The April Issue

The April Issue includes an exclusive glimpse at some of our favourite destinations, secret spots, and homes for your next family holiday.
The April Issue

At Le Collectionist, family is at the forefront of everything we do. With our collection of charming farmhouses, extravagant chateaus-turned-villas, and beachfront homes, finding the most beautiful homes for you and your tribe is just the beginning. A holiday isn't complete without experiences that create everlasting memories of adventures of a lifetime. So with this inaugural issue, we’re sharing some of our favourite getaways, homes, secret spots, and itineraries.

go on a magical trip to the isle of beauty


This month, we're first taking you on a magical getaway to Corsica, where the coast from north to south is stunning all around. It is a French island with a unique history; a mash-up of cultural influences from Italy, North Africa, and France. It's a hidden treasure trove of surprising spots and exciting adventures for you and your family to discover. 




Full of activities from horse riding, kids clubs at the swankiest beach bars, or stunning aquariums, Ibiza is the ideal holiday destination for families of all kinds. Let us show you Ibiza our way, to see the island in a different light. Let us lift the veil of this beautiful island and open the doors to its stunning landscape and persona that's perfect for families


MASTER family holidays in europe 


When planning a family holiday in Europe, we know how daunting the task can be. The old continent's reach is far, wide, and diverse. So get started and dig through our list of the best family holiday destinations in Europe. Every city and town has its own hidden treasures that we've discovered, and are now sharing with you!


Find the hidden gem of south west france


As one of our favourite hidden destinations only for those in-the-know, Cap Ferret is one of the most luxurious best kept family holiday destinations in France. Its the destination we return to, summer after summer, discovering oysters and each side of Arcachon Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. We love it for its seemingly pastural, rugged landscapes.




Go on a magical road trip and discover our favourite houses to settle down in after a great day of taking to the road with the top down and wind blowing through our hair. Whether we decide to take a voyage through the French countryside, or island-hopping in Greece, we have a set of favourite homes for each occasion and destination.


our villa picks of the month

These are just a glimpse of the houses that inspire wanderlust within us each month, and that we can't wait to return to with our tribe. 

Villa Campagna in Tuscany

Located just a stone's throw away from the bustling town of Florence, Villa Campagna is the perfect hideaway for a classic holiday in Tuscany. After a long day of seeing the stunning sights in the city, come back home and take a step into the stunning crystalline waters of the villa's pool. We guarantee there's nothing else like it.


Villa Flower in Ibiza

Villa Flower has remnants of an almost-Greek style, but is in fact a distinct 'Blakstad house': an architecturally exquisite villa that embodies the traditions of Ibiza. With its sprawling space and endless entertainment, it's the perfect family holiday villa for a splendid Ibiza holiday. 


Villa Ivica in Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik in itself boasts stunning views from every corner, but one could argue that the sunset views from the outdoor deck, or the sunrise from the bedrooms of Villa Ivica are just as breathtaking as those you'd find in the historical centre.


Casa Ella in Comporta

With its multiple outdoor spaces, Casa Ella reveals different sides of its charm in every setting. From night-time bonfires in the sunken fire pit, water polo in the afternoon sun, or a fun barbecue with the entire family, you could plan your own itinerary just throughout your home!



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The April Issue

The April Issue includes an exclusive glimpse at some of our favourite destinations, secret spots, and homes for your next family holiday.


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