Lucca: where the past meets the present

Transport yourself back in time in Lucca, a city brimming with historical monuments and cultural hotspots. In this Italian city, even trattorias promise to give you a taste of the past with their family recipes.

For an unforgettable escape in one of our luxury rentals in Lucca, allow us to guide you through this Tuscan city and tell you the tales of time gone by

Le Collectionist conciergerie's top 5

1 - Walk along Lucca’s historic walls

Follow along the Renaissance ramparts that snake around the city, discovering the bastions and gates that each have their own unique story to tell. From this unique vantage point, discover the transformation of these military fortifications into a tranquil escape from city life. In one of the many green spaces that line your route, take a moment to admire the lush canopy of towering trees and quaint cobblestone streets.

In a nutshell
City walls/ Nature

2 - Take a helicopter ride over the region’s wineries 

The picturesque fields and vineyards of Tuscany are best appreciated from above! Let us arrange for you to take to the skies in a helicopter and hover over the Mediaeval towns of Gimignano and Florence that sprawl out across this sea of green.

In a nutshell
Wine tasting/ Helicopter ride

3 - Learn the secrets of Italian cuisine in a private cooking class

In Lucca, an epicentre of artistry, food is no exception. Learn the art of Italian cuisine, where simplicity reigns and local produce shines. Master the local dishes such as ribollita, a hearty soup, or bistecca alla fiorentina, a specially prepared t-bone steak, in your private cooking class to amaze at your next dinner party!

In a nutshell
Cooking class/ Italian cuisine

4 - Climb to the top of the Guinigi Tower for panoramic views of Lucca

Surprise awaits at the top of this 14th-century tower, where every step of the steep ascent takes you closer to the unexpected. At the summit of this Romanesque-Gothic tower, discover a secret garden flourishing against the backdrop of antiquity. In this oasis you can catch your breath only for it to be taken away again by the spectacular views of Lucca sprawling out in front of you.

In a nutshell
Mediaeval tower/ Secret garden

5 - Travel through Tuscany on a Vespa 

Style, freedom, La Dolce Vita. Nothing embodies this Italian dream more than the image of sailing through the infinite stretches of green fields in Tuscany on a Vespa. Venture into the heart of the lush countryside, where olive groves and rustic farmhouses pepper the green landscape, as the gold and crimson sunset gilds the Tuscan skies.

In a nutshell
Vespa/ Landscape

Where to stay in Lucca

Montecarlo Village

Retreat to your sanctuary in Montecarlo Village, cocooned in Lucca’s idyllic emerald hills. The DOC Montecarlo winemaking region earns its stellar reputation and is the perfect pairing for the culinary delights served in the quaint trattorias scattered around the region.

In a nutshell
Rolling countryside/ Picturesque

Villa Minelia

Villa Minelia



Carrara is an epicentre of artistic heritage, where every corner is a testament to the creatives who have drawn inspiration from its natural splendour. Nestled at the foot of marble-rich mountains, this city has been a magnet for artists and artisans for centuries. Explore the abundant marble reserves that have given birth to awe-inspiring masterpieces, ranging from grandiose cathedrals to stately statues.

In a nutshell
Marble-rich mountains/ Artistry

Forte dei Marmi 

Follow in the footsteps of royalty and discover the allure of Forte dei Marmi’s golden shores. In this spectacular region, let the timeless melody of the waves set the soundtrack to your Tuscan retreat. Once proudly defending the region against attacks, in the fortress you can now chuckle at the jokes on display in the Museum of Satire and Caricature.

In a nutshell
Seaside town/ History

Villa Carlotta

Villa Carlotta



Nestled at the foot of the Apuan Alps, step into a time machine during your stay in Camaiore. In this enchanting Mediaeval town, the city's Roman origins are evident in its architectural marvels, where ancient basilicas and parish churches stand as a testament to its deep-rooted history.

In a nutshell
Historic town/ Natural beauty

Villa Danilo

Villa Danilo 



The best spots in Lucca 

Surround yourself with history at the Piazza dell'Anfiteatro

Standing in the Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, you can feel the throbbing pulse of the city. Layers of history build on top of each other, from its Roman origins as an amphitheatre to its 6th-century fortifications and its 19th-century modifications. Its architecture narrates the tale of a trailblazing city at the forefront of culture and commerce. Feel the presence of history sipping your coffee at one of the many cafés dotting around this technicolour piazza. 

In a nutshell
Town centre/ Historical

Gaze in awe at the Cathedral of San Martino

The Cathedral of San Martino is the culmination of centuries of devotion and craftsmanship. With construction believed to have started in 588 and concluded in 1637, marvel at these era-spanning artistic and architectural movements singing in harmony. A triumph of Romanesque architecture, its white, pink, and green marble facade is adorned with intricate bas-reliefs that echo tales from the past.

In a nutshell
Cathedral/ Breathtaking artistry

Step back in time in the National Museum of Palazzo Mansi

As if frozen in amber, step into one of the most grandiose aristocratic homes in Lucca. Here, the stone and architecture tell you the story of Lucca’s silk-producing past and of the Mansi family, with its weaving workshop the ultimate immersion in this time capsule. Marvel at the ornate frescoes and Flemish tapestries peering down at you or the flickering candlelight dancing on the walls of the chapel.

In a nutshell
Historical house/ Artistry

Savour the infamous wines of Lucca

The terroir of Lucca gives birth to world-renowned wineries such as Fattoria del Teso, Tenuta di Valgiano, and Podere Concori. On your guided tour and tasting adventure, snake through the ancient barrels and then head outside to savour their fruits surrounded by pine and cypress trees. Savour the notes of the whites and reds that speak of Lucca’s vicinity to the sea and delightfully mild climate.

In a nutshell
Wine tasting/ Breathtaking scenery

The best restaurants in Lucca   

Pasticceria Taddeucci

After an action-packed day ticking off Lucca’s cultural hotspots, stop off at Pasticceria Taddeucci to satisfy your sweet tooth. We would recommend their signature bake, buccellato, although beware that after a single bite of this secret recipe, you will want to make your Lucca holidays an annual tradition!

Pasticceria Taddeucci
Piazza San Michele, 34, 55100 Lucca

Buca di Sant’Antonio

Buca DI Sant’Antonio not only has the Michelin guide’s stamp of approval but also the endorsement of the diners who have frequented this restaurant for centuries. A pillar of the Tuscan culinary scene from at least 1782, it honours traditions that have been flourishing from time immemorial. Take a seat under the old copper pots dangling from the ceiling and savour their handmade pasta and meat-based dishes.

Buca di Sant’Antonio
Via della Cervia, 3, 55100 Lucca

Cantine Bernardini

Cantine Bernardini seeks to honour the region’s rich terroir while offering their own innovative and gourmet twist. The result? Their vision of ‘artisanal cuisine’ promises to take you on a gustatory journey, with dishes such as paccheri pasta and white fish ragout adorned with olives, oregano and courgette.

Cantine Bernardini
Via del Suffragio, 7, 55100 Lucca

Pizzeria da Felice

Sepia photos framed on the wall, a chalkboard proudly listing the day’s specials and a menu that boasts of simple Tuscan dishes. At Pizzeria da Felice, each generation has been taught by their elders the art of kneading the dough and commanding the wood-fire oven that glows in the corner of this family-run pizzeria.

Pizzeria da Felice
Via Buia, 12, 55100 Lucca

Gli Orti di Via Elisa

The menu at Gli Orti di Via Elisa evolves with the seasons yet their commitment to high quality and local ingredients is constant. Their exquisite dishes take inspiration from flavour combinations perfected over centuries such as the cod paired with chickpeas or their signature pizza, for which the dough is patiently left to prove for 30 hours.

Gli Orti di Via Elisa
Via Elisa, 17, 55100 Lucca

Lucca with family

Savour Italian gelato

Whether your little ones are traditionalists or adventurous foodies, Lucca’s artisanal gelaterias offer cool oases under the golden Italian sun. Lining the streets of Lucca, inside a world of delight awaits, from the nutty velvet of pistachio to the pure decadence of rich chocolate

In a nutshell
Gelato/ Traditional recipes

Learn the art of pasta making in a private cooking class

Pici, pappardelle, tortelli. Each pasta shape has its own distinct personality, from the elegant pici gleaming in its coat of tomato and garlic sauce, to the humble pappardelle that provides the canvas for the wild boar ragu to shine. Discover these generational secrets and the technique of pasta fatta a mano, making pasta by hand. It’s like having access to the family recipe book, where each successor has added their hand-scribbled notes in the margins.

In a nutshell
Pasta making/ Tuscan cuisine

Family Picnic in Lucca's Botanical Gardens

Lay out your picnic blanket surrounded by mesmerising natural beauty in Lucca’s botanical garden. Let the rustling leaves of centuries-old plants and chirping birds set the soundtrack to your lunch feast. With local delicacies forming a tableau of tantalising treats, make sure to save room for a gelato sweet treat afterwards!

In a nutshell
Picnic/ Botanical gardens

Cycle along the Lucca Wall 

Mount your two-wheeled chariots and pedal along the historic ramparts of the Lucca Wall. With the breeze rustling through your helmet, marvel at the flashes of green that pass by, taking a moment to stop at one of the many parks en route before the last leg of your journey.

In a nutshell
Bike ride/ Lucca wall

Le Collectionist's exclusive experiences

Take to the roads in a vintage car 

Drive through the sun-drenched landscape in your cherry-red vintage car for an adventure where time stands still. With the roof down, embrace the wind in your hair and take the road less travelled. At each turn enjoy the rural charm of the sprawling farms, ancient dry stone walls and olive groves.

In a nutshell
Vintage car/ Countryside

Discover the secrets of Lucca on a guided tour

Lucca is a city saturated in history, with world-famous galleries, piazzas and churches vying for your attention. Our guides, who could navigate through the winding alleys of Lucca blindfolded, are the perfect people to help you create your perfect itinerary. From a crash course in art history to local intel on the best restaurants without snaking queues, let us show you the hidden treasures of Lucca.

In a nutshell
Guided tour/ Local expertise

Find your inner peace with a yoga session at home

Make the serene Tuscan landscape the backdrop for a relaxing yoga session from the comfort of your luxury villa. Whether on the dew-kissed grass or gazing out the floor-to-ceiling windows, align your body, mind and spirit as the idyllic views of the Tuscan rolling hills stretch out before you. Let one of our handpicked instructors guide you through warrior poses and sun salutations, tailoring the session according to your needs.

In a nutshell
Yoga/ At home

Soar in a hot-air balloon above Lucca

Defy gravity as you transcend up into the clouds in a hot-air balloon, mesmerised by the tapestry before your eyes. Like a Renaissance masterpiece, the undulating green hills are painted in deep shades of green, while constellations of Mediaeval villages are dotted throughout the landscape.

In a nutshell
Hot air balloon/ Views

When to visit Lucca  


Kissed by the Mediterranean sun, Lucca is an Italian dream during summer. With temperatures varying from 32°C to 16°C, you can spend the days sightseeing and then retreat back to the cool waters of your swimming pool in one of our luxury villas.

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Things to do in Italy in July
Things to do in Italy in August


Autumn in Lucca offers the perfect combination of fewer crowds and delightfully mild weather. Wine lovers rejoice for it’s the ideal time during harvest to explore the nearby vineyards, tasting their vintages.

Things to do in Italy in September
Things to do in Italy in October
Things to do in Italy in November


Lucca is utterly charming all year round and the colder months are no exception. Although you might have to don an extra layer, the ever-mild weather means that treks through the countryside and days rambling through museums are still on the agenda.

Things to do in Italy in December
Things to do in Italy in January
Things to do in Italy in February


Emerge from your winter hibernation and look forward to warmer days in Lucca, where the Mediterranean sun basks the idyllic landscape in its warm glow. With average maximum temperatures peaking around 24°C, avoid the summer hoards and the intense summer heat this spring in Lucca.

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