Chic road trips to Normandy: Paris to Trouville

Only 2.5 hours from Paris, Trouville is the ideal destination for an invigorating getaway. Get on your way without delay for a timeless road trip, from Paris to Trouville-sur-mer.
Chic road trips to Normandy: Paris to Trouville
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It's Friday evening: the sun sets over Paris and the Eiffel Tower extends its majestic shadow over the roofs of the capital. With the weekend comes the desire to get away from the hustle and bustle of Paris and go on a luxury break.. get on your way without delay for a chic road trip, from Paris to Trouville-sur-mer.  

Only 2.5 hours from Paris, Trouville is the ideal destination for an invigorating getaway. Switch off your phone and get ready for a unique road trip to Normandy. Because even if the distance between Paris and Trouville is short, it is a real journey out of time, a one-way ticket to the Belle Époque. Leaving immediately!

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We've been driving for two hours. Bitumen is gradually giving way to the pastoral roads of Calvados. Slow down and open the windows to breathe in the crisp air of the Normandy countryside: the scent of apple trees, freshly cut grass and the salty air that you can already smell coming from the sea, just a few kilometres away...

We would be tempted to accelerate to find the sea as quickly as possible, and feel the freshness of the sand between our toes. But we don't. On the contrary, we venture a little further down the country roads, until we reach the small village of Saint-André-d'Hébertot. The old half-timbered houses leave no room for doubt: we have arrived at our destination. 

Continue your road for a few more meters, until you reach a grove of hundred-year-old trees. It is there, behind a thick curtain of luxurious nature, that Château d'Hébertot is hidden. You continue up the alley lined with French gardens and it is as if you are stepping back in time. Go through the doors of this exceptional chateau and get lost by chance in its 16 rooms, all bearing the testimonies of different eras. 


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We can't wait to explore the gardens, following the stream that crosses the estate, forming a moat around the Château. But first we have to rest from the trip between Paris and Trouville. Set your suitcases down in one of the huge bedrooms upstairs, and snuggle up under the Toile de Jouy patterned blankets. 


In the early morning, we are awakened by the song of birds chirping in the forest. The road calls for you, but first take the time to have breakfast under the mild Normandy sun. Before you leave, take one last look at this castle from another era.

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It's only a few minutes drive to the Parc du Château de Canon. This 18th century estate is listed as a Historic Monument. Get out of the car to stroll through the sublime walled gardens called "chartreuses". Smell the scent of the flowers and perennials that inhabit these authentic open-air greenhouses. 

Get back in the car: you will meet not far from there, in a Calvados cellar to discover the ancestral manufacturing secrets of the local brandy. After a visit to the distillery and apple orchards, guided by a cellar master, we move on to tasting. The aromas of cider make our mouths water and we're ready for the last kilometres of our Paris-Trouville trip. Soon we see it: the sea, sometimes sky blue, sometimes opal gray. We have arrived at our destination.  



Our favorite address for lunch in Trouville? L'Ephemer maritime brewery - the Marine cures?. But beware: it is better to book in advance. You can enjoy market cuisine, which gives pride of place to the catch of the day and products from the Normandy region, embellished with just the right amount of spices from elsewhere ... 

The inevitable digestive stroll on the beach follows, hair tangled in the wind and eyes towards the horizon. On the sand, we cross the road of a sulky. Climb aboard this old-fashioned two-horse-drawn carriage, and set off on a frantic race along the English Channel. Maybe we will even race with a sand yacht? 

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Exhausted but exhilirated by the sea wind, return to Villa du Parc. A stone's throw away from the beach, this large half-timbered manor house is typical of the region. One can easily imagine the social events and extravagances that it welcomed during the Belle Époque era. Since then, the decor has changed a lot, and the house is filled with an arty and colourful atmosphere. Stretch out on a deckchair by the heated swimming pool, or step aside in the artist's studio and enjoy the silence, barely disturbed by the sound of the waves. 

Fourth step: 

A trip from Paris to Trouville-sur-mer would not be complete without a seafood tasting. Buy your food at the market and taste it in your luxury villa or head to Deauville. Just a few kilometers from Trouville, it is the other essential part of trips to Normandy. Definitely don't of returning to Paris before having surveyed the mythical boardwalk. 

Choose from one of the gourmet restaurants and Michelin starred restaurants in Deauville. After your meal, take a trip to the casino or admire the colourful umbrellas. In September, you can also attend one of the screenings of the American Film Festival which will inevitably end with a glass of champagne with your feet in the sand. On the way back, take the boardwalk along the blue-door cabins and cross paths with iconic actors and actresses.  



One last night in Trouville and it's already time to go back to Paris. Take one last look at the sea, promising to return soon. Take a slight detour to Charlotte Corday's pastry shop for an express breakfast on the port and take the opportunity to bring back some sweets to the capital. 

With Le Collectionist, preparing for your Normandy holidays have never been so easy. So pack your bags and hit the road, by car or even by train, from Paris to Trouville. Find our selection of other luxury holiday rentals in Trouville.

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