The Best 2-Michelin-Star Restaurants in our Destinations

Explore the best 2-Michelin-Star restaurants in our destinations with this guide. The very best holiday itineraries always include a discovery by taste.
The Best 2-Michelin-Star Restaurants in our Destinations
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Some of the most famous and promising chefs make up the ranks of the best 2-Michelin-Star restaurants across the globe. These restaurants are leading the way and often some of the most thrilling culinary experiences await in these restaurants. Beyond that, a chef's passion is a great way to explore a region and a life: the chef's personal dreams and passions meet the earth and its bounty in magical ways. Discover the best 2-Michelin-Star restaurants in our destinations to discover the region's riches or simply to be ferried away on a journey of taste.

Our favourite 2-Michelin-Star restaurants in our destinations

2-Michelin-star restaurants, Paris

La Scène, Paris

Meticulousness guides the simplicity of chef Stéphanie Le Quellec's dishes, as she maximises the potential of each ingredient. The interior is cosy and intimate and, to round off a very pleasant fine-dining experience, the pastry chef promises a unique sweet experience. 

Michelin recommends

  • Oscietra caviar, half-lost, half-soufflé bread, pompadour apple
  • Sweetbread lacquered with harissa, roasted cauliflower
  • Vanilla of the moment


32 avenue Matignon, Paris, 75008, France
+33 1 42 65 05 61


Le Meurice Alain Ducasse, Paris

The renowned chefs Alain Ducasse and Amaury Bouhours oversee a kitchen that dazzles their guests in this equally dazzling setting. The Versaillesque dining room is the epitome of opulence, while the creative and modern plates steal the show. This is one of the most lavishing fine-dining experiences on our list of the best 2-Michelin-star restaurants. 

Michelin recommends

  • Barely cooked Noirmoutier sea bream, Allonnes carrot, marigold, smoked yoghurt
  • Roasted Lacaune lamb, abalone and turnip with seaweed from Croisic
  • Chocolate from our factory and black lemon


228 rue de Rivoli, Paris, 75001, France
+33 1 44 58 10 55

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David Toutain, Paris

In this sleek, Scandi-style restaurant, David Toutain exhibits the reasons behind his cemented reputation as a world-class chef; free from any restraints and a sense of boundless creativity drive the delightful dishes that emerge from the kitchen. Toutain sets the rules with flair and, having obtained a Green Star, always has an eye toward sustainable gastronomy.

Michelin recommends

  • Egg, corn and cumin
  • Smoked eel and black sesame
  • Cauliflower, coconut and white chocolate


29 rue Surcouf, Paris, 75007, France
+33 1 45 50 11 10


L'Abysse au Pavillon Ledoyen, Paris

Traditional Japanese cuisine crafted at the hands of a talented sushi chef meets the creativity of Yannick Alléno, culminating in a sumptuous and intriguing gustatory adventure. The wine list is laden with lauded sakés and great wines. 

Michelin recommends

  • Extraction of celery with shiso syrup and anchovy garum
  • Collection of sushis in black
  • Tempura moderne de shiso


8 avenue Dutuit, Paris, 75008, France
+33 1 53 05 10 30


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2-Michelin-Star restaurants in the rest of France

Le Skiff Club, Arcachon

Keeping with the laid-back and effortlessly stylish vernacular of Arcachon and Cap Ferret, this yacht club-style restaurant is a culinary joy inspired by the Southwest of France. Chef Stéphane Carrade has been awarded a Green Star for working alongside small local producers to obtain the highest quality ingredients.

Michelin recommends

  • Oyster mimosas in a tartlet, salicornia, jelly water, Florentine purée and jewels of the sea
  • Roasted wood pigeon with ham fat, quince confit with port wine, porcini mushrooms in a jus and fresh walnuts
  • Meringue frosted with cognac, set cream and chocolate sauce, ice cream with oak wood aromas


1 avenue Louis-Gaume, Pyla-sur-Mer, 33115, France
+33 5 56 22 06 06


Le Pressoir d'Argent - Gordon Ramsay, Bordeaux

The celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay takes a deft hand to the banks of the Garonne, creating a menu that shows both class and skill in capturing the essence of French cuisine. The young team of chefs and the adroit pastry cheff give the menu its due credit. 

Michelin recommends

  • Field tomatoes, marigold, anchovy and "ox horn" peppers
  • Blue lobster at the press
  • Brioche with olive oil and Kalamata olive shavings


2 place de la Comédie, Bordeaux, 33000, France
+33 5 57 30 43 04

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Alexandre, Arles

In a setting of bucolic bliss, the seasonal dishes of Alexandre, designed by the masterful chef Michel Kayser, are light and delicate, exhibiting great artistic flair. 

Michelin recommends

  • Camargue bull tartare, salicornia and spirulina sorbet
  • Mediterranean red mullet, ravioli with picholine tapenade and roasted bone juice
  • Box of "Kayser" delicacies


2 rue Xavier-Tronc, Garons, 30128, France
+33 4 66 70 08 99


La Voile - La Réserve Ramatuelle, Saint-Tropez

On this inimitable stretch of coastline, chef Eric Canino is at the acme of his culinary career. Plates of fresh Mediterranean ingredients take centre stage in this sleek restaurant the boasts brilliant views over the lustre of the lazy, sun-soaked sea below. 

Michelin recommends

  • Red tuna rubbed with spices, tangy niçoise
  • Sea bream fillet cooked in a mixture of vegetables, zucchini ravioli and black truffle
  • Tokaji soufflé


Chemin de la Quessine, Ramatuelle, 83350, France
+33 4 94 44 94 44

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La Villa Archange, Le Cannet

Nature abounds around this attractive 18th-century house. La Villa Archange's Head Chef Bruno Oger doffs his cap to his roots in Brittany, but carefully adds notes of the Mediterranean. The result is an incisive and thoughtful menu that bursts with delights. The pastry chef has garnered plaudits for the delicious desserts.

Michelin recommends

  • Pan-fried abalone from Île de Groix and artichokes from Provence
  • Turbot, organic celery, virgin leaf, shallot and walnuts
  • Traou mad with seasonal fruits


Rue de l'Ouest, Le Cannet, 06110, France
+33 4 92 18 18 28


Casadelmar, Corsica

The sea is the guest of honour at this restaurant: Corsican and Italian influences meet in an ode to the sea, which lies modestly and unwittingly in view from the restaurant's large windows. The colours that appear on each plate make it a visual as well as gustatory experience. 

Michelin recommends

  • Fish and shellfish marinated in Cremona mustard, fresh vegetables
  • Shredded veal shank, osso-buco style, foie gras and cherries
  • Hazelnuts from Cervione, chocolate from Haiti, hazelnut-cocoa sorbet


7 km by road from Palombaggia beach, Porto-Vecchio, 20137, France
+33 4 95 72 34 34

2-Michelin-star restaurants in our other destinations

Santa Elisabetta, Florence

This ancient building is the home to one of Italy's most famous and elegant restaurants, where the chef promises to please guests with the piquance of Mediterranean and tuscan cuisine and a great wine list.

Michelin recommends

  • Raw red shrimp, sour panzanella, caviar and Nocellara olive soup
  • Dark pasta buttons stuffed with provola, beetroot and guazzetto d enzimino
  • Honey Bomb - honey ganache, confit apricots and an oat ice cream


Piazza Santa Elisabetta 3, Florence, 50122, Italy
+39 055 27370

Don Alfonso 1890, Sorrento

Much like the citrus-laden breeze, a rich history floats through this family-run restaurant. The atmosphere is sophisticated, but unpretentious. The restaurant embodies the wonder of this part of the world: colours splash the plates like the bright, cascading towns of the Amalfi Coast; the enduring taste of the sea runs through the menu; the wholesomeness of Italian family creates an ease. The families home-grown and locally sourced produce has earned them a Green Star.

Michelin recommends

  • Duck breast, annurca apple compote, balsamic vinegar and cinnamon reduction
  • Grouper with hints of vanilla and lemon on chopped potatoes, zabaglione with anchovy sauce and onion ash
  • Impressionism of cream and coffee zabaglione


Corso Sant'Agata 11, Sant 'Agata sui Due Golfi, 80061, Italy
+39 081 878 0026

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L'Olivo, Capri

Chef Migliaccio expresses his love for the Mediterranean through the way he's best equipped to: his cooking. The languidness, lightness, and warmth of the Mediterranean is palpable in the elegant and sophisticated food that is made in this kitchen. 

Michelin recommends

  • Blue lobster - Spinach, saffron and citrusy vegetables
  • Pezzogna - Cous cous, beef heart tomato and green chillies
  • Coffee affogato, hazelnut and vanilla - Bavarian coffee, vanilla cream, crunchy and hazelnut praline ice cream


Via Capodimonte 14, Anacapri, 80071, Italy
+39 081 978 0111


Duomo, Sicily

The island's richness, in produce, in flavour, in history, and in culture, shines through in the depth of the menu, which traverses the eons of the island's existence. Duomo occupies a refined space on a quiet street of Regusa near the Duomo di San Giorgio.

Michelin recommends

  • Mullet and tomato
  • Stuffed Sicilian black pig, Sicilian broccoli ("Eat me to the bone")
  • Oil salt grain
  • Three essential elements from Mesopotamia to today


Via Cap. Bocchieri 31, Ragusa, 97100, Italy
+39 0932 651265


With Le Collectionist, exploring these luxury restaurants and the luxury holiday destinations in which they are found comes with great ease.

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