Breathtaking discoveries in South Tuscany 

Travel off the beaten path in South Tuscany, embracing the freedom of the wild landscapes. Where nature stands as proudly as historical monuments, discover the natural springs, ancient tombs and Mediaeval villages that make this region so unique. 

Make this breathtaking region the backdrop to your enchanting escape in one of our luxury rentals in the South of Tuscany and explore our luxury concierge’s guide to its unmissable addresses and activities.

Le Collectionist conciergerie's top 5

1 - Bathe in the hot springs at Cascate del Mulino

In Saturnia, uncover the hot spring cascades that gush out at Cascate del Mulino which have been praised for millenia for their healing properties. As if Mother Nature had let her imagination run wild, these limestone pools and sulphurous thermal waters are awe-inspiring, open 24 hours a day and are free to enjoy. 

In a nutshell
Hot springs/ Relaxation 

2 - Explore the Maremma coastline on a boat tour 

Where Tuscany kisses the Tyrrhenian Sea, Maremma boasts of some of Italy’s most idyllic beaches. Set sail to discover golden sands and turquoise waters that embody the region’s authentic and untouched charm. Marvel as this rugged coastline glides past and then dock at one of the tranquil shores, framed with pine trees, to dip your toes in the sands. 

In a nutshell
Boat tour/ Untouched beaches

3 - Sample the region’s exquisite wines 

Nestled along the sloping landscape, discover rolling vineyards and historical wineries where the vintages reflect the rich personality of the terroir. In particular, savour the notes of Morellino di Scansano, the region’s red wine that pairs perfectly with the region’s rich dishes. 

In this infamous wine-producing region, discover the best vineyards in Tuscany.  

In a nutshell
Wine tasting/ Rich terroir

4 - Visit the charming historic towns and villages 

Travel through time in South Tuscany, where Mediaeval towns and ancient ruins tell the tales of times gone by. Relics of Italy’s Etruscan past, discover the traces of the area’s first settlers with networks of perfectly-preserved necropolises. Tracing from the Etruscan and Roman settlements to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period, villages like Pitigliano and Sorano offer a visual timeline of the region’s history. 

In a nutshell
Historical towns/ Etruscan and Roman ruins

5 - Lounge on the sands in Porto Ercole 

Spend the day on the beaches around Porto Ercole, lounging on the stretches of white sands with the pine forests and the majestic Ciana Tower in the background. After your day soaking up vitamin D, in this ancient port town, wander around to discover brightly coloured buildings, picturesque harbours and magnificent fortresses

In a nutshell
Picturesque beaches/ Port Town

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Balade en voiture

Where to stay in South Tuscany


Known as ‘Little Jerusalem’ due to its historical Jewish community, each brick and alleyway in this charming town has a story to tell. From Etruscan ruins to buildings that are the proud guardians of the town’s past, the area is rich in history. The very sight of the town is as dramatic as its history, built on top of tuff, consolidated volcanic ash, and looking out towards the sea.

In a nutshell
Historical town/ Tuff 

Villa degli Aromi

Villa degli Aromi 


Cocooned by the undulating emerald fields, discover the secrets of Radicofani, guarded for centuries by the formidable fortress that looms over the village. If you’re after adventure, explore the piazza, Romanesque church and then climb to the top of the fortress for the most dazzling views of the surrounding nature.

In a nutshell
Mediaeval town/ Verdant hills


Villa Bludivigna 

The best spots in South Tuscany


There’s no shortage of things to do in the largest city in Marammena. Within its Medicean walls, find a treasure trove of history. Gaze up at the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, a testament to the city’s rich past, with its ornate facade and breathtaking frescos. Then wander through the exhibitions of the Archaeological and Art Museum of Maremma which visually tells the tale of a city, from prehistoric times to the modern day.

In a nutshell
Historic city/ Medicean walls

Monte Argentario  

Jutting out into the glistening sea, Monte Argentario is a spectacular headland with two picturesque towns, Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole. Hike through to enjoy panoramic views of this lush landscape, where turquoise waters contrast beautifully against the fine sands and rocky landscape, covered in a lush green blanket.

In a nutshell
Coastline/ Spectacular views

Punta Ala 

The shores of Punta Ala are lined with luxury yachts which can’t resist the magnetic pull of its golden sands. Take a seat at one of the marina’s many restaurants serving the fresh catch of the day and then explore the surrounding natural beauty with its winding trails that cut through the thickets of pine trees and shrubs.

In a nutshell
Coastal resort town/ Glamour

Détails roches
Bateau tour

The best restaurants in South Tuscany

Officina delle Bistecca 

At Officina delle Bistecca the humble vegetable is treated with as much respect and reverence as the steak. The choice of two menus caters to carnivores and vegetarians alike and their ethics are integrated into each dish, promising respect for the animal by using every part well. Whether you choose their beef tartar or their crostone, toasted Italian bread topped with vegetables, you won’t regret your choice.

Officina delle Bistecca 
Via XX Luglio, 11, 50022 Panzano In Chianti, Italy

Ristorante Caino

Drawing inspiration from the traditional recipes perfected in her mother and grandmother’s kitchen, at Ristorante Caino chef Valeria Piccini transforms traditional Maremma cuisine into fine-dining masterpieces. Worthy of its two Michelin stars, Piccini brings a vivacity to these familiar flavours. On the menu discover pairings like rosemary cannoli with duck and chickpeas or wild-boar ham with Jerusalem artichokes to experience Maremma cooking differently.

Ristorante Caino 
Via della Chiesa, 4, 58014, Montemerano, Italy


As you step through the doors of Grantosco, expect a warm welcome from the quaint trattoria. Always elegant but never pretentious, this Michelin-star restaurant remains faithful to its roots. Discover Maremma cuisine that lets local produce take centre stage and make sure to try the fresh catch of the day.

Via Solferino, 4, 58100, Grosseto, Italy

La Cantinetta di Rignata

La Cantinetta di Rignata is a proud testimony to man living in harmony with nature. Surrounded by vineyards, woods and olive groves, take a seat on the terrace in this ancient oil mill and discover the timeless secrets of Tuscan cuisine. With each dish reflecting the area’s rich terroir, discover local truffles and delicious cuts of meat, all expertly paired with the best vintages. 

To immerse yourself in this rich terroir, learn more about luxury agritourism in Tuscany.

La Cantinetta di Rignata 
Via Rignana, 13, 50022 Greve in Chianti, Italy


In this Michelin-starred restaurant, local cuisine reigns supreme. Since 1949, this family-run restaurant has been perfecting the art of Tuscan dishes. Each generation has passed down the technique to perfect homemade tortellini, parcels filled with ricotta and spinach, or elegant spaghetti served with clams. Take a seat overlooking the splendid Piazza Dante and feast on the fragrant Maremma cuisine.

Piazza Dante Alighieri, 3, 58100 Grosseto, Italy

L’Uva e il Malto 

At this seafood restaurant, the treasures of the ocean are transformed into works of art. So beautiful you will be hesitant to take the first bite, discover dishes like calamari served with creamed leeks or millefoglie di pane carasau, delicate layers of music bread served with cod mouse.

L’Uva e il Malto 
Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 165, 58100, Grosseto, Italy


South Tuscany with family

Play in the sands on South Tuscany’s beaches 

Grab your buckets and spades and head to Maremma’s pristine beaches which transform into a playground for your little ones. Like magic, golden sands become towering sandcastles and Mediterranean pinewoods become the perfect spot for a game of hide and seek. From the dunes of La Feniglia to the rocky coves of Cala Piccola, there is something for every family.

In a nutshell
Pristine beaches/ Natural landscapes

Horseback ride as a family 

Mount your noble steeds and trot through the mesmerising Maremma landscape. Tailored to everyone’s experience levels and guided by an experienced instructor, seasoned equestrians can gallop along as the rolling fields become flashes of green. Equally, your little ones can make the most of their pony’s gente stride to marvel at each pine tree lining your route.

In a nutshell
Horse ride/ Incredible views  

Discover nature in the thermal baths 

The landscape itself in South Tuscany invites you on a relaxing and rejuvenating escape, with its pools of hot springs and thermal baths that glisten under the Mediterranean sun. Your little ones can paddle in the warm waters while your older ones will want to capture pictures of the dramatic landscape for all their friends to see. 

In a nutshell
Thermal baths/ Adventure 

Looking for more activities to keep your little ones entertained all day?

Plage en famille

Le Collectionist's exclusive experiences

Enjoy a helicopter tour of the vineyards 

Let our luxury concierge organise a helicopter ride that offers a bird’s eye view of the undulating hills and spectacular vineyards. Hover over the seas of green, punctuated by ancient stone wineries and learn what makes each grape variety so unique. Then, of course, make sure to savour their vintages!

In a nutshell
Helicopter tour/ vineyards

Take a tour around Montepulciano 

Follow one of our guides through the Renaissance hilltown of Montepulciano, where every building has a story to tell. As you wander through Mediaeval alleyways, pass the Gothic cathedral and marvel at the grandeur of the Renaissance palazzos, let us narrate the story of this town. Then, let us reveal what’s missed off the pages of history books, from the artisan shops to the family-run trattorias.

In a nutshell
Guided tour/ Historical town

Ascend in hot-air balloon

Soar into the skies to marvel at the phenomenal Maremma landscape for the best vantage point. Clusters of terracotta-tiled buildings and stone Mediaeval monuments stand proudly as testimony to the region’s rich history. Then, as you ascend, marvel as the sea of green meets its match with the wild coastline ahead.

In a nutshell
Hot-air balloon/ Phenomenal views

Eager to wander through the enchanting Tuscan countryside? For more inspiration for your Tuscan escape, explore our complete guides to Siena and Lucca.

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South Tuscany in the eyes of...

"My idea for Castello Romano was to welcome modern royalty, in all shapes and forms."

Paolo Vico


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When to visit South Tuscany 


Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, every season in South Tuscany has its distinct charm yet tourists and Italians alike flock to South Tuscany during the summer for good reasons: heavenly beaches, protected natural landscapes and relics of history

Things to do in Italy in June
Things to do in Italy in July
Things to do in Italy in August


Witness Maremma’s spell-binding transformation during autumn, when the landscapes are painted in hues of gold, amber and crimson. With fewer people, you don’t have to worry about setting the alarm to get a coveted spot on the beach. Moreover, the cooler weather invites you to hike through the rolling hills, exploring their beauty. 

Things to do in Italy in September
Things to do in Italy in October
Things to do in Italy in November


As temperatures drop to around 3 to 10°C, immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Maremma. Discover the Etruscan ruins, the Mediaeval villages and the Renaissance imprints that still linger throughout the landscape. Then, seek warmth by the fireplace in a trattoria along the way, savouring the slow-cooked wild boar and rabbit that is perfect for explorers like yourself. 

Things to do in Italy in December
Things to do in Italy in January
Things to do in Italy in February


As the Mediterranean sun shines brightly again on Maremma in spring, end your winter hibernation. Explore the columned cathedrals, ancient fortresses and Etruscan ruins without the summer hordes. Perfect for bathing in the hot springs and pristine beaches, embrace the warmer days in South Tuscany as though the landscape is yours alone to explore. 

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Things to do in Italy in May

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