Things to do in Deauville, Normandy: all our ideas and addresses

From the sea to the countryside; with friends, family or as a duo; the first rays of sun, in the heart of summer or Christmas, we tell you what you must do in Deauville.
Things to do in Deauville, Normandy: all our ideas and addresses
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Deauville is the most exclusive seaside resort in Normandy. With its beach planted with colourful umbrellas, its mythical boardwalk and its large Belle Époque mansions perfect for reunions, it is the perfect destination for a breath of fresh air. 

Whether you stay with friends in a Normandy mansion or with your family in a Belle Époque villa by the water, stays here are always unforgettable. Follow our guide: we'll tell you what to do in Deauville during your luxury holiday


What could be better than sharing a bottle of white wine and a seafood platter with friends, with your feet buried in the sand? Maybe an afternoon at sea? Or a Calvados tasting! Discover our favorite activities in Deauville for an enjoyable holiday with friends.

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Taste from the angels

Step away from the coast and go deep into the countryside of Normandy and let blossoming apple orchards lead the way. Stop at one of the region's largest distilleries, the Calvados Huet cellar  located in Cambremer around 30 minutes from the Deauville boardwalk, where the Huet family estate covers more than 30 hectares. 

Follow the cellar master through the Calvados cellars to an oak barrel and discover the ancestral manufacturing secrets of this eau-de-vie with subtle aromas. End the visit with a tasting of Pommeau de Normandie cider and an excellent Calvados 38 year old Brut de Fût. 

Brunch with your feet in the sand

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It is 11 am: some are returning from the beach, hair soaked and skin salty; the others are still dreaming, bundled up in the linen sheets. In the kitchen, we're busy. It's a morning like any other at Villa Belle Époque. Soon, everyone congregates on the terrace, facing the sea. No matter what day of the week, it's always a good time for Sunday brunch and mimosas.

Elegant and majestic, facing Deauville beach, Villa Belle Époque calls for a reunion with friends. We meet there for a weekend or more, when the great weather arrives. Because if Deauville is full of magnificent places to visit, it is still its superb villas on the seafront that we prefer.


Deauville is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway, and only 2.5 hours by car from the capital. So pack your bags, climb aboard an elegant convertible and hit the road to head towards the sea. 

Walk in the footsteps of Hollywood cinema  

After breakfast on the balcony of Villa Isaure, facing the ocean's blue horizon, return to Deauville. Stroll incognito between the Belle Époque mansions, with sunglasses on your nose and Grace Kelly scarf in your hair, and pass by the casino. Don't forget to tread the mythical boards, and along the way you will cross paths with the most iconic American actors' names that are painted with stencils on the cabins that line the sand. 

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If you're wondering what to do in Deauville in September, don't miss the American Film Festival. For 10 days, the boards of Deauville turn into a real red carpet, where the greatest Hollywood actors arrive. Don your best look and head to the Deauville International Center to attend a screening and end the evening with a glass of champagne in the luxurious atmosphere of the Café at the hotel Le Royal Barrière. 

Dinner under the stars

You can't spend a romantic weekend in Deauville without having dinner in one of the city's starred restaurants. Choose between the creative gastronomy of L'Essentiel or the more traditional but equally gourmet cuisine of Maximin Hellio, or try both! With choices of blue lobster, seafood and fresh fish: you are as close as possible to the sea and all it has to offer and the ideal menu for a candlelit dinner.


Then, run a hot bath in one of the huge bathtubs or slip under the covers in front of the log fire to regain warmth at Manoir Saint-Laurent. You can also open a bottle of champagne and warm up your feet in the barn which has been converted to house a sumptuous indoor swimming pool. Because what is there to do in Deauville, if not to see the big picture? 


Deauville. Its name immediately evokes family getaways, in the first rays of summer. This is also where we all come together at Christmas, to enjoy the invigorating sea air between two huge family meals. Whether the little ones or the older kids, we're sharing our best tips for things to do in Deauville with family for your luxury holiday in France.

Build sandcastles

When we think of a holiday in Deauville, we think of days with our feet buried in the sand. Just uttering the name of this seaside resort brings up images of the the multicoloured umbrellas that dot its beach. We love to take the whole family to play in the waves and build sandcastles and stay there until the golden hour. As most of the swimmers have returned to their half-timbered houses, the beach is improvised as a Sulky track, and the horses race along the water's edge. 


If you are trying to find things to do in Deauville at Christmas, know that the beaches of Normandy are even more beautiful when they are adorned in white. Bundle up in your scarves and hats, and set off along the coast, from Deauville to Trouville. In winter, the sky turns an immaculate white, giving the sea gray, opal-like reflections. For afternoon tea, meet at the port, at the La Péniche, to sip a hot chocolate while watching the parade of boats dancing across the water. 

Play the Norman sailors

Get the whole tribe to get up early as adventure calls this morning and head to the port of Deauville on foot to set sail alongside a local sailor. He will guide you along the Normandy coast and teach the little ones the basics of sailing. The more adventurous will perhaps dare to take a dip in the cool waters of the English Channel. 

After a day at sea, we can't wait to get back to the family haven as all the generations come together at the Manoir Nomade. Set slightly away from the city, this residence is typical of the Normandy region. In summer, we laze in its green garden, from swimming in the heated swimming pool to naps in the shade of fruit trees. In winter, when Normandy is at its cosiest, we prefer to curl up under a blanket in the library and play a board game while enjoying a glass of Calvados. This is what holidays in Deauville are all about. 

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Trust us to make your holidays in Normandy unforgettable!

Between our luxury villa rentals in Deauville and the activities selected by our luxury lifestyle concierge, you have a holiday with exceptional moments.

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