Luxury ski chalets, France: fairytale chalets in the French Alps

Sometimes the most difficult part of a holiday is the first step: finding the right destination and chalet for you and your loved ones. Fret no more, because we have the perfect chalets for any occasion.
Luxury ski chalets, France: fairytale chalets in the French Alps
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A French Alps holiday is an escape to a different world: where travel is done on a vertical axis instead of horizontal; where the landscape is brightened and softened by sheets of white. The air feels clearer and the sun seems to shine brighter in this mountainous idyll, and, by night, the quaint towns and villages that tumble into the valleys become aglow.

It is difficult to think of a setting more picturesque yet daunting at the same time. The Alps are both inviting and hostile; extreme climates and terrain have the effect of making one appreciate natural splendour. All this hardiness, though, is offset by the sumptuousness of life in luxury ski resorts. The combination of these factors makes the French Alps one of the ultimate luxury holiday destinations


With Le Collectionist, your luxury ski holiday will be made complete, whether you are travelling to Val d'Isère or Mègeve, with friends or family. A chalet in the Alps is perhaps the closest thing you will get to the fantastical. It is a region that has doubtlessly been the inspiration for many a fairytale. These luxury ski chalets in France will fit your wishes like a glove, a tailor-made fit allowing you to realise your dream holidays. 

Chalet Eugénia, Mègeve

The interior of this chalet is simply a work of art. A perfect mix between a contemporary and a savoyard design, Chalet Eugénia gives off New York penthouse vibes thanks to its high ceiling and huge windows.

The chalet is situated ten minutes from Mègeve village, one of our favourite French ski resorts, on the private area at the foot of Mont d'Arbois. But worry not! The chauffeur is ready to whisk you away to the village at a moment's notice. It is peaceful with sweeping views of sky-piercing mountaintops and perennially deepening valleys. The large windows allow you to immerse in the landscape without rendering you vulnerable to its elements. 


After a day on the slopes, sink into the soothing waters of the hot tub, or put your feet up for a film viewing in the home cinema while the chef prepares dinner. Or, for the intrepid souls, arrange a day of leading a pack of dogs across the landscape

12 guests
Panoramic mountain view
From 54,000 euros for a week

Chalet Orca, Val d'Isère

Furs and fine materials, a crackling fire and an astonishing view of the fir trees and the majestic peaks: the ambience here is warm, wintery, recalling memories of beloved holidays in the Alps. Enjoy the chef’s delectable dinners, evenings in the jacuzzi and in the heated pool and days full of adventures on the slopes a few minutes’ walk away.


Chalet Orca is set slightly aback from the main town, offering serenity to its fortunate inhabitants. The floor-to-ceiling windows in the sitting room look more like an art installation, allowing you to contemplate the majesty of Alpine peaks. Cleanse yourself in the steam room before jovially challenging family or friends to a game of billiards in the sleek games room. 

14 guests
Chef included
From 27,000 euros for a week

Chalet Orcia, Mègeve 

An immense luxurious chalet for the whole family. Enjoy its fantastic indoor pool, gym, cinema room and more. This stylishly pieced-together chalet seamlessly entwines modern design with traditional Alpine exposed wood. The discrete lighting exudes a warming aura to the cabin's interior.


A stay in Chalet Orcia will be a homely and stylish base for your perfect luxury ski holiday. After a day of exploring Mègeve's exciting ski area recline into a soothing massage in the chalet's massage room to loosen tired and aching muscles.

14 guests
Indoor pool
From 30,000 euros for a week

Chalet Sisimiut, Courchevel

Geometric patterned-floors, walls covered in cowhide and countless other trinkets: this cabinet of curiosities is a work of art. From the outside, it does not bear the appearance of extravagance or flamboyance: its two-tone wooden walls are different, but still somewhat understated in its modern take on Alpine architecture. Once entering, however, this chalet is an endless excitement, an emporium of quirks to pique the interests of design enthusiasts and children alike.


Chalet Sisimuit's pool, its water's a green and blue hue like a clear forest stream skirting over mossy rocks, debouches from the canopy of the chalet into the open mountain air. Lap up the views from the warmth of the heated water. The city centre is within walking distance, making the ski lifts and ski hire all very accessible for your stay. 

14 guests
Outdoor/indoor swimming pool
From 19,810 euros for a week

Chalet Akaroa, Val d'Isère

Wake up in this beautiful, cosy chalet and take a look outside: a true winter wonderland. Next, have a hot bath in the marble bathroom before a breakfast of fresh croissants and organic orange juice. A good breakfast is needed before a day of adventure in the crisp snow! In the evening, jump into the outdoor jacuzzi for the best combination of hot and cold.

With this chalet your luxury France holidays on the slopes will be complete. In Val d'Isère you will have nearly unfettered access to the Espace Killy, one of Europe's finest ski areas known for its sporty pleasures and extensive piste. 

12 guests
Outdoor jacuzzi
From 9,900 euros for a week

Chalet Bijou, Mègeve

With soft shapes and calming colours, this chalet inspires tranquility and relaxation. After a day on the exhilarating slopes, enjoy a quiet moment in the soothing sauna, then take a nap under a fluffy blanket. When you awake, take a refreshing dip in the indoor pool and leave the kids playing table tennis upstairs as the chef prepares this evening’s menu.


Chalet Bijou is located just outside Mègeve in the endlessly charming village of Combloux, which is said to have the best views of Mont Blanc. The sweeping views and the relative quite of Combloux make it a real Alpine winter wonderland.

15 guests
Indoor swimming pool
From 24,000 euros for a week

Booking a luxury ski holiday can often be quite challenging: finding the right destination and chalet can inundate. With Le Collectionist, one of our luxury holiday homes will be sure to meet your wants and wishes.

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