Best Hidden Gems in Italy for your family holidays

The usual tourist circuits don’t always allow you to fully enjoy the charm of Italian cities. For your family trip, discover the best hidden gems throughout Italy, and admire this country from a unique angle.
Best Hidden Gems in Italy for your family holidays
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Italy is a widely known country rich in culture, history, art, and exquisite cuisine.

Whether you are drawn to the rich culture of Florence in central Italy, the breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast in the south, or the sophisticated charm of Lake Como in the north, explore Italy beyond its tourist paths and discover the best hidden gems in Italy.

Le Collectionist brings you to secret places to visit in Italy for an original experience of La Dolce Vita


There are infinite must-see spots in Italy to discover with your family. Northern Italy offers a distinct culture, influenced by its proximity to the Swiss border and the Alps.

Whether you want to wander through art galleries, indulge in fine cuisine, or take in scenic landscapes filled with hills and mountains, explore the best places to visit in northern Italy with your family. 


The best hidden gems to discover in Lake Como

Lake Como, Italy's most famous lake, is renowned for its captivating scenery and charming villages.

Stroll through the cobblestone streets of Nesso, a quaint and lesser-known neighbour of Bellagio, or visit Ponte della Civera, a Romanesque stone bridge at sunset for a stunning nature view. With this village's ancient stone houses, you will feel like you stepped back in time, long enough to delve into the best things to do in Lake Como.


If you want to go off the beaten track, make your way to Cernobbio, a picturesque town on the western shore known for its lush gardens and beautiful lake views.

One of Italy's hidden gems is Pianello del Lario Beach, a natural pebble beach and a great spot to kite surf during your family trip to Italy.

Looking to discover more in Lake Como? We got you covered with our guide to the best places to visit in Lake Como

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Villa Noce, a modern home in Lake Como 


Tucked away in a serene corner of Lake Como, Villa Noce offers you a luxurious escape with breathtaking, panoramic lake views and no neighbours to disturb your peaceful holiday.

Start your day off with a fresh dip in the outdoor pool, then head out to explore the natural reserve for a day of exploring! As the sun sets, unwind by the fireplace or enjoy a barbecue dinner with friends and family.


Things to know: 

  • Villa Noce, Lake Como, Italy
  • 10 guests
  • Lake panoramic view, tennis court, pool, sauna, fitness room 
  • From 15,795 € to 42,980 € per week

Discover Tuscany differently: off the beaten track spots in Central Italy 

Tuscany, the cradle of the Italian Renaissance, invites you to explore an abundance of cultural landmarks, museums, expansive vineyards, and romantic villages.

If you want to visit some of the best hidden gems in Tuscany, visit Garfagnana, a sprawling mountainous area north of Lucca, perfect for family hikes or kayaking.



Once your kids are off to nap, you can enjoy a private vineyard visit and a romantic picnic overlooking verdant hills.

Feel free to explore our list of our 10 best things to do as a family, or trust us with our guide to the south of Tuscany for your luxury family holiday. 


 Villa Spectra, an elegant home in Tuscany 


Get out of town to relax in Villa Spectra, one of our luxury homes in the heart of Tuscany, surrounded by lush vineyards and scenic nature views.

Spend the day strolling through the vineyards or diving into the expansive pool for a refreshing swim. 

After venturing out into the vibrant, forest green nature that surrounds you, enjoy a round of golf or unwind with a card game on the terrace, savouring a chilled cocktail while taking in the beautiful sunset.


Things to know: 

  • Villa Spectra, Province of Lucca, Tuscany, Italy
  • 10 guests 
  • Nature views, pool, vineyard, golf, billiard room, fireplace 
  • From 10,920 € to 15,750 € per week

Best Secret places in Florence 

Florence, the capital city of the Tuscan region, is admired for the beauty of its Renaissance art, architecture, and most of all, its delicious cuisine, featuring local ingredients like olive oil, truffles, and more pasta dishes than you could ever dream of.

Venture off to one of our hidden gems in Florence and explore the Giardino Bardini, a vast and colourful garden with a panoramic, unique view overlooking Florence. 



After a day of exploring exceptional picturesque sights, treat your family to dinner at Cantina Barbagianni, one of our hidden gem restaurants in Florence, offering you an intimate dining experience full of laughter and local wine.

To let you in on how much we value fresh, delicious food, check out Le Collectionist's 4 amazing Italian food experiences

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Casa Del Mulino, a renovated mill in Florence 


Hidden in the verdant countryside in between Siena and Florence, Casa del Mulino, a stunning ancient mill full of elegance and charm, offers you a chance to connect with history and nature all in one place.

Explore the nature fields and forests during the day, or lay back and enjoy the calming green scenery in the comfort of your own haven.


Things to know:

  • Casa del Mulino, Florence, Tuscany, Italy 
  • 14 guests
  • Nature views, Mediterranean garden, golf, pool, grill
  • From 21,795 € to 23,950 € per week

All of the beaten track spots in southern italy 

Southern Italy, greatly influenced by Greek culture, is rich in archaeological heritage and known for some of Italy's most stunning coastlines to uncover.

We have carefully curated the must-see spots in Italy's southern region, featuring the natural beauty of the Amalfi Coast, the charming hidden gems in Puglia, and the enchanting island of Sardinia


The best hidden gems in the Amalfi Coast 

Head off the beaten track and discover one of our Amalfi Coast hidden gems in the peaceful town of Montepertuso, perched above Positano.

Spend your family trip to Italy trekking to admire panoramic views, or spoil yourself with a private boat day tour, all while basking in the sun!

If you are seeking a detailed plan for your luxurious escape, we have created a full itinerary for your stay in the Amalfi Coast.


For an authentic and local ambiance, the quaint city of Atrani, located east of the Amalfi Coast, is a must-see in Italy.

Visit the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Bando in the province of Salerno and uncover our handpicked selection of restaurants for a lovely dining experience in our luxury guide to the Amalfi Coast.

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Villa Circolo, a traditional home in the Amalfi Coast 


Villa Circolo, located in the charming town of Ravello above the Amalfi Coast, embodies the Italian way of living with its bold design and lively decor.

Enjoy your morning breakfast with picturesque views overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, or hop in the jacuzzi to start your day off basking in the sun.


Things to know: 

  • Villa Circolo, Ravello, Italy 
  • 8 guests
  • Sea view, jacuzzi, wooded, tropical with grass, mediterranean garden
  • From 8,145 € to 13,165 € per week

Must see places in Puglia 

Known for forming the heal of the "boot", Puglia gifts you with radiant views of the Mediterranean coastline and some of the best masserias in Italy. Spend a day relaxing at Torre Aluzzo, one of our hidden gems in Salento.



If you want to get off the beaten track, visit Noci, a quick drive from Alberobello, where you can enjoy infinite activities from cooking lessons to wine tasting or cycling, offering you the best family trip to Italy in this picturesque village. 

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Casa Aloé, a charming retreat in Puglia 


In Salento, Puglia, Casa Aloé, a modern villa just outside the town of Carovigno, known for its production of high-quality olive oil and its beautiful landscapes of Apulia, this retreat encapsulates the essence of the Italian countryside.

Casa Aloé’s white-washed walls create a striking contrast with the sky blue pool and wooden design. Spend the day surrounded by the fields or take a quick drive to town to experience the local culture and proximity to the sea.


Things to know: 

  • Casa Aloé, Le Salento, Les Pouilles, Italy 
  • 8 guests
  • Nature views, pool, Mediterranean garden, golf, barbecue, surrounded by fields 
  • From 5,395 € to 6,950 € per week

Secret spots to discover with family in Sardinia 

Sardinia is known for its deep historical origins, mouthwatering gastronomy, and last but definitely not least, its immaculate beaches. Start your day perfecting your tan on Spiaggia La Pelosa in Stintino, a former fishing village and one of our hidden gems on the northwest coast of Sardinia.


As the sun sets upon the turquoise waters, get ready to go back to one of our luxury villas, where you can prepare a fresh seafood dinner with your loved ones. 

Planning to explore more of northern Sardinia? Discover how we like to delve into its rich cultural surroundings with our luxury holiday planning.

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Villa Abbondanza, a peaceful home designed by an architect in Sardinia 


 Looking to travel as a big group? Only 50 metres from the shore, you will find Villa Abbondanza, designed by a renowned architect, located in Sardinia, Italy, that awaits to offer you a holiday surrounded by lush green lawns and Mediterranean trees. 


During your family trip in Italy, which cities should you visit ?
  • Florence for its Renaissance architecture, distinct cultural heritage, and delicious cuisine.
  • Tuscany for its cultural landmarks, romantic villages, and expansive vineyards.
  • Amalfi Coast for its scenic views, coastal cliffs and lemon trees! For more insight on what to see visit our curated list of our must see spots in Italy.
Where is the best gastronomy to indulge with your family in Italy?

For a mouthwatering dining experience, Le Collectionist has prepared a luxury guide to the most amazing and authentic Italian food experiences.

Enjoy one of our favorite Michelin star restaurants in Lake Como: Restaurant Mistral for traditional and mediterranean Italian dishes.

Dining in Florence? Savour delicious Italian cuisine at Santa Elisabetta in the beautiful heart of Tuscany.

What are the best off the beaten track places to visit in Italy ?
  • Lake Como has some of Italy's best hidden gems in Nesso, and Cernobbio. Trust us with our luxury guide to the best places to visit in Lake Como.
  •  Travel off the beaten path to the South of Tuscany for a holiday full of beauty and nature by following our conciergerie's guide.
  • Positano for its untouched beaches, shopping, or an adventure full of hiking to admire panoramic views



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