Deauville: Michelin star & gastronomic restaurants you shouldn't miss

Explore our selection of gastronomic and Michelin starred restaurants in Deauville for a flawless holiday.
Deauville: Michelin star & gastronomic restaurants you shouldn't miss
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Deauville… With its unmissable boardwalk along the sand, its colourful parasols and its half-timbered houses, the pretty seaside resort has become a legendary destination. Here, we come to escape the city and breathe the sea air for a weekend with family in Normandy

Butter, cream, milk, cider... Normandy's regional products are rich and diverse. Typically simple yet generous, the local cuisine is a favourite for many talented chefs who like to reinvent traditional meals. Between land and sea, discover modern takes on these exquisite dishes, perfect for your Normandy beach holidays.

Hubert Nobis, Arnaud Viel, Mickaël Marion, or even Jean-Luc Tartarin: all these stars share the common goal of carrying Normandy's colours high and proud. With traditional dishes such as Vire andouille sweetbread or Normande-style scallops, it's a stronghold of French cuisine where regional know-how blends with  delicious simplicity.


Between two seafood tastings with your feet in the sand, treat yourself to a dinner in one of the top Michelin restaurants in Normandy. Follow us to discover the best Michelin restaurants in Deauville:


Meeting between East and West


No matter the season from your holiday home, meet us at L'Essentiel. This Michelin starred restaurant in Deauville results from a collaboration between its two chefs: the French Charles Tuillant and the Korean Mi-Ra.

After several trips to France's Michelin starred restaurants, such as Joël Robuchon's restaurants in Paris, they decided set up shop in the heart of Deauville. Since 2008, the couple has been serving bistronomic cuisine here, both, creative and modern, mixing Norman products and Asian influences

Be sure to taste: 

  • Foie gras, Thai ramen broth, and Thai herb 
  • Marinated and grilled Wagyu beef, seasonal vegetables, Samsang
  • Caramel Miso, black sesame

Why we're coming back: 

  • Local products, carefully selected by the chefs 
  • Unexpected and perfectly balanced marriages of flavour

Getting there: 
29 Rue Mirabeau, 14800 Deauville


Gastronomy from father to son


In the Hellio family, the taste for good cuisine has been passed on from father to son, and the know-how too. Located a stone's throw from the port of Deauville, this gourmet restaurant, with one Michelin star, offers authentic and gourmet cuisine, where the product is king.

With freshly caught fish, flavours of Normandy, and forgotten vegetables, Michelin-starred chef Maximin Hellio transmits his love of great things to us through signature dishes that are as technical as they are comforting. 

Be sure to taste: 

  • Scallops with truffle sauce
  • "My daddy's" blue lobster
  • The Grapefruit Turbot

Why we're coming back: 

  • The menu changes according to the seasons and arrivals 
  • The open kitchen, which allows you to observe the chef at work 

Getting there: 
Maximin Hellio*
64, rue Gambetta, 14800 Deauville

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La Flambée

With wood fire and feet in the sand


Classified with two forks in the Michelin guide, La Flambée owes its name to the large fire crackling in the middle of the room. They prepare delicious grilled meat and fish right before of your eyes.

Comforting cuisine that you wouldn't expect to find so close to the famous Deauville boardwalk... And yet: there's nothing better than sole or a chateaubriand grilled over a wood fire to warm up after a day hopping between our best addresses. Don't be shy, these meals are perfectly paired with a grand cru wine

Be sure to taste:

  • Lobster from the fish tank flambéed with whiskey
  • Back of sea bass grilled at the fireplace 
  • Normandy-style flambé pancakes

Why we're coming back: 

  • Flambé in the dining room, the house specialty
  • The excellent selection of wines and whiskey

Getting there: 
La Flambée
81 rue du Général Leclerc, 14800 Deauville



The essential address


After your road trip to Normandy, stop at one of Deauville's classic restaurants, frequented by the greats. Come to this luxury restaurant for a delicious seafood platter in a chic and vintage setting. Right on the boardwalk, the star restaurant is currently captained by the chef Jérome Taquet.

The result on your plate? A traditional and tasty menu, embellished with gastronomic touches. Come with family, friends, or as a couple for a gentle moment of refreshing conviviality.

Be sure to taste:

  • The compulsory bouillabaisse
  • Grilled blue lobster with truffle risotto
  • Veal kidney pie with chard and morels

Why we're coming back: 

  • The chic and storied setting where you'll feel like a celebrity 
  • Delicious seafood platters, begging to be shared

Getting there: 
Le Ciro's
Planches de Deauville, Lais de Mer, 14800 Deauville


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In the midst of art


The first thing you notice when you enter the restaurant at the Hotel Barrière Deauville is the majestic setting. Gilding, fine woodwork, and refined chandeliers set the scene: this is a luxurious brasserie, like the chic Deauville of a bygone era.

Chef Eric Provost serves traditional and elegant cuisine with fine dishes and local flavours, accompanied by an exceptional glass of champagne. 

Be sure to taste:

  • Foie gras and its Calvados jelly, a must 
  • Pan-fried scallops, soy beans 
  • The matured Norman cheese platter

Why we're coming back: 

  • The sumptuous decor, which is like a trip back in time
  • Impeccable service 

Getting there: 
Hôtel Barrière Le Royal Deauville
Boulevard Cornuché, 14800 Deauville

After savouring the finest dishes and tasting the best wines, return to your luxury villa in Normandy. This itinerary combines the chic and convivial, like any classic Normandy holiday.

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