroll through the colourful labyrinthine alleys of this city in the city that are buzzing with life. 


At noon, let yourself be tempted by the local gastronomy. With fish, cheese, pastries and wine, nothing is left out for our last day in Corsica. In the afternoon, we stock up on souvenirs in the beautiful Rue Napoléon before heading to the most famous square in Bastia, Place Saint-Nicolas. 

With Le Collectionist , finding your perfect luxury villa rental in Corsica has never been easier.

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