Our most beautiful chalets in France for your holidays in the Alps

Whether sunny days arrive or frost sets in, you'll always have a good reason to choose one of our chalets in the French Alps. Meet you at the top with our most beautiful luxury chalets in the Alps.
Our most beautiful chalets in France for your holidays in the Alps

In winter, the firs are covered with white dust and the steep mountain slopes are dressed in a thick immaculate coat of snow. When spring returns, then summer, it's a whole different scene: snow-covered slopes give way to green valleys, and glaciers become lakes with turquoise water.

Whether you're a fan of winter sports or a lover of the great outdoors, the French Alps have something to offer for everyone. Take to the skies by discovering our most beautiful vacation chalets in the French Alps. 

Chalet Sisimut, Courchevel 1550 Village

A chalet in wonderland 

chalet-france-chalet-sisimut 2-min

Perched at an altitude of 1,550 meters, the ski resort of Courchevel seems straight out of a tale. It looks like a village of dollhouses. It is there, in the hameau of Marcandou, that Chalet Sisimut is hidden. As soon as you arrive, you instantly see that this is not a chalet in the Alps like the others… And once you have walked past the doors, there is no longer any doubt. 

Inside, it's a veritable cabinet of curiosities populated by extraordinary animals. In the living room where thousands of colourful trinkets accumulate, we find ourselves dreaming of wonderland, of the hookah and of the crazy “tea parties” of the Mad Hatter. In the rooms, one can imagine oneself in the heart of a Tyrolean village or a gray iceberg. As for the swimming pool, which opens to the outside, it looks like an enchanted jungle.   

We could stay here for hours, dreaming of a thousand and one stories that this enchanting chalet inspires, but we can't resist the call of the slopes. Return to the ski lifts, skis on, to climb the vertiginous peaks of the French Alps. You can also take the path in the opposite direction and descend to the blue lake, offering a sublime view of Mont-Blanc.  

Chalet Chene, Val d’Isère

The time for reunion

chalet-france-chalet-chene 2-min

If you're looking for a chalet for Christmas in the Alps, Chalet Chene is like a present at the foot of the tree. Nestled in the heart of the hameau of La Mourra, in the iconic ski resort of Val d'Isère, this three-storey high alpine chalet overlooks the snow-covered slopes. We gather here as a family, between the warmth of a fire and the intoxicating cold of the mountains.  

Take the elevator upstairs and run, for the privilege of choosing from the seven magnificent suites. But fear not: they are all warmer than the others. Once installed, soak up a hot bath in one of the freestanding bathtubs in the rooms or enjoy a moment of relaxation in the spa area.  

Nothing is more delicious than to find yourself in your chalet in the Hautes-Alpes, after a day of hurtling down the mythical Face de Bellevarde. On your return, the fire is already crackling in the fireplace and the meal awaits you, steaming, in the dining room. All you have to do is sit around the large banquet table to taste a Savoyard specialty specially cooked by your private chef. 

Chalet Perle, Tignes

Face-to-face with the glacier

chalet-france-chalet-perle-table 2-min

For your home in the Hautes-Alpes, choose an exceptional chalet at the foot of the slopes. Perched on the Grande Motte glacier in Tignes, Chalet Perle is absolutely magnificent. We gather there, summer and winter, with family or friends, to enjoy the eternal snow. 

There is not a minute to lose. Strap on your skis and set off on the slopes. The more daring will follow in the footsteps of an off-piste skiing champion, far from the beaten track. When you have had enough of slaloming in the powder, stop in a mountain restaurant for a hot chocolate… or a glass of champagne, to the sound of the Folie Douce's DJs. 

We return to Chalet Perle at nightfall, and we dive into the bubbling water of the outdoor jacuzzi and look up to admire the black sky dotted with stars. Because aside from winter sports, it is also for the sublime landscapes that one loves holidays in the French Alps.  

Chalet Sommet, Courchevel 1850

The alpine refuge

chalet-france-chalet-sommet 2-min

Hidden among the trees, Chalet Sommet is one of those places where we like to snuggle up and tell stories by the fireside. Fabulous legends of hunted game that turn into seductive creatures, or those of this mountain village whose inhabitants deceived the Devil, and had a bridge built against the life of a cat. Tales of which this picturesque chalet could have been the setting as it is filled with emotions and mysterious objects.

This chalet in the Hautes-Alpes is the refuge of your dreams for the Christmas holidays. Between the raw wood frames, the animal skins and the thick blankets with mountain motifs, everything evokes warmth and conviviality. 

The alarm rings at dawn. You have an appointment with a local musher and his team of sled dogs. Take your children on board to discover the vast expanses and snow-covered forests, before returning to Chalet Sommet for an essential part of a holiday in the Alps: raclette. 

Ferme Fougère, Saint-Gervais-les-Bains

Summer on a gentle slope

chalet-france-ferme 2-min

Get away from the crowds and choose Ferme Fougere, our favorite summer chalet in the Alps. Located at the foot of Mont-Blanc and its eternal snows, Ferme Fougere is a paradise lost in the heart of the mountain. From its sunny terrace with a Norwegian hot tub, you have a breathtaking view of the valley. 

The days go by slowly and are all the same. First, there is the breakfast alone with the grandiose nature. Then go for a hike or bike ride on the high mountain trails, stopping every now and then to observe a marmot or an edelweiss ... Then return to your chalet in the French Alps for a sauna session in the original "cave" of the farm. 

The beauty of the landscapes of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains is matched only by its haute cuisine. Here, you can choose between starred restaurants and restaurants listed in the Michelin guide. Our favorite address? La Ferme de Cupelin is nestled just a few steps from the chalet. Or opt for the “Promenade au Mont Joly”: a gourmet dive into the flavours of the region. 

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