Best Things to do in Provence? Our Essential Visits

Check out our curated list of the best things to see during your luxury holiday in Provence, France. See beautiful sights with the ones you love most.
Best Things to do in Provence? Our Essential Visits
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The essence of an unforgettable holiday in Provence lies in the diversity of the region. A variety of colours paint the landscape: the gold of the sun, the emerald pines of the Vallée des Merveilles, and the deep blue horizon, where sky and sea merge. 

Where the plains meet the mountains, the smell of beautiful lavender fields mingles with the scent of the olive groves as cicadas hum over the sound of the sea. Le Collectionist offers you a sensory stroll through a unique guide of things to do in Provence, one of the most beautiful regions in France.


Beautiful sights to see in Provence:

The landscape of Provence during summer are a joy to behold. The scenery blooms and the sun covers everything in golden light. Let’s start our Provençal walk with some of its most beautiful locations.


Take in the view: Mont Ventoux and Provençal Colorado

Your eyes will surely be drawn to Mont Ventoux, a great symbol of Provence. At 1912 metres tall, it watches over the landscape and all who inhabit it. In the distance, you can see the immaculate white of Mont Blanc, and the sea beyond.

For those who prefer warmer hues, the Colorado de Rustler is not to be missed. The palette is a nuanced orange, reminiscent of American canyons. The mix between brown sand and nasturtium rock forms a striking change of scenery.


Take to the skies: The hilltop villages

For a day trip, visit the colourful villages that adorn the mountains of Provence. They are surely among the most beautiful in France. Roussillon, a small village in Luberon, is said to be the colour of Dame Sermonde’s blood. The town is built on a cliff of orange ochre, with stone façades that echo the breathtaking landscape.

Baux-de-Provence is a town in the hinterlands located in the center of the Alpilles. Here, the pigment of the stone is rather ivory-like, creating a setting that wouldn't be out of place in Tolkien's universe. Just look up to see the eagles soaring through the Provençal sky.


how to discover the scents of provence?

Do you have a refined sense of smell? Then you must explore the delicious scents and flavours of the region!

The Scents of the South of France

Your olfactory journey can begin in the Old Port of Marseille. During the summer season, the Quai des Belges is surrounded by a teeming market. Every morning, the Quai de la Fraternité comes alive, as stalls of fresh fish that line the route fill your nostrils and whet your appetite. A little further, lemons, beets, and aubergines perfume the city of Aix-en-Provence when its market takes shape in the streets of its historic centre, a stone’s throw from its ancient theatre.


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Breath in Provence: Bouquets from the Flower Fields

The flowers of Provence have magical scents which imprint on the memory. Lavender evokes the smell of mom’s soap, jasmine recalls summer evening tea, and orange blossoms are reminiscent of Neroli perfume. The fields of Provence are abundant, rich, and alive. From the red poppy of Luberon to the yellow sunflower of Rhône, begin your colourful stroll through the fields of wildflowers.

what to listen to in Provence?

The melody of Provence is full of contradictions. The cities resemble their inhabitants: bubbling and bustling, giving voice and life to the region. Further on, nature hums to its own rhythm: the song cicadas and the rustling of the leaves hum a few notes in the lavender fields. Get ready discover this enchanting region!

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Hear the Commotion of Avignon:

In Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, one city makes more noise than the others. Avignon and its Roman ruins embody youth and culture. In the alleys between the historic centre and the Palace of Popes, townspeople bustle through the streets as Avignon becomes one big theatre. From July 7th to July 26th, sneak through the open-art corridors of a fast-paced city that celebrates its beautiful history through dance and art.


Hear the Murmur of Provençal Waters

The streams of Provence also have their charm. When the water of the Verdon Gorge roars, the surroundings follow. The foliage joins in the choir, accompanied by the breathtaking landscapes of the largest canyon in Europe. On the coast, the Mediterranean Sea sings a lullaby as the sun sets over the beaches of the Calanques.

Now that you know what to do in Provence, all you have to do is pack your bags. With Le Collectionist, luxury rental in Provence has never been easier.

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