The best things to do in Ibiza in February

Like a runup to the high season, Ibiza seems to burst with colour and entertainment with these fantastical things to do in Ibiza in February.
The best things to do in Ibiza in February
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Before the masses flock to Ibiza for its wild and busy summers, there is a period where Ibiza appears to be waking from its winter lull. In February, the atmosphere is completely at ease, as the locals know to make the most of this warming and beautiful window before summer's swelter draws in the holidaymakers. It is a time when the flowers begin to bloom and the restaurants and bars start preparing for the season. 

While the high season in Ibiza is during the summer, there are plenty of things to do in Ibiza in the winter season. With this guide, we, here at Le Collectionist, will walk you through the best things to do in Ibiza in February - a fabulous month to visit this Balearic beauty. Luxury holidays in Ibiza promise an exceptional experience throughout the year, but some of the most special things to do in Ibiza happen in the low season, when the island reveals its true colours - the colours of local living and a slower pace of life.

For all you need to know about the White Island, discover Le Collectionist's guide to Ibiza.

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Our list of things to do in Ibiza in February

A bloomin' good time of year

A favourite amongst locals and visitors of the things to do in Ibiza in February and January is to marvel at the natural spectacle that sprouts across the island. Over this period, the almond trees paint pockets of this Pityusic Island in hues of brilliant pink and bright white. In the municipality of San Juan, you will find one of the most magical settings in which to watch this colourful display: Es Amunts natural park. There is also a moonlit walk through the valley of Santa Inés, where the blossoms catch soft light and glint with a mystical allure. 


Valentine's Day on the White Isle

Come the 14th of February, there is a wealth of wonderful things that you can waltz through with your loved one. Saunter along the dimly lit streets of the Dalt Vila, dine with the fading silhouette of Es Vedra reflecting off the moonlit shimmer of the Mediterranean, or cosily sip on a drink whilst watching the fiery Ibizan sunset. One of our favourite things to do is pamper yourself at the Hacienda Na Xamena spa, before going for a sunset cocktail and dinner made by your very own private chef in your luxury holiday home. 


The most colourful carnival in Ibiza Town

Ibiza is known for its flamboyant and endlessly welcoming celebrations, and the pinnacle of this is the Carnival found in Ibiza Town. Here, colourful floats and costumes pirouette their way along the quaint streets, with gleaming smiles peering from beneath extravagant headdresses and waves bestowed from lofty themed floats. There are few better ways to fling yourself into the spirited life of Ibiza than attending, or even participating in, the island's festive Carnival. The festivities usually take place from 20 February to 26 February. Be sure to check the local dates and timings of the nearest parade that is taking place near you over that period.


It's time to visit Ibiza's very own film festival

Ibiza's International Independent Film Festival edges into its sixth year having gained international plaudits. Participate in this celebration of the power of film by attending one of the screenings. The festival has grown, with screenings taking place in multiple venues across the island over a period of a week at the end of February. This is one of the best cultural things to do in Ibiza in February, if not the whole year. It is an insight into the domestic and international culture, tackling problems and themes of the current day. 

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Discover the Santa Eulalia fiesta

Folk dancing, live music, feasts, and mass make up the itinerary of this unmissable commemoration of the town's patron saint. The traditions of Ibiza are on full display at this event, the festivities of which, in typical Ibiza fashion, span several weeks preceding and following 12 February - Santa Eulalia Patron Saint's Day. Expect traditional dance, markets brimming with handicrafts, and even a fun-filled tribute to Coldplay. The celebrations spill over into the Ibiza Carnival, with a parade taking place in Santa Eulalia on the same day. Visit some of the food trucks and markets to indulge in the local gastronomy.


Ibiza Town's Patrimoni Gastronomic Food Festival

Patrimoni Gastronomic Food Festival, which spans from mid-January to the end of March, is a true gustatory journey. All of your senses will be piqued, as you travel across the globe through the food produced by the 11 participating restaurants. The event is held in Ibiza Town, and thematic menus are curated by the organisers to pay tribute to the gastronomy of countries and cities that are recipients of UNESCO World Heritage status. Each evening over these two months, the participating restaurants will transport their guests to the heat of India, the shores of Mexico, or the islands of Mediterranean with their mouthwatering affordable menus. Taking advantage of this culinary delight is a must-do on our list of things to do in Ibiza in February.



Celebrating San Antonio's patron saint

As with most of the island's towns, celebrations for patron saints are not taken lightly: they provide a cherished period that brings the town, the island, and all those visiting together with religious, cultural, and culinary merriment. Here, the folk dancing, traditional music, bounty of food and drink make for a positively delightful atmosphere. Each weekend in February promises a new celebration that is perfect for your luxury family holidays, but a party is also never far away in this lively town. 

New call-to-actionExplore some of our luxury villa rentals in Ibiza to find your home away from home, allowing you to undertake some of these wondrous things to do in Ibiza in February. As one of our largest luxury holiday destinations, we aim to ensure that our guests are able to create lasting memories during their holidays in Ibiza no matter the time of year. 

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