Megève’s secrets

Megève, its ravishing village, and the breathtaking skiable domain, form one of the Alps’ greatest treasures, just before the Mont-Blanc massif.

Follow us to the heart of the French Alps, where we’ll discover the wonderful Megève ski station. Perfectly located, with a staggering view of the Mont-Blanc no matter where you are, this is the ideal compromise for those seeking both luxury and authenticity.

Le Collectionist conciergerie's top 5

1 - Admire Mont Blanc from every angle

Megève boasts a number of privileged vantage points over Mont Blanc. You’ll have free reign over any part of the aptly-named Portes du Mont Blanc skiable domain to admire the world’s most famous mountain.

Whether you’re sipping hot chocolate in the centre of the resort or riding the ski lift down to Petite Fontaine, take a moment to slow down and let yourself get swept away by this majestic natural wonder! You can also turn to your luxury concierge service to organise a bespoke helicopter flight above the snowy peaks for a one-of-a-kind view!

In a nutshell
Mont Blanc / Panoramic view

2 - Wander the streets of Megève
Beyond its unparalleled ski domain, Megève stands apart thanks to its warm and convivial atmosphere, which will no doubt delight avid skiers just as much as those who prefer spending their days in town. Loved by skiers and strollers alike, Megève can be enjoyed from high altitudes or down at the resort. You’ll want to spend at least one afternoon exploring the centre’s quaint boutiques and cafés. As the week comes to a close, don’t miss the weekly markets on Fridays, where you’ll find lots of local products!

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Shopping / Centre

3 - Dine at Haute-Savoie’s finest tables

With no fewer than three starred restaurants in the Michelin guide, Megève boasts some of the best chefs in France. After a day spent on the immaculate slopes of the Megève ski domain, refuel while enjoying the resort’s incredible culinary scene, between local products and gastronomical audacity. Don’t forget to ask one of our tailors to make you a reservation at Flocons de Sel, Table de l’Alpaga, or La Dame de Pic.

En bref
Gastronomie / Michelin

4 - Stroll through the historic centre in a carriage
Want to spruce up your ride? To vary your pleasures, take off your skis and put away your snowboard to mount aboard a vintage carriage instead, drawn by magnificent Savoyard horses. For your equestrian escapade, trust our luxury concierge service to take care of everything. Start by visiting the stables before settling comfortably in the passenger seat and letting your coachman guide you through Megève and Combloux’s paved streets. You’ll feel like you’re in a fairytale!

In a nutshell
Traditional / Equestrian

5 - Enjoy Megève’s animated cultural life

As you’ve surely understood by now, Megève is far more than a simple ski resort. The town also organises many events, each more appealing than the last.

When the winter season begins, locals and visitors alike meet on the first Saturday of December to watch the scintillating Christmas tree get lit up. In January, Megève hosts the first automobile elegance contest on snow, featuring both vintage and modern cars.

In summer, the resort is no less busy: hikers gather for the Megève Nature Trail and music lovers flock to the Megève Blues Festival.

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Culture / Agenda

Where to stay in Megève

The centre of Megève

If you want to be in the heart of the action, there’s no better place to be than the centre of Megève. Renowned for its timeless charm, Megève’s village has maintained all its Savoyard authenticity from narrow cobbled streets to ravishing squares, dotted with fountains and old wash-houses. At après-ski time, let yourself get swept away by the alpine atmosphere behind the wooden facades of illuminated restaurants and welcoming bars.

In a nutshell
Lively / Village

Chalet Des Soeurs

Chalet des Soeurs


Mont d’Arbois

Nestled between mountain pastures and forests, the Mont d’Arbois quarter is the quintessence of discrete luxury and Megève’s elegance. Sought after by families and skiers, it’s located just a stone’s throw from the ski slopes, though you’ll also find renowned restaurants and authentic shops nearby. Set against a background of alpine peaks and breathtaking landscapes, Mont d’Arbois is the perfect blend of nature and festivity.

In a nutshell
Family friendly / Athletic

Chalet Orcia


La Princesse Quarter

Just at the entrance to Megève, La Princesse is undoubtedly the most cosmopolitan quarter in the resort. Here, you’ll find just as many magnificent contemporary chalets as traditional Mégevanne farms. Enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere, more quiet than the historical Megève centre, and the cable car that will bring you directly to the top of the slopes. Your children will love the famous sled path that runs for over 3 kilometres!

In a nutshell
Cosmopolitan / Cable car

Chalet Renaissance



Just a ten-minutes' drive from Megève, at the foot of Mont Blanc, Combloux is the embodiment of Savoyard well-being and one of the French Alps’ most authentic villages. We love the timeless atmosphere, the beautifully renovated traditional farms, and the clock tower that gleams on snowy days. In short, staying in Combloux will give you the impression of being face to face with Europe's highest peak!

In a nutshell
Authentic / Mont Blanc

Chalet d'Or

Le Chalet d'Or


The best slopes in Megève

In general, Megève’s ski domain is ideal for those first discovering the ins and outs of winter sports, but also for more experienced skiers seeking a gentle time on the slopes.

Perfectly suited to beginners and young skiers, the resort counts over 43 green runs and 63 blue runs, as well as an excellent zone reserved for children in the centre of town. Nevertheless, with 84 red runs and 33 black runs, Megève still has some surprises in store for more experienced skiers!

Here is a selection of our favourite slopes in Megève:

- Les Chattrix, a stunning blue run with breathtaking views that winds all the way down to Saint-Nicolas de Véroce.

- All the red runs leaving from the Téléski des Etudiants. Facing north, these slopes are more technical and full of nice edges.

- The three slopes coming down from Mont d’Arbois towards the La Princesse quarter. Whether you opt for a blue, red, or black run, the Mont d’Arbois peak boasts the most beautiful view over the valley. These slopes, with over 800 metres of vertical drop, will give you a prized opportunity to enjoy the scenery, snow permitting. 

The best restaurants in Megève

Hibou Blanc, Megève's iconic restaurant

Just like Sénéquier in Saint-Tropez, Hibou Blanc in Megève is an institution founded by Thierry Bourdoncle. Open year round, even in the off-season, you’ll rub shoulders with locals and passing jet-setters alike.

Behind the Savoyard facade hides a cosy decor, courtesy of animal hide, a heated terrace, and comforting cocktails. Here, share a simple yet refined cuisine. We can’t help but recommend the chef’s fondue to help you refuel before the Hibou Blanc’s musical evenings, not to be missed from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m.!

Le Hibou Blanc
28 Rue Charles Feige, 74120 Megève

Flocons de Sel, three stars at the summit

Nestled in the heights of Megève, in a luxurious contemporary chalet, the triple-starred Flocons de Sel and its chef Emmanuel Renaut are the pride and joy of Haute-Savoie. Located in a Relais & Château hotel, this restaurant offers a culinary experience unlike any other, all under the doctrine of sharing.

Focused on the alpine spirit, Flocons de Sel blends into its natural environment as much through its architecture as its cuisine. Chef Emmanuel Renaut, awarded the “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” title, showcases the French Alps’ best products. No matter the season, this great chef shares his passion with guests and endeavours to help them discover his favourite activities: hiking, foraging, and watching chamois.

Flocons de Sel
1775 Route du Leutaz, 74120 Megève

La Dame de Pic, ultimate luxury at the Four Seasons

At the heart of the Four Seasons Hotel, a palace in Megève which formerly belonged to the Rothschild family, the celebrated Michelin chef Anne-Sophie Pic has set up shop within the La Dame de Pic – Le 1920 restaurant, formerly helmed by Julien Gatillon. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be seduced by the alluring vintage decor, true to the building’s original style, and the incredible artwork sourced from Baroness Ariane de Rothschild’s private collections.

And the magic doesn’t end there: on your plate, Anne-Sophie Pic deploys her interpretation of Savoyard haute cuisine, in particular her famous berlingots, which she imbues with mountain flavours. Between fish from the lake and mountain pastures’ lamb, all of the region's best ingredients are sublimated here.

La Dame de Pic - Le 1920
Four Seasons Megève, 373 chemin des Follières, Megève

Kaito, Japanese excellence in the Alps

Also housed in the Four Seasons Megève, Kaito is a Japanese restaurant which stands out among the region’s traditional culinary scene. In the spirit of fusion, Kaito offers a unique encounter between Japanese gastronomy and the alpine terroir, set against the backdrop of a chic oriental decor designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon.

What’s on the menu, you ask? Extraordinary combinations of flavours, such as aubergines au gratin with yuzu, teriyaki burgers with smoked raclette, or reblochon tempuras. To ward off the mountains’ cold, we suggest you try the selection of hot sakes!

Four Seasons Megève, 373 chemin des Follières, Megève

La Ferme Saint-Amour, a festive supper in high altitudes

In a former farmhouse, La Ferme Saint-Amour is a prime location for nightlife in Megève. Here, Savoyard codes are revisited in an eclectic and hedonistic decor, combining natural wood, woven wicker, and lighting both by candlelight and flamboyant neon bulbs. In the kitchen, the multi-starred chef Eric Frechon has concocted a generous cuisine that makes the most of regional products and can be enjoyed in music.

By the time the second service is going around, the night is ramping up to the sound of the resident DJ’s turntables. Waiters set the tone by dancing to the rhythm of devilish playlists, and guests let themselves get swept into the musical current until the end of the night.

La Ferme Saint-Amour
181 Rue Saint-François, 74120 Megève

Le Vieux Megève, the best of Savoyard traditions

In the town’s historic centre, Le Vieux Megève is the ideal haunt for those seeking a traditional ambiance while they fill up on good mountain energy. We love gathering with family in this old farmhouse with timeless charm for an excellent dinner by the fireAt Le Vieux Megève, you’ll find all of the Savoie region’s specialty cheeses prepared according to the rules of the art: enjoy classic fondue, but also Péla des Aravis, Berthoud, Boîte chaude... And if you happen to still be hungry after this feast, let yourself get tempted by the delicious crème brûlée with génépi.

Le Vieux Megève
58 Place de la Résistance, 74120 Megève

Want to take a tasty break between two ski runs? Megève is also home to excellent restaurants right on the slopes:

- Le Forestier for its terrace and comforting dishes

- La Fruitière at La Folie Douce for a festive après-ski lunch

- Rural by Veyrat to discover mysterious chef Marc Veyrat’s cuisine

- L’Alpette for an exceptional view of the valley and Mont Blanc

Megève with family

Spend a day at the Palais des Sports in Megève

Once you’ve had your fill of thrills on the slopes during your ski holidays, why not gather the troops for a full day of events at the Palais des Sports in Megève? In this sports complex with a unique architectural style, courtesy of Edmond Fontayne and Maurice Noarina, you’ll find a wealth of activities for the whole family: climbing, ice skating, pottery classes… You name it! And while your children play, you can soak and relax in the balneotherapy pools before moving to the hammam’s massage bed.

In a nutshell
Relaxation / Spa

Savour fondue in an igloo

We have just the thing to make a real impression and change from classic dinners at the restaurant! Bundle up in your coats and hats, make sure your little ones have wrapped up in a scarf, and head to an authentic igloo. In a polar decor as unique as it is enchanting, your children will believe they’re at the North Pole with Santa Claus, and the whole family will be able to warm up around a delicious Savoyard fondue between snowball fights.

In a nutshell
Fondue / Igloo

Visit a reindeer farm

Want to carry on with the theme of the North Pole? Young and old will delight in discovering Megève’s reindeer farm. In the heart of nature, meet a magnificent herd of Swedish reindeer, who have adapted marvellously to the Haute-Savoie climate. Take your family around the expansive forest and come face to face with the animals, which your children will be happy to feed lichen to, before making your way to the neighbouring barn to cuddle with the lambs! To end the trip on a high note, share an energising snack in a traditional Finnish kota, that is a Sami hunting lodge!

In a nutshell
Farm / Finland

Go dog sledding

Always in the spirit of the steppe, end your ski holiday with a dog sled ride through the magnificent Megève ski area. Guided by an expert musher and trailing behind a pack of huskies, you’ll see Mont Blanc like never before. Snuggle up under blankets to stave off the crisp mountain cold and watch your children marvel at the dogs’ speed and breathtaking panoramic views!

In a nutshell
Ride / Sledding

And for even more inspiration, see our suggestions below:

Le Collectionist's exclusive experiences

Discover a myriad of alpine experiences off the beaten path

Here at Le Collectionist, we believe that the best adventures belong to the bold. To discover new horizons and enjoy the mountain in an original way, in summer as in winter, we have selected a host of fun and surprising activities.

In the winter season, when Megève’s snowy streets and ski slopes sparkle, slip on your hiking boots or snowshoes to discover the resort’s enchanted forests. If you’re feeling athletic, take it to the next level with a ski tour beside a private guide, who will reveal every last secret of Megève’s nature to you.

In summer, as the air gets warmer, the flowers blossom on the mountainside, and the marmots whistle, Megève unveils its many outdoor activities. Try your hand at rafting or canyoning among friends and dip into the refreshing water once you’ve paddled out far enough. For children, this is the prime time for horse rides or bicycle tours in nature, or maybe a crack at their first swings on the green at the Mont d’Arbois golf course.

In a nutshell
Outdoors / Thrills

Spend a magical night in an open air tepee

For an unforgettable moment with family and friends in Megève, our luxury concierge service invites you to a dinner in the heart of nature. Under a ravishing traditional tepee, nestled in a clearing that feels plucked out of history, savour a scrumptious aperitif comprising the best of local products, followed by a delightful fondue to warm up. And if you wanted to stretch your legs before the meal, make your way to dinner in snowshoes, traversing the unspoilt alpine landscapes that lead to your refuge.

In a nutshell
Dinner / Nature

Take a hot air balloon ride above Mont Blanc

Take a unique opportunity for a privileged flight in a hot air balloon to discover the Mont Blanc massif from above. Fit for any season providing cooperative weather, this aerial activity leaving from Megève will take you between 1,500 and 2,000 metres high! It’s a guaranteed thrill.

From your lift, you’ll have a unique vantage point over the most beautiful peaks to grace the French Alps: Mont Blanc is one, of course, but you’ll also see Aravis, Beaufortain, the Bauges, the Fitz chain, and even the Swiss and Italian Alps! Accompanied by a team of professional pilots, you’ll feel like you’re living out a Jules Verne classic in modern times and creating exceptional memories among family and friends.

In a nutshell
Aerial / Panoramic views

Megève through their eyes

“Ideally located in the centre of Megève, Chalet des Soeurs gives a new vision of holidays in the mountains.”

Isabelle Fali

When to visit Megève


In the winter months, Megève shines with a thousand lights. At the height of peak season, skiers and snowboarders come in droves to explore the Mont Blanc ski area, shops and restaurants are packed, and the whole resort is bathed in a gentle yet spirited atmosphere.

Come the end-of-year festivities, Megève is imbued with a particular sense of magic. Families and friends gather in its unique atmosphere, guided by the light of the Christmas tree that shines through the night.


From March onwards, Megève prepares for the return of good weather! The sun pokes its head out and temperatures become more balmy. It’s the perfect time for springtime skiing and après-ski out on the terrace.


Megève is without a shadow of doubt one of the best places to experience a summer in the French Alps. We come here to marvel at a sunbathed Mont Blanc and bask in the unspoilt nature.

At this time of year, the resort hosts many events, including the Megève Nature Trail for hikers and the Megève Blues Festival for music aficionados. Many shops and restaurants remain open in the summertime.

An overview of our collection in Megève

Chalet Intages

Chalet Intages


Chalet Millésime

Chalet Millésime


Chalet Le Rocher

Chalet Le Rocher


Chalet La Connivence

Chalet La Connivence