Witness the beauty of four seasons from French holiday homes, Normandy

Discover the treasures of Normandy at any time of the year from the perfect holiday home. Snuggle into a peaceful day by the chateau's fire, or sprawl in the sun on a soft sandy beach.
Witness the beauty of four seasons from French holiday homes, Normandy
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The Normandy landscapes are charming in all seasons. In summer, enjoy the beach under the shade of the colourful umbrellas. In autumn, tourists leave the Côte Fleurie and the landscapes change to give way to winter calm. The bright green leaves of the firs and oaks that gather in huddles across the landscape darken with the seasons; they give a final flourish, a fiery farewell, before they shudder to the ground, carpeting the landscape with the dwindling embers of seasonal change. But a new beauty is ushered in. 

The most popular time to visit Normandy is in the summer: the weather is warm and the beaches perfect for basking in the brightness of the day. However, if you prefer to feel a more personal connection to a place, then the summer's drawback is its popularity. The peak tourist months extend across June to August, with  summer weekends garnering quite the buzz throughout. Winter is peaceful, but beach-faring and days by the pool will not be on the fore of most agendas. 


Normandy is one of the most popular luxury holiday destinations for Parisians - a well-guarded secret that is little-known by people from elsewhere in France and nigh on unknown amongst cross-channel travellers. To discover this hidden gem, explore our array of luxury villa rentals in Normandy. Whether you are looking for a Belle Époque-style villa or a stately 17th-century castle, Le Collectionist will meet your needs.

Discover the best of each season in Normandy: what to do and where to stay to make the most of the seasonal beauty that Normandy flaunts. This article will suggest the best of our luxury holiday homes in Normandy for each time of the year.

Spring - Grands crus & apple blossoms

Between the end of April and the beginning of May, all the apple trees are in bloom in Calvados. Now is the perfect time to explore its distilleries and immerse yourself in the aromas of the Calvados. Decipher this masterpiece of brandy alongside the cellar master of a legendary house in the region.


Normandy, rich in culture and history, is home to excellent galleries and museums. In the blossoming months of spring, Granville emerges from its slumber. A particularly enjoyable spring-time pursuit is to visit the Christian Dior museum and gardens. The vibrant paths, spilling with the aromas of the natural world, are also pocked with scent traps, where flaps can be lifted to smell perfumes. The museum is situated in Christian Dior's childhood home, a beautiful, pink Belle Époque villa. Or simply picnic atop a chalky cliff in welcome of warmer days.

Where to stay

With the beach on your doorstep, flowers blooming and greenery burgeoning, Manoir Alex is a magical place to spend the days of spring. Lounge by the pool or dip in the sea, while the days begin to warm and the area comes to life. This fairytale manor is one of the best holiday homes Normandy has to offer.


Summer - Sport, shellfish & crustaceans

In the summer, we live with our feet in the water. Take the reins of a sailboat alongside a Norman sailor to discover the magical landscapes of Deauville from the sea. After a morning dip in the fresh air, come back with soaked hair and salty skin for a seafood feast on your terrace facing the sea. Delve into the emotive and heartbreaking history on and around June 6, when the world commemorates the World War II allied landings in Normandy on D Day in 1944.


If Normandy beach holidays are not for you, then villas in the countryside are equally stunning. The country's bucolic charm, around Trouville particularly, will allow you to bear witness to the languidness of life amongst the rolling hills and green pastures of Normandy. Spend the afternoon in the sprawling grounds of your holiday chateau playing boules or tennis. Reconvene for evening drinks after a late-afternoon nap. On days when adventure takes a back seat, recline into a lunch, donning an airy shirt or a floral dress, around the pool with family and friends. 


Where to stay

Manoir Saint Larent's modern, light and airy interior is perfect for the summer months. Situated in the lush countryside just outside Trouville-sur-Mer and Deauville, it is a serene getaway where days will be spent by the pool and evenings championing the tennis court. Morning walks across the picturesque grounds are a must.


Autumn - Cinema & saffron picking

In September, don’t miss the American Film Festival. For 10 days, the legendary Deauville boardwalk turns into a real red carpet. This is also the perfect season to discover the saffron of Normandy and meet the visionary artisans who started its cultivation in the region - the crocuses are in bloom and the picking is in full swing.


On a crisp morning, sunlight glinting off frost-tipped grass and dew-dropped branches, drive to the mystical tidal island Mont Saint-Michel. Beat the morning rush and dodge the summer throngs. At your own leisure, immerse in the long and fascinating history of the island. Before you go home for a lavish brunch, contemplate the view of Mont Saint-Michel Bay from a perch on the cliffs of Saint-Jean-le-Thomas further up the coast.

Where to stay

The landscape surrounding Château d'Hébertot is truly spectacular during autumn. Walk the forests and tree-lined paths, or through the formal French garden, whilst all around you leaves dance in the wind and the trees burst with colour. 


Winter - Wood fire & country walk

The landscapes of Normandy are even more beautiful under a white coat. Bundle up and set off on a ride through the countryside alongside a local prodigy horsewoman. Or take the direction of the cliffs of Etretat to admire the crashing waves. Come back just for afternoon tea to sip some homemade hot chocolate by your chef.


Walking is a wondrous thing to do on your luxury Normandy holidays during the winter months, and the varied landscape offers a wealth of walks along quiet beaches, through wintery forests or quaint villages. If an amble through a village takes your fancy, pick up a mulled cider to warm you from the inside out.

The winter is a great time to visit Normandy if you want to explore galleries or wander along quiet cobbled streets that are towered over by half-timbered houses. The relative quiet of the low season creates an especially evocative atmosphere to learn more about the D-Day landings. 


Where to stay

Maison Tilia is within walking distance of Étretat Cliffs and Beach. Situated in the town of Étretat, it is a paradisiacal escape during the winter. Saunter around the charming town and down to the beach before returning for a cosy afternoon in the home cinema.


Normandy holidays are splendid throughout the year and with Le Collectionist you are able to spend your luxury France holidays in this wonderful destination with great ease.

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