Discover the best family holiday destinations in Europe

Treat your tribe to a holiday filled with happy memories by digging through our list of the best family holiday destinations in Europe.
Discover the best family holiday destinations in Europe
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Also known as the 'old continent', Europe is a land of diversity and creativity with rich and varied landscapes. Thinking aout where the best family holiday destinations are? Europe has countless destinations that are all equally varied yet unique. Each city has its own story and hidden treasures just waiting to reveal themselves. In this article, we've picked out our favourite destinations to help you decide on the best family holiday destination in Europe.

By winter, the brumal landscapes of the Alps reappear, sending the green mountainsides into hibernation and coating the branches of the regimented clusters of pine trees. Slopes are manicured and bars are filled, the sounds of skis carving ice and music leaking from steamed-up windows fill the valleys.


City breaks aren't confined to any time of the year. The rich history, culture and gastronomy of European cities mean they are a joy to discover at any time of the year and excellent destinations for families. Picnic in the parks with your children by summer, or meander the galleries and museums by winter. Gaze with nothing short of marvel at the landmarks of Paris or the sweeping views of Florence. Or, delve into the mysterious and ethereal backstreets of Dubrovnik.

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Best family holiday destinations in Europe

Best family holidays, Europe: IN the city

See the Eiffel Tower in the City of Light: Paris 

The architecture of Paris alone will be enough to ignite the imaginations of your children and fill them with rapture. In the summer, have a picnic with your children in Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, where the staggering vertiginous rock formation, which hoists the Temple de la Sybille skyward, and the lake below promise to capture your children's attention. Views of the Eiffel Tower give the city an almost Science-Fiction and otherworldly appeal.

On cooler days, head to the magical world of L'Atelier des Lumières, where famous works of art are brought to life in the vast warehouse-like space. Discover our luxury apartments for rent in Paris to springboard your next trip to the French capital. Our villas will be the perfect backdrop for you to create memories with your family.

Dive into the streets of Croatia in Dubrovnik and Split

Most of Croatia is home to beautiful coastlines, stunning lakes and forests, a fascinating history, fantastic wine, and delicious sea-to-table cuisine. Feel as though you are part of the Star Wars or Game of Thrones universe in the maze-like streets of Dubrovnik's old town. Dubrovnik is a fascinating city break, with a range of activities for the entire family, as well as some delicious Mediterranean food. But if you're looking for the ultimate sailing getaway? A food and wine escape? An adventure in the great outdoors? Split, Croatia’s second largest city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the ultimate summer destination! Just a stone's throw away from Dubrovnik, we recommend visiting it 

Taste the flavours of Florence

Florence's beauty is something of great renown. The sites and beauty are enough even to intrigue the youngest of travellers and will leave those fortunate enough to visit it gawping in admiration. The vibrance of everyday life in Florence is sufficient to occupy your children, as they sample some of Italy's best gelato and watch street performers.


In the summer months of July and August, Siena, just south of Florence, plays host to the Palio di Siena, a horse-race spectacle like no other. For the perfect day trip, meet up with a local to witness this equestrian display from their balcony overlooking the streets. 

Day trips in Aix-en-Provence and its surroundings

Take a villa on the outskirts of this quaint city in the south of France, allowing you to peruse the markets of Aix-en-Provence or embark on adventures in the surrounding area. Spend the day basking in the piquant scents and vibrant colours of the lavender fields that blossom in the summer, or stand-up paddleboard on the bright blue waters of Lac de Saint Croix du Verdon on a fun-filled day trip.


For the more adventurous families, climb aboard the gondola of a hot-air balloon to see a carpet of colours slowly slide and grow in vividness beneath you as the sun rises over this picturesque region. See our articles on the best things to do in Provence with kids and things to do in Aix-en-Provence for more inspiration.

Best family beach holidays in Europe

Gallop the beaches of Comporta

Comporta's long stretch of rugged Atlantic coastline is a treasure of Europe's beach holiday scene. For intrepid families with children, spend the day traversing the wild terrain and beautiful beaches atop a majestic horse. Feel the sea wind rushing through your hair as the horse's mane whips and ripples with each powerful stride. Or embark to the debouching Sado Estuary, where a guide can teach you and your kids about the flourishing wildlife that abounds in this natural reserve. You might even be lucky enough to see some dolphins! 


Child-friendly beaches in Cap Ferret and Arcachon

Hide and seek amongst the dunes of Cap Ferret and Arcachon will provide hours of amusement. The beaches of Arcachon and Cap Ferret are sheltered by the headland, creating still, shallow and serene beaches, where your children can merrily frolic in the shallows and scale the dunes. Older kids will relish the opportunity to waterski across the mirror-like surface of the bay. View our collection of luxury villa rentals in Cap Ferret

Water sports and the great outdoors, Corsica

Corsica's beaches are paradisiacal and diverse, where languid days can be spent in seaside restaurants or drifting between lounger and sea. But there are also plenty of water-based activities to be found on the shores of this Mediterranean beauty. Explore the seabed with your goggles and flippers tightly fastened, or kayak along the dramatic coastline to discover cliffs and tucked-away coves. For those endeavouring to take on more high-octane challenges, take a lesson in kite- or windsurfing and you will learn to glide over the azure waters.

Best family holiday locations in Europe for older kids

Winding roads and boat trips on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is benevolent with its endlessly awe-inspiring views. The coastline seems to jut from the Tyrrhenian Sea, creating splendorous views from the windy road that hugs the coastline. Take a boat trip to some mesmerising caves, where natural sunlight filters in through an underwater hole, creating an iridescent blue light that feels artificial. 

A winter wonderland in Val d'Isère 

A holiday with children, especially older children who enjoy the thrills of skiing, but also some of the social aspects of holidays to Val d'Isère, is the perfect way to spend your holidays in the winter months. The exhilarating landscape makes for some excellent skiing. The vibe is youthful, but it doesn't lose the Alpine refinement which so many people have come to adore. 

Year-round sun in Mallorca

More than most places, Mallorca means different things to different people. For many, the Spanish island is synonymous with the endless trinity of sun, sea and sangría. Whether you want to play tennis or a round of golf, go sailing or scuba diving, mess around at the water park, visit historical landmarks or be pampered at a spa retreat, Mallorca has more than enough to keep you occupied in both the summer and winter when not relaxing by the pool.

With Le Collectionist, your luxury family holidays to some of the best destinations in Europe for a family trip are made effortless. Explore our collection to find your next dream home in one of these incredible destinations. 

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