Our Guide to the Best Places to Visit on Lake Como

Planning your luxury getaway in Italy? Check out our guide to the best places to visit on Lake Como to make the most of you holiday!
Our Guide to the Best Places to Visit on Lake Como
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If youre looking for a gorgeous place to explore when you visit Italy, look no further than Lake Como. This glacial lake is located in Lombardy and is surrounded by the beauty of the Alps. This luxury holiday destination is known for its stunning villas, lovely gardens, and verdant landscapes. Whether youre looking to lounge on the beach, discover the mountains or taste some of the best food and wine Italy has to offer, Lake Como is the perfect place for your luxury Italy holiday. 

There are plenty of activities to enjoy, like sailing, swimming, windsurfing, and hiking. There are also many picturesque villages around Lake Como well worth exploring. There are plenty of natural beauties and museums, as well as an abundance of restaurants, shops, and more to explore!

Check out the best places to visit on Lake Como:


Villa del Balbianello

If you're a fan of history, architecture, art or film, then Villa del Balbianello is a must-see. Built in the eighteenth century on the ruins of a convent, the Villa and its grounds were carefully designed to create a gorgeous ambience with stunning views of the lake. After changing hands a few times over the centuries, it was purchased by an eccentric Count, who filled the villa with his luxurious collection of art and artefacts collected from his lifetime of expeditions around the world. Now a museum, you can explore the beauty of the estate on a guided tour and see where scenes from Casino Royale and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones were filmed!


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the devil's bridge

If you are looking for some outdoor adventure during your holiday in Lake Como, go to see the Devil's Bridge. This quirky bridge lies at the end of a beautiful hiking trail with stunning views of the valley. This spot is hidden far from the tourist bustle and has a fascinatingly spooky legend tied to it. When you cross its old stones, you will find yourself in the village of Lezzeno. According to the local folklore, the village was once home to a coven of witches who cast a love spell on all of the men of the town (with deadly consequences), which gave the bridge its ominous name. While the history behind the area is eerie, the scenery you'll see along the way is heavenly!


botanical gardens

Plant lovers absolutely have to visit one or many of the lush botanical gardens on the estates of the old villas that dot the lake. These gardens have been pruned for hundreds of years to shape them into the unique and lovely spaces they are today. With hundreds of plant species such as ancient wisteria and grand oak trees (some of which have been living for centuries), these verdant oases are a paradise that anyone would love to explore. Be sure to bring a camera, because you will want to take some photos to document your time in these magical gardens.


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Are you searching for a quiet respite where you can stroll along quaint streets away from the crowds? You will fall in love with Nesso, a smaller, lesser-known neighbour of Bellagio. Its iconic gorge splits the village in half, but be sure to explore both sides! As you walk along the cobbled paths between stone houses and ancient trees, you will feel as though you've stepped back through time in this enchanting place. With plenty of history to explore, you will be entertained just exploring without any agenda. Spend an afternoon visiting some of the small boutiques and follow the sound of rushing water until you find yourself in the town square, at the foot of a waterfall. Find a little restaurant and enjoy an authentic meal in this picturesque environment.


How to Get There?

Now that you know the best places to visit on Lake Como, you need to figure out the best way to get to them! Luckily, Le Collectionist offers transportation that will allow you to explore the region in style. If you want to venture into the heights of the lush, green mountains, you can rent a classic car, or a luxury sports model to get you where you need to go with flare. If you want to check out the various villages that line the emerald shores, rent a vintage speedboat to cruise around the crystal waters of the lake!

Photo by Chris Boland

With Le Collectionist, every aspect of your luxury holiday will be perfectly curated to your tastes. Explore our collection of luxury villas on Lake Como and choose your own palace. To make your stay perfect, contact one of our Tailors and start planning your dream getaway.

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