Our top Michelin restaurants in Normandy

Normandy has enticed chefs from many culinary backgrounds, which makes it an even more exciting area to discover, with a multitude of Michelin restaurants.
Our top Michelin restaurants in Normandy
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As in most regions of France, there is a unique culinary tradition that comprises the proud heritage of Normandy. Normandy is known for many things - its chalk-white cliffs that preside over the channel, the rolling fields that evoke a sense of softness and the battles that took place on them - but it is in the world of food that the most passion and emotion is incited.

For years Normandy and its neighbour Brittany have argued and sought to stake their claims on the cuisine that these places have become famous for: cream and salted butter and cider are all tussled over. Food is important to Normans, indeed it makes up the fibres of cultural heritage across France, and it is for that very reason we see so many amazing luxury restaurants scattering this ancient and historically rich land. 

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With this guide to the top 8 Michelin restaurants in Normandy, you can witness this love of food, witness this culture, through the most pleasing of sensory experiences: taste. 

The 8 best Michelin-star restaurants in Normandy, France

  • Jean-Luc Tartarin**
  • Maximin Hellio*
  • L'Essentiel*
  • Le Donjon - Domaine Saint-Clair*
  • G.a. au Manoir de Rétival*
  • L'Odas*
  • Le Jardin des Plumes*
  • Au Super Fin*
  • La Licornes Royale*

2 Michelin-star restaurants in Normandy

Jean-Luc Tartarin


Heavily bombed in the Second World War, Le Havre has risen, a phoenix from the ashes, with the help of the famous Belgian architect Auguste Perret. At first rejected, the brutalism and modernity of the modern Le Havre has now been embraced and forms part of the regional history of Normandy; it's a place where old meets new and no place in Le Havre better encapsulates this convergence than Jean-Luc Tartarin. In a chic and stylish modern setting, old flavours and favourites of the region are given new life in a tremendously innovative and tasteful way. 

Michelin recommends

  • Rosemary smoked langoustines, cappuccino of head juice with squid ink
  • Crispy sweetbread with morels and farmhouse cream
  • Vanilla millefeuille


73, Avenue Foch, 76600 Le Havre
+33 2 35 45 46 20

1 Michelin-star restaurants in Normandy

Maximin Hellio



Chef Maximin Hellio's eponymous restaurant is in the centre of the bustling seaside resort of Deauville. Once the exclusive reserve of wealthy Parisians, Deauville has grown into a lavishing holiday destination with a rich fine-dining scene. From the street one can peer through the glass windows of this modern-fronted restaurant to see the magic of the chefs at work. Transport yourself from the din of seagulls, cars and passersby into a world of Norman cuisine, where Hellio pays tribute to local ingredients and flavours. 

Michelin recommends

  • John Dory from a small boat served with artichoke
  • Blue lobster 'de mon papa'
  • Le plein de douceurs


64 Rue Gambetta, 14800 Deauville
+33 2 31 49 19 89



Also in Deauville, L'Essentiel boasts a fusion of Korean and French cuisine with exemplary meat and seafood dishes, including crab and oysters to start or wagyu beef as a main. Mira, who is from Korea, and Charles, originally from France, produce a delectable set menu in their small and modern townhouse restaurant that boasts a small terrace away from the buzz of the town. Each dish is as much about aesthetics as it is about flavour. This is one of the Michelin restaurants in Normandy worth visiting if you are a lover of excellent fusion cuisine.

Michelin recommends

  • Crab, oyster, cucumber, ponzu and coriander
  • Toothfish, bulgur and wakame served with a Tom Yum emulsion
  • Peach and turmeric


31 Rue Mirabeau, 14800 Deauville
+33 2 31 87 22 11

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Le Donjon - Domaine Saint-Clair



Everything about this restaurant is enticing and playful, teasing your senses and encouraging you to be inquisitive, from the colourful fresco that coaxes out your youth to the hearty seafood that has the power to fascinate. The menu is at the whim of the day's catch, which is bought from the stalls of the Fécamp fish market. Perched on the hills outside Étretat, this restaurant boast spectacular views.

Michelin recommends

  • Oyster and whelk from Normandy served with cocos de Paimpol and garlic cream
  • Return of the fish auction with basil, buttered cherry tomato and young vegetables
  • Soufflé à la Bénédictine


Chemin de Saint-Clair, 76790 Étretat
+33 2 35 27 08 23

G.a. au Manoir de Rétival



The young German chef at the helm of this wacky and wonderful restaurant has a deep love for French cuisine that shines through in the creativity and, often, beguiling dishes that have the power to amuse. Take your seat at the chef's table, making you feel right at home as the magic happens all around you. With a Michelin Green Star, this is definitely one of our favourites on our list of Michelin restaurants in Normandy. 

Michelin recommends

  • Vegetable salad from the vegetable garden
  • Lobster with a jus des têtes and chives
  • Tarte Tatin with a Granny Smith sorbet


2 rue Saint-Clair, Caudebec-en-Caux, 76490, France
+33 6 50 23 43 63


Flowing with the seasons, L'Odas has a knack for producing piquant dishes throughout the year. Head chef Olivier Da Silva crafts creative dishes from carefully curated ingredients, giving each ingredient its due credit in the dish. The setting is cosy and intimate (a great place on our list of Michelin star restaurants in Normandy to visit in winter) and from the private sitting room you can lap up views over the streets and rooftops of Rouen. 

Michelin recommends

  • Duck tartare, pine nuts, parmesan and young shoots
  • Bar à la plancha, piperade with tomato juice, shellfish and a full-bodied chorizo ​​jus
  • Breton shortbread, organic raspberries and white chocolate ganache


4 passage Maurice-Lenfant, Rouen, 76000, France
+33 2 35 73 83 24

Le Jardin des Plumes



A stone's throw from the acclaimed artist Claude Monet's house in Giverny, Le Jardin des Plumes shares with it a bucolic beauty that makes restfulness come easily. It is one of our favourite settings on our list of the best Michelin restaurants in Normandy. Chef David Gallienne works closely with suppliers he is familiar with, ensuring that the quality is always superb. Gallienne has forged his reputation through artfully creating inventive plates with a picture-perfect finish. 

Michelin recommends

  • Spider crab ravioli, kaffir lime bisque and squid tagliatelle
  • Pike perch with Jerusalem artichoke and clove caramel
  • Apple with vanilla butter, caramel and vanilla ice cream


1 rue du Milieu, Giverny, 27620, France
+33 2 32 54 26 35

A holiday to Normandy is a foodies dream, and with these 8 restaurants, you are free to explore one of our favourite luxury holiday destinations through a unique lens. Explore our luxury villas in Normandy to make your luxury holiday dreams come true. New call-to-action

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