The best Biarritz restaurants: Michelin stars in the Basque Country

To understand fully the Basque Country, you should follow us into the intricacies and influences of these Biarritz restaurants with Michelin stars.
The best Biarritz restaurants: Michelin stars in the Basque Country
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The southwest of France is a unique coming together of Spanish and French tradition, with a sprinkling of the Bohemian, surfer way of life and a healthy dollop of wealth, both old and new. Biarritz is a place of harmonious contrasts. From this melting pot of cultures and customs and dispositions emerges a gleaming dining scene. With a variety of influences, the thriving culinary scene of Biarritz is able to cater to all. There is a particular treasure trove of luxury restaurants that have had their excellence recognised in the Michelin Guide; restaurants whose passion for food is reflected in the outstanding quality of the dishes that dance from the confines of the kitchen day in and day out. 

With this guide, we beckon you to follow us on a discovery by taste of the best of Biarritz's restaurants with Michelin Stars

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In and around Biarritz: Michelin-star restaurants

  • La Table des Frères Ibarboure*
  • Brikéténia*
  • L'Imperinent*
  • Le Kaiku*
  • Moulin d'Alotz*
  • Les Rosiers*
  • L'Atelier Alexandre Bousquet*
  • L'Auberge Basque*
  • Relais de la Poste**
  • Arzak***

Biarritz's Michelin restaurants with one star

La Table des Fréres Ibarboure



To the south of Biarritz, slightly inland from the town of Guéthary, lies the laid-back Les Fréres Ibaboure Hotel and Restaurant, languidly sprawled beneath the shadow of the surrounding trees. The story here is one of family, and has been for three generations. Leading the fray now is Xabi, Head Chef, and Patrice, in charge of desserts, who meld together their experience and travels to produce their enthralling and mouthwatering menu. The desserts are particularly exception, with Patrice winning the Best Pastry Chef of France award in 2018. Local and seasonal produce shape the

Michelin recommends

  • Seared langoustines and foie gras in a shellfish consommé with orange zest
  • Burgos Wagyu beef brisket
  • Summer picking of red fruits 


Chemin Ttalienea, Bidart, 64210, France
+33 5 59 54 81 64





Brikéténia, with a father-son duo at the helm, embodies the contrasts of the region in artful and authentic ways. The interior of this 1930s residence is sleek and bright, close to the beach the region's famed beaches. Through use flavours of the sea and fresh local produce, the restaurant pays homage to the diversity of the Basque Country. 

Michelin recommends

  • Farm egg, supreme truffle sauce, bellota ham and Parisian brioche
  • Golden veal sweetbread in butter, old mustard jus, salsify, pear and hazelnut
  • Profiterole with golden sparkle, almond choux pastry and Bourbon vanilla ice cream


142, rue de l'Eglise, 64210 Guéthary
+33 5 59 26 51 34


In the heart of Biarritz, L'Impertinent offers creative tasting menus accompanied by wine pairings, often chosen to surprise as much as to please. As the name suggests, Chef Fabian Feldmann intends to shake things up a bit, avoiding convention and giving his creativity room to move. The result is nothing short of wonderful and intriguing. 

Michelin recommends

  • "A wink from Albert"
  • Line-cuaght red tuna, potatoes, tomatoes, smoked yogurt and basil oil
  • Chocolate and vermouth with creamy chocolate, nut ice cream, a creamy date, and a vermouth foam


5 rue d'Alsace, Biarritz, 64200, France
+33 5 59 51 03 67

Le Kaïku

Duck into the serenity of Le Kaïku, away from the summer throngs that flock to the streets and beaches of Saint-Jean-de-Luz to make the most of sunny days and swelling tides. Inside, behind the stone walls, you are met by an elegant and intimate atmosphere. Chef Nicolas Borombo showcases his skill by producing refined plates with a respect for his ingredients. 

Michelin recommends

  • Beef from the Basque country in cannelloni with seaweed
  • Roasted lobster scampi, coconut and lime emulsion
  • Instant yuzu and matcha tea


17 rue de la République, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, 64500, France
+33 5 59 26 13 20

Moulin d'Alotz


Set inland, away from the busy coastline, Moulin d'Alotz is a refuge for lovers of food. The young local chef, Fabrice Idiart, has an earnestness and wisdom of food that far exceeds his age. Idiart shows a commitment to sustainable gastronomy, sourcing everything locally, including flowers from his father's garden. Each dish is pored over with passion and pride in his art. 

Michelin recommends

  • Natural duck foie gras from the Basque country
  • Line-caught hake and parmentier glazed with black garlic
  • Sweet and infused medicinal plants, tangy meringue and milk froth


Chemin Alotz-Errota, Arcangues, 64200, France
+33 5 59 43 04 54

Les Rosiers

Modern and light, the pleasant interior a reflection of the food that is crafted by the two chefs who work together with great skill in the kitchen. Andrée Rosier, one of the two chefs, was the first woman to receive the accolade Meilleure Ouvrière de France in 2007. The couple intend to bring you simple, yet thoroughly thought-out cuisine. 

Michelin recommends

  • Ink squid candy, mushrooms, herbs and "Xamango" broth
  • Golden veal sweetbread and coffee potato espuma
  • Mendionde strawberries with a green bean sorbet and meringue pieces


32 avenue Beau-Soleil, Biarritz, 64200, France
+33 5 59 23 13 68 

L'Atelier Alexandre Bousquet



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Tucked aback from the bustle of Biarritz, L'Atelier Alexandre Bousquet benefits from a bucolic bliss that oozes into the spacious interior from the surrounding fields. Here, Isabelle Caulier and Alexandre Bousquet manage a restaurant that intends to please through subtleties and refinements with excellent meat dishes. It is a journey of gustatory delights and, for its peaceful setting, definitely one of the Biarritz restaurants with Michelin accreditations worth visiting. 

Michelin recommends

  • Foie gras, oysters, coconut and coffee
  • Pigeon, turnip and hazelnuts
  • Mango, lemon and timut berries from Nepal


52 rue Alan-Seeger, Biarritz, 64200, France
+33 5 59 41 10 11

L'Auberge Basque




With sweeping views of the mountains and the verdant countryside and a delectable meals produced throughout the day, L'Auberge Basque is a favourite of ours. Given the restaurant's name and the region's reputation, it comes as no surprise that the chef has a knack for delectable meat dishes. Alongside the delicious food, L'Auberge Basque has bolstered its standing with several sustainability initiatives, including ensuring that supply lines are as short as possible.

Michelin recommends

  • Piperade flower and sweet pepper with free-range egg and ibaïama ham breadcrumbs
  • Goat with blueberries, goat's cheese and wild arugula
  • Strawberry from Tarnos with hypocras and hazelnut from Saint-Étienne-de-Baïgorry


745 Vieille Route de Saint-Pée, 64310 Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle
+33 5 59 51 70 00

Biarritz Michelin-star restaurants with two stars

Relais de la Poste




Further to the north, in Magesq, you will find a gastronomic gem nestled amongst the pines; you will find a chef committed to local produce, who finds joy in working with good ingredients and giving each his sincerest admiration. Chef Jean Coussau is a classicism, and works all his dishes to perfection. Each season brings with it new meats and vegetables, with the fresh fish from the Atlantic and the nearby rivers, or the finest game meats during the autumn's hunting. 

Michelin recommends

  • Warm duck foie gras with grapes
  • Grilled Adour salmon and real béarnaise
  • Lemon trompe l'oeil, lemon meyer marmalade with verbena


24 avenue de Maremne, Magescq, 40140, France
+33 5 58 47 70 25

A stone's throw from Biarritz: 3-star Michelin in San Sebastian



The journey to San Sebastien, which is a mere bay across the Spanish border, is worth every second once you reach Arzak's renowned tabletops. Once you throw open the doors of the large house that Arzak calls home, you will be immersed in a world where food and drink are king and legion. One can expect exceptional food the flow freely from the father-and-daughter duo's kitchen into the two dining rooms; wine from the impressive cellar. This is a must-do experience for all foodies who will be visiting Biarritz on their luxury holidays in the summer.

Michelin recommends

  • Lobster with fermented asparagus and batak
  • Fish of the day marinated with cinnamon and escorzonera
  • Ruins of chocolate, carob pectin and crunchy honey


Avenida Alcalde José Elosegi 273, Donostia / San Sebastián, 20015, Spain
+34 943 27 84 65

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With Le Collectionist, discover the thrilling world of food in and around Biarritz has never been easier. From one of our luxury villa rentals, you will be free to embark on a gustatory and visual journey through regional and international cuisine at one of these Biarritz restaurants with Michelin stars.

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