Snapshots: Our best Corsica beaches images

With its well-kept mythical spots, Corsica and its countless beaches offer you breathtaking shows to immortalize on your devices. Here are our favorites.
Snapshots: Our best Corsica beaches images
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Corsica has not won its title of Island of Beauty for no reason. We are speechless in front of the majesty of the beaches that roam this small Mediterranean territory and that we discover around the villages and mountains. Follow us and discover these places that make your Corsica holiday photos as real postcard decorations. 


Let's start our trip on the Isle of Beauty by exploring the most beautiful landscapes of the North of the island. It is the authentic Corsica, much less touristy than the South. Between ancestral lands, mountains and long paradisiacal beaches, Haute-Corse has something to thrill photography lovers. 

Nonza Beach

In Cap Corse, not far from Saint-Florent, there is a beach with an unusual pace. Here, the sand has swapped her white dress for an almost lunar gray. A curious spectacle that plunges us into an image close to the Caribbean, where the azure sea and lush vegetation meet this very particular sand of volcanic origin.


The pebbles scattered on the beach are the result of an old asbestos mine not far from there. Even if they are harmless today, we prefer to admire this scene from the eponymous medieval village which offers us an unparalleled panorama over the bay of Saint-Florent.

Calanque de Piana

Local legend has it that these impressive fire-colored rocks are the work of Satan, the revenge of a fallen angel repelled by a shepherdess from the village of Piana with whom he had fallen head over heels in love. Saint Martin would then have blessed the place so that the waves with turquoise reflections soothe the rock with their caresses. 

corsica-beaches-images-calanche 1-min

This story perfectly illustrates the duality that surrounds us when walking in the heart of the creeks of Piana. The spectacularly shaped rock meets crystal clear water and gives our photos an unparalleled epic dimension.


Arone Beach

After a visit to the charming and flowery village of Piana, a little calm is in order. We then take a winding road that overlooks the sea and offers us extraordinary panoramas on the Gulf of Porto and Capo Rosso. The road is long but the game is worth the effort. At the end of the path, this well-kept, wild Corsican beach awaits you. 


Surrounded by mountains, scrub, vegetation and ocher rocks, this secret cove is much less frequented than its neighbors. With its incomparably white sand, this Corsican beach offers a different, softer picture. We advise you to sit there at sunset, the show is wonderful. 


Venture further afield, ditch your car along the road and set off on the paths that will lead you to one of the wildest and best-preserved beaches in Haute-Corse. 15 minutes walk and crossing a bridge over the river to finally reach a peaceful sandbank. This is the price of tranquility. 


Within the cove of Peraiola, this small beach is part of a magical setting. Lay your towel on a thin strip of warm sand, nestled between the river and the sea. The sinuous shape of the river which plunges into the sea recalls the local tales which tell that a gigantic snake, the Biscia, has taken up residence here and is may slip into one of your photos.   

After a long day on the roads of Haute-Corse, it's time to come back to rest in the equally majestic setting of your luxury villa rental in Corsica. Sit by the pool or on the terrace of Villa Frida and enjoy the last rays of the sun in front of a breathtaking landscape.  



South Corsica is one of the most beautiful luxury holiday destinations in France. We like to stroll through the alleys of Porto Vecchio and enjoy its frenzied nightlife. Not far away, the magnificent Bonifacio impresses us during a visit to its lively marina and its medieval town nestled on the cliffs. Here again, the beaches are numerous and are among the most recognized and popular in Corsica.


We no longer present the Palombaggia beach. One of the most famous in Corsica, certainly the trendiest on the island, dotted with bars and restaurants very popular with visitors and regulars alike. In summer, it is also the site of many festivities that allow you to enjoy a musical atmosphere with your feet in the water.


Who would not fall under the spell of this long sandy beach where the pink and gray granite rocks seem delicately deposited to create an almost unreal canvas. In the distance, you can see the Cerbicale Islands, in the Bouches de Bonifacio nature reserve.

corsica-beaches-images-pallombaggia 2-min

To avoid the crowds in the summer month, we recommend that you venture a little further and take the passage between Palombaggia and Tamaricciu. 

When the sun sets, we arrive at Villa Renoso, nestled in the heights, for a soothing moment in the warm armchairs of the outdoor lounge. From there, the bay in front of us presents itself in a sumptuous panorama, a real postcard. 

Rondinara Bay

With a recurring title of the most beautiful beach in France or Europe, Rondinara bay is an institution for idleness in Corsica. With its protected nature, strong with its many pines, this bay with such a singular shape, a real shell for waters of a dazzling color, is a paradise for photographers. 


In Corsica, it is not surprising that at the bend of your road, you cross the path of the flagship animal of the region, the cow. This is the case on Rondinara beach which, in addition to tourists, is frequently visited by these ladies from the Isle of Beauty. Do not get too close, they have their character, but do not hesitate to take out your devices, they will take a break with pleasure. 

Santa Giulia

The bay of Santa Giulia offers its visitors a  breathtaking spectacle . This gulf is overlooked by the triumphant and green massif of San Rafaellu which rises to 245 meters above sea level. Below, a deep blue pond is separated from the crystal-clear sea by a lido of ivory-colored sand.


Sit under the shaded terrace of one of the many restaurants that line the beach. Feet in the sand, enjoy the magical picture that extends as far as the eye can see. Later, drop your towel on the warm sands and experience the rich array of underwater colors on this majestic beach. 

It is also the perfect beach for your luxury family holiday in France - the gentle slope of the bay allows children to swim safely.


Proudly lying, facing the Mediterranean Sea, the pink granite lion, forged by the spray, the wind and the rain watches over the Genoese tower dominating the beach of Roccapina.


When the sun begins its daily descent, when the sky is crossed by orange and pink shades, we walk along the beach in the direction of the big beast and a small secret cove stuck to the side of the mountain. This is the best vantage point to capture the essence of this unique place.


It's now up to you to show us the beauties of the island, through your snapshots captured during your luxury corsica holiday . 

With Le Collectionist finding a luxury villa rental in Corsica has never been easier. Discover with us all the possibilities for family beach holidays and explore other ideas for your luxury holiday .


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