A Guide to Bordeaux's Michelin Star Restaurants

Follow us into the heartland of France's famous wine region to discover the best food and wine at these restaurants in Bordeaux with Michelin stars.
A Guide to Bordeaux's Michelin Star Restaurants
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Bordeaux's rich and fertile wine country has become famous for the vines that are cultivated here, but the region bears far more fruit than just its wines. The unique location of Bordeaux means there are plenty of culinary influences: the flavours of the sea trickle inland; basque traditions travel north; classic French cuisine lends its expertise.

All of these traditions and more have a bearing on the realm of gastronomy in the city of Bordeaux, and this contributes to its reputation as one of the most interesting of our luxury holiday destinations. Come with us to discover this diversity with this list of Bordeaux's Michelin star restaurants for a taste of top notch service.

List of 19 Michelin-star restaurants in the Bordeaux region

One-Michelin-star restaurants in the Bordeaux region


Auberge St-Jean

A stone's throw from Bordeaux on the banks of the Dordogne, the youth and vigour of Manuela and Thomas L'Hérisson are the gentle guiding principles bringing this Michelin restaurant to acclaim. Local produce and international influence come together on the menu. 

Michelin recommends

  • Langoustine ravioli with squid ink, langoustine bisque and red radish Thai style
  • Veal sweetbread cooked meunière, frégola sarda in risotto and cloud of blackcurrant mustard
  • Iced chocolate mousse with caramelized cashew nuts and dark chocolate sorbet


8 rue du Pont, Saint-Jean-de-Blaignac, 33420, France
+33 5 57 74 95 50

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L'Oiseau Bleu

L'Oiseau Bleu curates menus that ensure simplicity, taste, and produce are given their due credit. The result is a showcase of the chef's talent: in keeping to these tenets he still manages to surprise his guests. The restaurant has a tranquil terrace for dining out on summer evenings.

Michelin recommends

  • Langoustine, timur berry and coconut-lime claw emulsion
  • Beef tenderloin, beetroot, herb gnocchi and a blackcurrant jus
  • Chocolate soufflé


127 avenue Thiers, Bordeaux, 33000, France
+33 5 56 81 09 39


Le Patio

In the nearby seaside town of Arcachon, known for oyster farming, you will find Le Patio. The chef's produce depicts a deep respect for the agricultural landscape of Aquitaine, while some dishes reflect the chef's predilections for Thai cuisine.

Michelin recommends

  • Smoked duck tartare, foie gras carpaccio, summer truffle and mimolette
  • Canard croisé, roasted fillet in the sauté pan, parmentier thigh with truffles
  • Raspberry pim's, guanaja ganache, raspberry seeds and green fairy sorbet


10 boulevard de la Plage, Arcachon, 33120, France
+33 5 56 83 02 72


Le Pavillon des Boulevards

The husband-wife duo behind Le Pavillon des Boulevards in Bordeaux charms their clients with playful aromas and flavours, beautifully presented on each plate, that pair thoughtfully with the wine list. The quaint terrace will make you feel right at home on a summery evening. 

Michelin recommends

  • Rhubarb coffee "sponge" foie gras, with a soya coffee condiment
  • Sweetbread, potato, and candied lemon with a simple jus
  • Mango pickles with vanilla, coconut, and pistachio


120 rue de la Croix-de-Seguey, Bordeaux, 33000, France
+33 5 56 81 51 02

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Les Fresques

To the east of Bordeaux, nestled amongst the rolling green of its surrounding golf course, Les Fresques is a sprawling estate that determinedly designs an unfailingly opulent dining experience. The estate's own wines are included on the extensive wine list. 

Michelin recommends

  • Alliance between oyster and caviar with a yoghurt sorbet
  • Roast pigeon in a casserole dish with beetroot and raspberry
  • Pierre's wink


Au Vigier, Monestier, 24240, France
+33 5 53 61 50 00


Le Saint-James

Chef Mathieu Martin has worked his way up the ranks to take the reins of the Le Saint-James kitchen, and deservedly so. Martin produces local dishes in a quintessentially Aquitaine setting, where vines have uncoiled themselves down the gentle slopes and, at the bottom, the river slurps slowly towards the sea. 

Michelin recommends

  • Black Périgord truffle, beetroot, endive and Comté
  • Milk-fed veal sweetbread, artichoke with gribiche and walnuts
  • Raspberry, verbena and ginger


3 place Camille-Hosteins, Bouliac, 33270, France
+33 5 57 97 06 00

La Table d'Hôtes - Le Quatrième Mur 

Chef Philippe Etchebest shrugs the shackles of culinary conformity to bring his guests an exciting and intriguing menu. The artwork in motion that is performed in the kitchen is on display at the chef's table, which seats twelve guests, hence the name "the fourth wall". 

Michelin recommends

  • A fixed menu that changes with the season and available market produce


2 place de la Comédie, Bordeaux, 33000, France
+33 5 56 02 49 70


The best ingredients are transformed through the varying traditions employed, with each chef, one from Sardinia, the other from Brittany, exploring their roots and beyond. Each week, a new tasting menu is designed according to the whims and passions of the chefs.

Michelin recommends

  • Weekly tasting menus


59 rue du Palais-Gallien, Bordeaux, 33000, France
+33 5 56 52 62 12

Logis de la Cadène

Logis de la Cadène is a delightful restaurant in the heart of the famous wine appellation town of Saint-Emilion. The interior has an understated elegance, but the food exhibits the chef's flair as he puts a twist on some familiar classics. 

Michelin recommends

  • Local tomato like a tartelette with creamy ricotta and pesto sorbet
  • Roasted Saint-Pierre with brown butter, stuffed zucchini flower, and tomato extraction
  • Candied strawberries, fresh and glazed, tube croustillant with a creamy and lemon verbena emulsion


3 place du Marché-au-Bois, Saint-Emilion, 33330, France
+33 5 57 24 71 40

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L'Observatoire du Gabriel

Overlooking the iconic water mirror of Place de la Bourse, L'Observatoire du Gabriel boasts high-ceilinged 18th-century dining rooms with modern furniture and warm lighting, giving it a cosy and intimate atmosphere. Chef Alexandre Baumard curates a menu that couples seamlessly with the atmosphere, while the wine list boasts over 600 wines.

Michelin recommends

  • Verbena spherical cake, reduced carcass juice, and an apple-celery sorbet
  • Red mullet cooked in a bread crust, piperade, and saffron rockfish soup
  • Soufflé of Médoc with hazelnuts and smoked vanilla ice cream


10 place de la Bourse, Bordeaux, 33000, France
+33 5 56 30 00 80



Simplicity is the key to Chef Victor Ostronozec's artistic freedom: with three ingredients per recipe, he seeks to find new and creative ways to animate his dishes. He succeeds.

Michelin recommends

  • Aubergine kamo confit in cooked oil, red condiment, and parmesan broth
  • Monkfish in a lutée casserole dish, verbena and white butter with green Chartreuse
  • Baba infused with limoncello, olive oil ice cream and wild strawberries


5 rue Chauffour, Bordeaux, 33000, France
+33 5 57 53 28 06


Le Prince Noir - Vivien Durand

The modern concrete structure that houses Le Prince Noir - Vivien Durand flaunts great views of Pont d'Aquitaine and the surrounding grounds. Allow Durand to whisk you away on a splendorous odyssey of the senses, as he never drifts too far from his perch of sustainable gastronomy.

Michelin recommends

  • Scallops, pickled cabbage, and Sturia caviar
  • Pigeon de Mios and Jerusalem artichoke
  • Catalan tart served with hazelnuts and citrus fruits


1 rue du Prince-Noir, Lormont, 33310, France
+33 5 56 06 12 52



Lalique gazes over the characteristic vines of the region, a man-made steward to this natural phenomenon of winemaking. The food, crafted with great skill, is a doff of the cap to the region. This is one of the most pleasant fine-dining settings on our list of restaurants around Bordeaux with Michelin stars.

Michelin recommends

  • Pan-fried duck foie gras confited for twelve hours in Sauternes wine
  • Pigeon cooked in a vine leaf, black tea, and beetroot capellini with a barberry broth
  • Buckwheat pastry, forest fruits, and smoked Madagascar vanilla ice cream


Lieu-dit Peyraguey, Bommes, 33210, France
+33 5 24 22 80 11


Claude Darozze

French cuisine is explored and experimented with in this sleek, modern restaurant. Come summer, dine on the shady terrace and enjoy the spectacles that take place on each plate.

Michelin recommends

  • Egg parfait with truffle, mashed potatoes, poultry jus, and truffle mouillette
  • Roasted veal sweetbread with pistachio pieces, flame leek, and a Madeira veal jus
  • Light soufflé with Grand Marnier and a blood orange sorbet


95 cours du Général-Leclerc, Langon, 33210, France
+33 5 56 63 00 48

Two-Michelin-star restaurants in the Bordeaux region


La Table de Pavie

In the glamorous confines of Hôtel de Pavie, La Table de Pavie is a fine-dining establishment that crafts the finest Gallic cuisine accompanied by Saint-Emilion's, and the wider region's, best wines. 

Michelin recommends

  • Natural langoustine powdered with curry and black lemon, lovage mayonnaise
  • Pigeon in blood, celtuce lettuce, and marigold oil
  • Chocolate crème brûlée, buckwheat crisp and dark beer mousse


5 place du Clocher, Saint-Emilion, 33330, France
+33 5 57 55 07 55

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Le Pressoir d'Argent - Gordon Ramsay

The celebrity chef has set up shop in this elegant setting to capture the essence of Bordelaise and Aquitaine flavours and produce. The young team of chefs injects their enthusiasm and youthful skill into the brilliant menu.

Michelin recommends

  • Field tomatoes, marigold, anchovy, and "ox horn" peppers
  • Blue lobster at the press
  • Brioche with olive oil and Kalamata olive shavings


2 place de la Comédie, Bordeaux, 33000, France
+33 5 57 30 43 04


Le Skiff Club

On the fringes of Arcachon, at the foot of Dune de Pilat, Le Skiff Club has an eye to sustainability when curating its menu of South-West France's finest cuisine. The restaurant has also been awarded a green star for its initiatives and commitments.

Michelin recommends

  • Oyster mimosas in tartlets, samphire, gelled water, Florentine puree, and seafood jewelry
  • Roasted wood pigeon in ham fat, quince confit in port, porcini mushrooms in juice, and fresh walnuts
  • Frosted meringue with cognac, crème prize and chocolate sauce, ice cream with aromas of oak wood


1 avenue Louis-Gaume, Pyla-sur-Mer, 33115, France
+33 5 56 22 06 06


La Grande'Vigne - Les Sources de Caudalie

Nature seeps into the 18th-century orangery in which La Grande'Vigne - Les Sources de Caudalie is housed. On each plate, nature, too, is given its time in the spotlight, with the season's bounty playfully given credit through taste and texture.

Michelin recommends

  • Langoustine and local caviar
  • Mature beef smoked with vine shoots, celery, and herbaceous root
  • Fig, blackcurrant brioche with Graves wine


Chemin de Smith-Haut-Lafitte, Martillac, 33650, France
+33 5 57 83 83 83

With Le Collectionist, you can explore the Bordeaux wine region and its flavours on your luxury France holidays. Delve into the piquance of these best michelin star restaurants in Bordeaux. 

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