November in Ibiza : best things to do in Ibiza this autumn

There are plenty of things to do in Ibiza in November, with the weather still delightfully mild. Discover, like a divulged secret, Ibiza's best events and activities in the winter sun.
November in Ibiza : best things to do in Ibiza this autumn
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Ibiza in November: what to expect

In November, absent of the summer throngs and high season buzz, Ibiza does not disappears into a quiet slumber. Rather, the island takes on a fresh lease of life, with the Spanish sun still casting its warm glow over the Balearic Islands. Ibiza and its people show in this season a more authentic and self-confident sense of being. While it is comparatively quiet, there is still plenty to do and see in November on the White Island.

What is the weather in ibiza in november like?

Holidays in Ibiza are a joy at any time of the year. The low season promises to please in an entirely different way, as the cooler weather and slower pace of life reveal somewhat lesser-known parts of the island.

Winter sun in November is almost guaranteed with average daytime temperatures hovering around 20°C and with light rainfall. Make sure to pack a jacket for the evening, when temperatures drop to around 13°C, yet are still perfect for an alfresco dinner under the stars. 

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Can I party in Ibiza in November?

The locals celebrate their heritage in varying and colourful ways throughout the year, and November sees some of these special events bring small pockets of the island to life. With this guide to the best things to do in Ibiza in November, you can enjoy your Ibiza holidays during the quieter season with a number of joyous events and vibrant activities

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best events in november in ibiza 

Sant Antoni's festival of gastronomy

Each year, the month of November is a celebration of the rich bounty of the island's flavours at Restaurat Sant Antoni. Some of Ibiza's best restaurants participate in this culinary showdown throughout the month, as they flaunt their skills in the art of food for a panel of judges. Diners can then choose between the two menus, 'restaurat' and the more informal 'desustaurat', to sample the judges' favourites

  • When: 2 November to 3 December 2023
  • Location: Sant Antoni 
  • Why we love it: Spanish cuisine, festivities, sampling 

Celebrations for the patron saint of San Carlos

San Carlos, on the northeast of Ibiza, is a small village with endless charisma. Each year, this popular village kicks off a month of celebrations in November with sporting events and activities warming up the festivities. On All Saints' Day, dance all evening long to the rhythms of the live music. 

On the 4th of November, the real party starts, with folk dancing, magic shows, live music, and a fireworks display to celebrate the patron saint of the town. Guaranteed to mesmerise your little ones, in November Ibiza is perfect for families

  • When: 4th November 2023
  • Where: San Carlos 
  • Why we love it: folk dancing, live music, fireworks 


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Browse the peaceful and plentiful stalls of Las Dalias

The hippy markets of Las Dalias have gained praise across the island, with tourists visiting the colourful weekend event all through the summer. Visit the market in November to have more space to yourself and go at your own pace; some of the best treasures are tucked away in quiet corners of this intricate market.

The atmosphere remains jolly throughout the year, with the friendliness of the stall owners and the hippies who have happily come to call Ibiza home. Find soaps, jewelry, textiles, and funky clothes to give colour and flavour to your winter wardrobe.  

  • When: every weekend 
  • Where: Las Dalias  
  • Why we love it: colourful markets, friendly storeholders, trinkets

Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera Festival

The Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera Festival is a fiesta for which people from across the island, and further afield, come to celebrate. Santa Gertrudis is in the heart of Ibiza, and during these weeks of celebration, one can truly feel the cultural and traditional pulse of this beautiful island.

The festival also boasts sporting events, live music and dancing, artistic and dramatic exhibitions, as well as quintessentially Ibizan feasting and drinking, all in the spirit of sharing. It is impossible not to feel part of this island, as the beaming Ibizans welcome everyone into their communities.

  • When: 16th November 2023
  • Where: Santa Gertrudis  
  • Why we love it: live music, folk dancing, artistic exhibitions 

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The festive Christmas programme in Ibiza Town 

If you are in Ibiza over the last few days of November, you might be lucky enough to catch the opening of the Christmas Market in Ibiza Town, between the last week of November and the first week of December. 

The market is a magical, fun-filled way to explore more of the town, all whilst admiring the Christmas lights and trying some local seasonal dishes. There are a number of fun activities that will undoubtedly keep the children entertained in particular the lighting of the Christmas lights which is quite the spectacle

  • When: 3rd December 2023
  • Where: Ibiza Town 
  • Why we love it: Christmas magic, seasonal dishes, light ceremony  

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What to do in Ibiza in November

Discover the island's natural beauty on foot 

The cooler weather of November ushers in a plethora of activities that would be either too challenging or too unpleasant to perform in the summer. 

Each week, walking groups meet to discover new parts of the island, as well as treading familiar routes. This is a great chance to see the natural beauty of the picturesque Pine Island, as you wander through the pine forests and along the dramatic coastal paths.

The sportier types will fall in love with the island in November, as the coastal paths open their arms to trail runners and hikers. Towards the end of the month, Ibiza hosts the 3 Días Trail Ibiza, which is a series of ultramarathons and easier trail-running routes that zigzag their way across the stunning terrain. 


Step back in time to Ibiza's historic centre

Ibiza Old Town, Dalt Vila, will enchant you with its white-washed walls, ancient murals and winding streets. Marvel at the 13th century Gothic cathedral and then after a day of cultural exploration, embrace slow living for lunch at one of Ibiza's delightful restaurants, embracing the lack of crowds at this time of the year.

Sample the local wines 

Taste the region's most impressive vintages at one of Ibiza's infamous wineries, savouring the wines of the Vino de la Tierra denomination. With the expert advice of a cellar master, allow the taste of the wine to open the gates to the history and culture of the island. Send your taste buds on an adventure and marvel at the spectacular landscapes all to yourself, avoiding the summer swarms of tourists. 

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Where to stay in Ibiza in November

We ensure that our luxury villa rentals in Ibiza will prove to be a lavishing backdrop for your holidays at any time of the year. For a tranquil escape, choose a villa in San Miguel or San Rafael where you can explore Ibiza's hidden beaches and unspoilt verdant nature. Alternatively, to immerse yourself in Ibiza's artistic culture set down your suitcases in Santa Eularia or Es Cubells for an abundance of restaurants and activities

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Can you party in Ibiza in November?

Yes, the party continues in Ibiza in November! Although many establishments close down for the low season, you won't be hard pressed to find clubs and bars that remain open all year long.

In this quieter season, you'll find that the atmosphere is more intimate and less overwhelming. Enjoy your tropical cocktail in the winter sun at one of Ibiza's best beach clubs and dance the night away at the trendiest spots in Ibiza

What is the weather like in November?

The November weather in Ibiza is generally pleasant, with average daytime temperatures hovering around 20°C and with minimal rainfall.

Escape the dreary winter weather and lounge on Ibiza's white sands, although a dip in the sea is certain to wake you up! For the perfect spot to read your page-turner, browse through our selection of the best secret beaches in Ibiza.  

What is Ibiza like in November?

As the summer crowds disperse, Ibiza in November undergoes a magical transformation. A true haven, the spectacular natural scenery shines and invites you to explore.

With still plenty of events and attractions, take advantage of the perfect mild weather to embark on an adventure and see the White Island like never before. Fill in your itinerary with our ultimate guide to Ibiza


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