Corsica or Sardinia - How to choose?

Choosing between Corsica and Sardinia is not easy. Discover our favorite things about Corsica and Sardinia about the weather, beaches or gastronomy.
Corsica or Sardinia - How to choose?
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The islands of Corsica and Sardinia are holiday hotspots for many European travellers, but have both managed to stay relatively unchanged by mass tourism. The question that we keep hearing is, which is better - Corsica or Sardinia? So we, at Le Collectionist, have done our research and made our decision. Read on to find out what we think!

Is Corsica warmer than Sardinia?

Both Corsica and Sardinia enjoy a Mediterranean climate, promising warm, sun-filled summers that draw beachgoers to their shores.

Corsica tends to have slightly milder temperatures due to its more northerly position, offering a comfortable warmth ideal for enjoying its diverse landscapes.

In contrast, Sardinia can experience more intense heat, particularly in the inland areas, making its coastal breezes especially refreshing during the peak of summer.

How do I get to Corsica or Sardinia?

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Corsica is served by airports in Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi, and Figari, each offering various international and domestic flights.

For Sardinia, travelers can fly into Cagliari, Olbia, or Alghero, connecting through major European cities.

Additionally, ferries from France and Italy offer a scenic route to both islands, providing a unique travel experience across the Mediterranean Sea.

Is Corsica or Sardinia better for families?

For families looking to blend relaxation with adventure, both Corsica as a family and Sardinia as a family offer compelling choices.

Corsica, with its diverse landscapes and quieter beaches, provides a more laid-back atmosphere ideal for families seeking peace and natural beauty.

In contrast, Sardinia's rich array of wild beaches and historical sites caters to families eager for exploration and cultural experiences.


  • A French island nestled between France and Italy in the Mediterranean Sea
  • French is the language most commonly spoken
  • A third of the whole 1000km coastline is made up of beaches, so you'll be able to discover a new spot everyday
  • The rocky terrain makes for a fantastic hiking and trekking holiday, with hundreds of walks to discover
  • For everything we have on Corsica: discover all our articles.



QUICK INFO: Sardinia

  • The Italian neighbour of Corsica is located directly below, Sardinia, the bigger version of its French counterpart
  • Sardinia's coastline is studded with pristine beaches and viewpoints over the sea
  • The island is rich in history and has many fascinating landmarks to visit and learn from

Immerse yourself in the unique spirit of this magnificent island by reading our interview with the owner of Villa Susanna, an exceptional house perched on the cliffs of Sardinia.


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Corsican turquoise beaches

The beaches of Corsica, with their crystal-clear turquoise waters, offer a paradise setting for sunbathing enthusiasts. Saleccia, accessible only by boat or through the scrubland, is a hidden gem where one can enjoy absolute tranquility to perfect their tan. For those who prefer livelier atmospheres, Calvi beach, with its long stretch of golden sand flanked by bars and restaurants, is the perfect spot to combine sunbathing relaxation with a vibrant mood.

Discover our selection of Corsica's top 10 beaches.

Sardinian wild beaches

Sardinia boasts some of Italy's most stunning wild beaches, where sunbathers can bask in untouched natural beauty. The pristine sands of Cala Goloritzé, accessible only by a hike or by boat, offer a secluded haven with crystal-clear waters. Spiaggia di Tuerredda, another gem, mesmerizes visitors with its turquoise sea and panoramic views, making it an ideal spot for those seeking tranquility and sun-soaked leisure.

Continue exploring the most beautiful beaches with our exclusive guide to Sardinia.


The Corsican spots for swimming

Corsica is known for its rustic landscape and rocky terrains, but the beaches that bejewel the coast are second to none. They stretch around over a third of the coastline and are pristinely beautiful. Some of our favourites include Palombaggia and Sperona.

Shaded by tall pine trees Palombaggia, offers recluse and serenity on its 3km of shoreline. It is a well-known beach, but for good reason, its beauty stretches as far as the eye can see, and the water stays shallow so you can wade into the crystal clear water.

It is not only the beaches in Corsica that are magnificent for swimming. There are rivers and natural pools that you can take advantage of on hot summer's days. Asco is a perfect example of this; a natural pool in the North of the island. It is the perfect day trip if you are staying in the South.

Discover our selection of Corsicas top sandy beaches perfect for swimming and our guide to the island.

The Sardinian beaches for swimming

The beaches of Sardinia are equally as beautiful as those in Corsica, with similarly turquoise waters and sandy stretches of beach. You can't beat a seaside holiday here.

The sea at La Pelosa glistens all day long, as the sun bounces off the gentle waves. The sugary soft white sand is perfect for a day of sunbathing. In the distance, at one end of the beach you can visit a small 17th century tower to add some history to your day. 

Cala Brandinchi is a paradisiacal wonder. It will come as no surprise that this beach gets referred to as little Tahiti. Surrounded by blowing pine trees and with private beach clubs dotted along the coast, this is one of the best beaches in Sardinia.



Corsica: Specialties between land and sea

The food scene here is fantastic, especially for meat-lovers. Some of the boucheries and fromageries of Corsica are world renowned and for good reason. The charcuterie in Corsica is known as some of the best in the world, thanks to their special breeding of their pigs. 

For a special experience, discover our picnics on the beach with Jean Antoine Ottavi.


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Sardinia: Fish, meat, and cheese

With Italian style piazzas and Italian influences on the cuisine, this should appeal to fans of the dolce vita lifestyle. Fresh seafood is always in abundance here, especially lobster and fish roe. What is fantastic about the expansive coastline, is that you can visit any beachside restaurant and expect high-quality food every time.




Family activities in Corsica

The general vibe of Corsica is more rugged and rustic. With exciting hikes and trails to take part in and delicious food along the way, this island is perfect for an active family. There are so many dynamic activities to take part in on your Corsica holiday, from jet-skiing to hiking, horse-riding and more. You can make the most of the unspoilt landscape and partake in this plethora of pastimes. If you're looking for a more low-key, down to earth holiday, then Corsica is perfect.

If you're in the mood to recharge your batteries in the heart of nature, take a look at our exclusive guide to Northern Corsica.



Beach clubs and landscapes to discover as a family in Sardinia

For families that are looking for an exclusive trip, we recommend Northern Sardinia. Sardinia is fabulously chic with beach clubs that rival the best in the world, if you have an older family that can enjoy the atmosphere. As famed writer DH Lawrence once said, "this land is unlike any other place. Enchanting spaces and distances to travel - nothing finished, nothing definitive. It's like freedom itself. " If the beach clubs don't take your fancy, then you can hire a private boat trip to peruse along the coast and admire the breathtaking views.

For more destinations and tips on family holidays in Italy, read our article.



Equally, if you are longing for an island holiday and can't decide between Corsica and Sardinia, then why not do both? You can have the best of both worlds; from the sporty side of Corsica to the sleek side of Sardinia, make it a perfect trip by doing both!

Sardinia has the quintessential Italian farniente attitude and Corsica has the French joie de vivre, and you can travel between the South of Corsica and North of Sardinia very easily. A quick boat trip will allow you to hop between the islands - only 50 minutes on the ferry from Bonifacio to Santa Teresa di Gallura!

For even more inspiration for a magical Corsican holiday, read our article of our top tips from North to South in Corsica. 

FiNd your villa by the sea in corsica or sardinia

Once you've chosen whether it will be Corsica or Sardinia for your holiday, get started on the fun stuff: choosing your villa by the sea!

Discover our collection of villas in both Corsica and Sardinia. With a wide range of properties, from traditional homes that reflect the local architecture to contemporary villas with cutting-edge design. Whether in Corsica's wild, rugged landscapes or Sardinia’s chic coastal towns, the right villa can provide an idyllic base to explore these enchanting islands.

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