Where is hot in November?

Summer vacations don’t need to be restricted to the summer. Why not escape by planning a trip to somewhere that doesn’t feel like the clocks have turned back?
Where is hot in November?
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Sun chase your way through the winter with a November getaway to the Caribbean, Morocco or even southern Italy. Summer vacations don’t need to be restricted to the summer. Why not escape short daylight hours and early evenings by planning a trip to somewhere that doesn’t feel like the clocks have turned back?

November is the perfect month to pretend it is still summer. Plan your luxury escapes with a city break meandering the Medina of Marrakech, bathing and beaching alongside the impossibly blue waters of Saint-Barthélemy, or even exploring Italy’s picturesque south. We have curated a guide to answer the age-old question: where is it hot in November? This list offers inspiration for the best luxury holidays for those seeking hotter destinations in November.

The Caribbean


Saint Barts 

This gem in the Caribbean crown, known for boutiques and beaches, offers itself as an idyllic November getaway and one of the best luxury beach holidays going.

A luxury St. Barts holiday will leave the winter blues at the plane’s threshold and, in their place, usher in trips to designer shops and glistening white beaches. Luckily for you, we have also tailored a list of why luxury holidays in St. Barts are a must


Saint Martin

Think St. Barts, but to the northwest and slightly bigger and busier. If you are looking for the idylls of a winter island break - padding to the villa pool for a gentle evening swim, trips to the beach, summer dresses -  without losing the comforts and buzz of home, St. Martin is a great destination for you. This half-French and half-Dutch island, littered with spectacular villas, heralds a vibrancy of culture.

Saint Martin, the patron saint of social justice and racial harmony, is a fitting patron for this island’s impressive fusion of local, Dutch and French cuisine and culture. Watersports, nightlife, peaceful dining and quiet strolls abound in perfect union on this winter getaway destination. 



The bustling charm of this western Moroccan wonder offers a city break designed to dodge winter’s onset. The crowds from September and October have waned and the weather is still pleasant. Winter’s chill begins to take hold in November, but the temperature during the day averages a comparatively comfortable 23℃. 

Warm yourself in the cooler evenings by dining out on wholesome local cuisine in a cafe cosily tucked away in the alleys of the Medina. Submerge yourself in the culture, potter around museums, or simply recline by the villa pool with palms rustling overhead. Visit Musée Yves Saint Laurent, a museum devoted to the esteemed designer and his love of Marrakech's colour. Luxury Marrakech holidays will stifle those winter blues year in and year out. 



Essaouira, poised delicately between desert and sea, is a more laid-back Morrocan break than the hubbub of Marrakech’s pleasing piquancy. Like Marrakech, markets wend their way effortlessly through Essaouira’s Medina. The Medina of Essaouira is a UNESCO World Heritage listed city. The militarial architecture of 18th-century fortified towns comes into stark contrast with the city and its culture’s colour and dynamic beauty.

The city’s growing emphasis on wellness has seen a rise of yoga retreats, and its peninsula entices surfers and kiteboarders.  The mixture of activities makes it a perfect winter getaway, indulging in wellness and self-care before returning revived and rejuvenated to tackle those often-challenging winter months.


Southern Italy

The Amalfi Coast

Though the temperatures of southern Italy are not exactly tropical during the month of November, it is still a great destination to delay the incoming tide of winter. With temperatures higher than that of northern Europe and the UK, fewer crowds than the summer season and brighter and longer days, the Amalfi Coast remains a top destination for luxury beach holidays going into winter.

Take advantage of the low levels of traffic by hopping from one tucked-away town to the next. Explore at your own pace, free from the fret of avoiding crowds. The cliff-edge towns, brushing the surface of the sea, give the best dining views, from restaurants or the terrace of a seemingly floating villa. You’re spoilt for choice with the towns of the Amalfi coast. Gorge on the finest pasta whilst overlooking Positano, or travel to nearby Sorrento for its sweet limoncello and historic town centres. 



Puglia, the region comprising the heel of Italy’s boot, is a destination growing in popularity among locals and other sun-seeking travellers. Often overshadowed by other more well-known areas of Italy, this region boasts hundreds of kilometres of quieter Mediterranean coastline, scattered with white-washed hilltop towns.

You can expect wine and food that will rival all other regions of Italy, with the added bonus of Salento, which has some of Italy’s best beaches. This destination is a great excuse to break out of winter confines and explore the luxuriating Italian coastline. 



Dart away from the city, shortening days and winter chill with a trip to this Italian island region, which lies between the coasts of Africa and Europe. The island’s hiking trails are a great way to traverse its mountainous interior; get your pulse racing before returning to a winter slumber. In November, temperatures averaging 18.3℃, 8.3℃ higher than the UK, provide the perfect climate for outdoor activities and even a dip into the turquoise shallows of Sardinia’s sandy beaches.

After a day appreciating the rugged beauty of the landscape one can return to the gentle intimacy of a villa and indulge in the warmth of a homemade pizza. This destination gives a rounded balance to the many splendours that the Italian mainland has to offer, whilst also escaping the peak season.



Teetering on the toe of the Italian boot lies Sicily - the largest of the Mediterranean islands that needs to be added to your list of destinations in November. With the weather not strictly hot, the climate remains ideal for city and cultural adventures. Some travellers might be lucky enough to find a cooling swim necessary.

November is Sicily’s wine-making season, which alone might be enough of a reason to travel to this beautiful island. St. Martin’s Summer, a period in early- to mid-November, might bless travellers with unseasonably warm weather and a chance to celebrate St. Martin’s Day in the splendour of the sun. 


Le Collectionist offers a wide range of spectacular luxury villas tailored to your needs in each of these wondrous winter destinations. Explore Le Collectionist to discover your dream holiday this November.

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