Things to do in Ibiza in January: Discover the White Isle away from the crowds

Start the year in style by visiting the White Island. We will tell you all their secrets: where to go, what to see and what to do in Ibiza in January?
Things to do in Ibiza in January: Discover the White Isle away from the crowds
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When you think of Ibiza, you immediately imagine lazy afternoons on the beach and warm summer evenings. But the most illustrious of the Balearic Islands is not only visited in July and August. On the contrary: sunny all year round and lulled by the mild Mediterranean, Ibiza reveals a new facet of its personality in winter. Forgotten are the waves of tourists who wander the streets of the villages and jostle in the beach clubs. You are as if you were alone in the world, ready to discover Ibiza holidays in a new light.

Start the year with a luxury holiday in Spain by visiting the White Island, far from the beaten track. Our local experts will tell you all their secrets: where to go, what to see and things to do in Ibiza in January. 

For all you need to know about the White Island, discover Le Collectionist's guide to Ibiza.

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things to do in ibiza in january: freedom regained

Choosing January for your holiday in Ibiza is a great way to save on tickets and rentals, but it's also a great opportunity to discover the island, away from the crowds that stir it up in the summer. In winter, Ibiza regains its bohemian soul and becomes once again a land of adventurers who come to enjoy their freedom in one of the most beautiful luxury holiday destinations in the world.



Drive the island roads

Hire a car, preferably a convertible, and explore Ibiza's sandy roads, from the beaches of Las Salinas in the south to the secret coves in the north and the whitewashed villages in the centre of the island. The only rule is that you can just wander around, never planning ahead. In January, in Ibiza, there is no more talk of itineraries or timetables. You live at the rhythm of your desires.



Cast off

Go back to the time of pirates and explorers, when the only limit was the skyline, and board an elegant wooden sailboat. Set sail for Formentera, a small piece of land in the south of the island and Ibiza's little sister. Less frequented in summer, it is completely deserted in winter, making it a favourite destination for migratory birds and bohemian artists. Along the way, enjoy the silence, only disturbed by the lapping of the waves against the hull. Don't forget to take a jumper, to stay on the water until the golden hour. This is when the dolphins come out of their hiding place...


things to do in ibiza in january: the head to head island

Ibiza is chosen for its breathtaking scenery, heavenly beaches and lush expanses, but also for its wild evenings. In the city centre of Eivissa and the island's beach clubs, the atmosphere is always lively, no matter what the month of the year. The month of January is also a great opportunity to recharge your batteries away from the world. Take a break from your hectic everyday life and enjoy your luxury Ibiza holiday.




Watch the most beautiful sunsets

Ibiza is known for its sublime sunsets over the sea. And if in summer, finding a place on the sand to attend is an impossible task, it becomes easier during the winter months! Head to one of our favourite spots, Cala Hort, for a grand tête-à-tête with the sun. Settle down on the sand, open a bottle of wine from the island and watch the golden star gradually disappear behind the imposing silhouette of Es Vedra, finishing its run below the horizon line. The show doesn't stop there: stay a little longer, wrapped in a blanket, and watch the stars.


Stroll in the Santa Inès valley

Head north to Ibiza, in the Santa Inès valley, for an exceptional moment. Join your guide at the Can Cires stud farm, and set off on a horseback ride through the heart of the almond blossoms. It is at this time of year, in the white light of winter, that the valley is at its most beautiful. Finish the ride with a lunch in the sunshine on the restaurant's terrace. On the menu: tasty dishes, prepared with fresh, seasonal produce, bought from one of the island's hippy markets.

Take time for yourself 

Visiting Ibiza in January also means savouring the pleasure of doing nothing. Choose from one of our holiday rentals in Ibiza, lost in the middle of the mountains or just a stone's throw from the sea, such as Villa Palm. Isolate yourself in this traditional finca nestled in the heart of lush vegetation, this hideaway away from prying eyes is the perfect place to get together with family or friends. Between long, lazy mornings, bubble baths overlooking the sea and the rock of Es Vedra, and evenings by the fireplace, you will rediscover the joys of life in winter...



One thing is for sure, after a holiday in Ibiza in January, you will never see the island in the same way again... and you will certainly come back every winter, like a migratory bird in search of sunshine and tranquillity. Explore our catalogue of luxury villas for rent in Ibiza, and find your nest.

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