The June Issue: Summer Legends

Escape with us! Dive into the two destinations we always come back to for unforgettable summers: St Tropez and Ibiza.
The June Issue: Summer Legends

Brighter days are right around the corner and we're buzzing to bask in the sun and soak in the sun's rays. In this month's issue, we present the two destinations we always come back to, the backdrop for legendary summers: St Tropez and Ibiza.

Both are brimming with the world's best beaches, excellent culinary scene, and enigmatic views. Discover our favourite spots to frolic in turquoise waters, dinner spots we never miss, and experiences we love to share with the entire family.

Our St Tropez IN 3 ARTICLES

Discover the best beaches to recline into the lifestyle of long lunches and lavish beach clubs, accoladed spots for culinary delights, and the experiences that make this luxury destination the perfect place for families!



St Tropez is a treasure trove of world-famous beaches of all kinds. Whether you prefer a more glamorous spot in the sun, rugged and undiscovered, or private, we've discovered all of them for you. Take your pick of the best beaches in St Tropez!

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restaurant michelin

From Michelin Star Restaurants in St Tropez to gourmet restaurants, there's something for every gastronomic taste. With a myriad of culinary influences and experiences in St Tropez, we've made a list of our favourites!

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Saint tropez avec enfants

While St Tropez is known for the glitz and glamour of its beach clubs and gastronomy, we know it as one of our best family holiday destinations. Discover what makes this star-studded seaside destination the ideal spot for those thinking about planning a summer in St Tropez with kids.

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Whether you're looking for an eccentric home or a large luxury villa to rent with family and friends in St Tropez, this collection is for you. Take a look and immerse yourself in the homes that epitomise the style of St Tropez.

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Dive into our favourite spots from north to south to wade in turquoise waters, dinner spots we never miss while on holiday, and experiences we love to share with the entire family on the White Isle.



The white island's beaches shimmer in the summer, from the narrow cove of Cala d'en Serra lined with fishermen's huts, to the translucent blue sea that stretches to the horizon at Aigues Blanques. It was difficult, but we've narrowed down the island's best with our list of the top 10 beaches in Ibiza.

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On an island, we know how difficult it is to find excellent seafood, so we've (happily) done the search for Ibiza's best seafood restaurants. From Michelin starred establishments to the most typical restaurants, we love to help you discover the best-kept secrets of the Balearics.

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plages ibiza

Like St Tropez, Ibiza isn't quite known to be the destination to travel to with kids, more known for its nightlife and beach bars. But we identify with Ibiza's wild roots, and tranquil side that's perfect for Ibiza family holidays. Sift through our list of things you have to experience with family on the island.

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Dive into the magical atmosphere of the White Isle. With its beautiful landscapes and back-to-the-land lifestyle, it's the ideal destination for those in search of a laid-back beach holiday. If you would like to go on holiday somewhere truly beautiful while staying in a stunning luxury villa, Ibiza is the destination for you.

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book your summer holiday with le collectionist

Dive straight into summer with us at Le Collectionist! Discover our selection of stunning holiday homes and book with us to find your ideal spot under the sun.

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The June Issue

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The June Issue: Summer Legends

Escape with us! Dive into the two destinations we always come back to for unforgettable summers: St Tropez and Ibiza.

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