What to Visit in Corsica: Must-See Places

Exceptional natural sites, towns full of character and fascinating history. With Le Collectionist, discover what to visit in Corsica during your next stay.
What to Visit in Corsica: Must-See Places
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Between its gorgeous beaches, preserved natural sites, unique towns and fascinating history, Corsica is a magical destination in France.

Le Collectionist invites you to discover this wonderful island, and discover the best places to visit in Corsica. Here is our ultimate selection of things to do in Corsica during your stay on the island of beauty.

The Landscapes of corsica

A true jewel of the Mediterranean, the natural landscapes of Corsica attract visitors from all over the world every year. Between the sea and mountains lie nature reserves, sandy beaches, stunning rock formations and gorgeous islands, the Corsican landscapes can be endlessly explored.


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The Creeks of Piana and the Scandola Nature Reserve

The Gulf of Porto is home to the most beautiful wonders in Corsica. Take to the sea, and sail the coasts of the Scandola nature reserve, observing its abundance of wild flora and fauna. At the end of the journey, the ocher cliffs of the creeks of Piana offer a magnificent view.

Cap Corse 

Cap Corse is a beautiful haven in the far north of the island. If you want to make the most of the extraordinary landscapes of this peninsula, you have to take a car and follow the rocky, winding seaside paths. From Nonza and its mysterious black beach to the Genoese towers, each viewpoint, village, and beach deserves to be discovered.


The Agriates Desert

A stroll under the hot sun along this former granary is sure to take you back in time. From rocky ridges to the beautiful, sandy beaches of the coast, exploring the Agriates desert during your trip to Corsica is an exciting expedition in the heart of the island.

The Sanguinaires Islands

At the gates of the Gulf of Ajaccio, the four islands of the Sanguinaires archipelago attract crowds to watch the sunset. We recommend going to sea at the end of the day to watch the sky turn pink as the sun sinks below the water.

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The Lavezzi Islands

Not far from the hilltop town of Bonifacio, the Lavezzi Islands are the perfect place to spend a relaxing day. With beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise water and amazing rock formations, it is a destination not to be missed.

The Aiguilles de Bavella

Connecting the Alta Rocca and the east coast of Corsica, these grandiose spires of red granite rise more than 1200 metres above the sea. Many hiking trails allow you to discover the centuries-old forest, the natural swimming pools and the magical waterfalls of this timeless place. The most famous of these paths, the Trou de la Bombe, offers a 3-hour round trip walk and allows you to venture around the famous Polischellu Waterfall.

The Beautiful Beaches of Corsica

Along the 1000 km of Corsican coast, beautiful beaches are not hard to come by. If you are curious about things to do in Corsica, exploring its coastline and beautiful beaches is a must. Whether you prefer the festive atmosphere of the Porto Vecchio and Île Rousse, or the privacy of Cap Corse and the Agriates desert, there is something for everyone.


Napoleon's route to Ajaccio

The cradle of the Bonaparte family, the city of Ajaccio is full of emblematic places that marked the life of Napoleon or pay homage to him today. Just take a walk along the famous Place Foch to see the importance of this character in Ajaccio.

  • Discover Napoleon's House
  • See the Bonaparte Family Tombs 
  • Visit Punta Castle
  • Tour the Fesh Museum
  • Explore Napoleon's Cave

Archeological Sites of Corsica

Across this small piece of land in the Mediterranean, many civilisations have left traces of their history behind to discover. From the north to the south of the island, the ruins, museums and archaeological sites let us imagine what the lives of these former inhabitants looked like. If you are wondering what to visit in Corsica, exploring these sites is a great experience for young and old alike.

  • The Archaeology Museum in Sartène
  • The Ruins of Paomia
  • The Prehistoric Site of Cucuruzzu
  • The Ancient City and Archaeological Museum in Aléria
  • The Prehistoric Site of Filitosa


Visit the cities of Corsica

Full of character, Corsican towns each have their own unique history and atmosphere. Spend a day in a small Corsican village to taste traditional dishes, or go window shopping in a Corsican capital. Perched above water, or nestled in the mountains, discover our favourite cities to visit in Corsica.

  • Classic Bastia
  • Beautiful Saint Florent 
  • Chic l'Île Rousse
  • Historic Corte
  • Festive Calvi
  • Cliffside Bonifacio
  • Seaside Porto-Vecchio
  • Picturesque Nonza
  • Ancient Ajaccio
  • Grecian Cargese

With Le Collectionist, rent a luxury villa in Corsica and find out what to do for an extraordinary stay. Make your trip special by contacting our tailors to add thrilling activities to your next luxury holiday.


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